Summer Has Arrived! Part I 7/5/2011

The 4th of July weekend heralded the beginning of true summer weather on the island.  We’ve had the windows open and the fans on, and it has been wonderful!  I know better, but I even put away my sweaters and told myself the warm days were going to last a while.  I moved my shorts and sleeveless and short-sleeved shirts to the top of the the dresser drawer, and piled the sweatpants and long-sleeved t-shirts at the bottom.  I even went barefoot (in the condo, of course, not on the street).

We had a wonderful surprise late Friday afternoon.  Buz and Patty from Oklahoma arrived on the island for a 2 1/2 week stay.  We knew they were coming in July, but didn’t know exactly when.  Patty texted they were buying groceries in Cheboygan and would be on the 3:30 ferry.  Note:  For those of you who haven’t followed this blog very long, I met Buz and Patty in Mackinac City at the ferry dock two years ago.  I was headed back to the island with Bear after a grooming, and Buz had surprised Patty with a trip to the island for her birthday.  Neither had ever been here.  Well, they put up with me talking their ears off about the island all the way across the Straits.  Later in their stay we went out to dinner, and they came to church with us on that Sunday.  Long story short, they fell in love with the island, and two weeks later bought a condo in our complexThey don’t get to the island nearly of often as we’d like them to, but they are a lot younger than us and still have obligations during the summer.  That’s ok.  We will enjoy them when we can get them here.  They are a wonderful couple, and we’ve become good friends.

Heading back to the condo after dinner at the Chippewa Friday evening.

On Saturday, I spent part of the day getting the guest room ready for Charlie and Cathy (New Orleans) who will be arriving next weekend.  For some reason, Maddie has been getting a little “clingy” lately with Bear (especially if Ted isn’t here), so she curled up in the guest bedroom with him while I worked.

One of the condos is being rented for the the month of July by a couple with two children the same ages as our Jordan and Matthew.  Boy, does it make us miss those two.  I told them they could call me BeBe, and they thought that was really cool.  I’ll probably drive them nuts for a month taking photos and playing “grandma” – they’re up here from Ohio.

Ted and I walked downtown early in the evening on Saturday to attend a retirement reception for Dennis Bradley, who has served as Fire Chief on the island for many, many years.  The Community Hall was full of well-wishers, and I think every one of Dennis’ children and grandchildren came.  We’re so glad he will continue on as Assistant Manager of the Mackinac Island Airport.  He and his wife Jackie live in the Village and are our neighbors.

Dennis, talking with a friend at the reception.


Great cake!

After leaving the reception, I spent some time walking around shooting some 4th of July decorations. 

The Hotel Iroquois was decked out in red, white and blue splendor.


I think the Island Bookstore should win a prize for its in-store holiday display. can barely see Jill over all the patriotic decorations!


Flags are everywhere - including flower baskets!


By the time I started home, Market Street crowds were thinning out a little, and shadows were getting longer.

We went to Little Stone Church Sunday morning with Patty and Buz, then out to eat with them and Frankie at the Gate House.

Two fort interpreters were greeting folks attending Little Stone Church with patriotic music. They were awesome - talk about getting into a celebration mood!


As we walked back home, we passed the Grand, where their 4th of July Weekend Party was in full swing!

After a little Sunday afternoon siesta, Buz, Patty, Ted and I saddled up our bikes and rode out to the new community stable.  The last time Buz and Patty had seen the site was last fall when it was just a big, empty tract of land.  They couldn’t believe how much had been done and that the stable was already being used for horse lessons and stall rentals.

We walked in at the end of a riding lesson and watched as little Blaze was unsaddled and brushed down. Riders learn there is a lot more to owning a horse than just the riding part. They are taught all aspects of caring for a horse and all the tack.

From there we rode straight through the center of the island to British Landing.  I have never seen as many people at the Cannonball as there were today.  The holiday has brought visitors to the island by the thousands, and I think they all picked Saturday afternoon to ride around the island.  We chose to ride back on Scott’s Road, then after turning on Scott’s Shore Rd, we came out on M-185 only three miles from downtown.  From there we were pedaling mostly against the crowd so it was fairly uncrowded on our side of the highway.  We stopped at Joanne’s for an ice cream cone and beat a fast retreat back up to our crowdless hill for the rest of the evening. 
Join me tomorrow for Part II of Summer Has Arrived, and check out all the 4th of July fun on Mackinac Island.  From stone-skipping and greased pole-climbing to a picnic at Fort Mackinac and fireworks – it was truly a perfect day! 

18 thoughts on “Summer Has Arrived! Part I 7/5/2011

  1. Oh, it sounds like a wonderful holiday! I tried to catch some fireworks on the webcams, but either got the date wrong or it just wasn’t in the right position. Bummer!

    Hope to make it up to the island for the Fourth again. We had a good time the year we did it!

  2. Brenda,

    July 4, 2011! Hasn’t it been a wonderful day? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, USA!

    So glad Buz & Patty have made it back to the Island. It’s just too bad they can’t stay longer.

    • It’s been a perfect 4th on the island, Lowell. The weather was glorious, and we were busy, busy, busy. More pics coming tomorrow of all the activities!

  3. Love the Iroquois’ decorations. Lovely hotel, but it has gotten more expensive since I’ve stayed there last. Haven’t been since the fire actually. Love those flags in the flower baskets! And my aunt and her family had a nice trip there, left two days ago. Great stay at the Presidential Suite at the Lake View. Down here we had some crazy storms, I have been without power three days now at my house in Garden City.

  4. Happy 4th of July. It looks like you and Ted as well as everyone else has had a wonderful time. Love the pictures of the decorations all around the island.

  5. Happy July 4th!
    We had a lovely day on the island today.
    Picnic at the fort, fireworks cruise this evening…just beautiful weather!
    I have been behind on your blog as I’ve had a hard time getting internet connection while here at our inn. Glad to have caught up!
    Enjoying our time here…staying till Wednesday.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

    • Sounds like we missed each other at several places, Melody. If you’re in town this morning (Tuesday), stop by and say “hi” at the Stuart House Museum. I’m there from 10-2.

  6. Love the photos. The header is so sweet as is the photo of both dogs resting together. How SWEET!! Love the drum and fife fellows, very neat shot and the flower baskets are so beautiful this year. I’m sure everyone there had a wonderful time.

  7. Love the way the island was decorated for the fourth. So colorful and patriotic. Would have loved to see it all. I bet the fireworks are amazing!
    Welcome back to Patty and Buz. I know the four of you will have some adventures to share. Can’t wait to see more of the 4th of July activities! 🙂

  8. Love all of the red, white, and blue! Glad you had such a nice weekend, both weather and good friend wise! And, does that cake say Papa Toad????? Too cute!

  9. Only two more days till we start for paradise. I see our accommodations come with the requisite two furry buddies to make our visit complete. Joy, joy, joy…on Thurs. we will start our version of “Frogger” to the island. Let’s hope all is uneventful till we get there.

    Frog and Cathie

  10. Hi Brenda
    Was wondering if there is a easy way to get in contact with you? I,am a wood crafter down here in the Central Michigan area. Would like to do some things for the new horse stable building. Like cut outs of horse’s, or numbers or whatever they think they would like. I use a scroll to do the cut outs.Let me know, thanks

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