Work – then Home 6/28/2011

A busy day at work on Tuesday at the Stuart House Museum – people from all over the U.S. here on the island for quick day trips or staying over for several nights.  One special visitor was Jeff from near Detroit, and being a fan of Bree’s Blog, Jeff stopped by to say hello.

Jeff was enjoying his time at the Windermere and planning another trip to the island in September. Thanks for dropping by, Jeff, and hope to see you when you return.


These "fudgies" sitting on a bench outside the museum were enjoying several flavors of the sweet stuff. The seagull was patiently waiting for any leftovers.


I love zinnias! They remind me of my grandmother's yard out in the country in south Georgia - she always had a flower garden full of them. These are right next to the Stuart House Musuem.


Drays full of equipment headed for the Grand Hotel Fourth of July weekend celebrations arrived on the island this morning.


Walking home up Cadotte, I climbed the steps into the Grand Hotel bike parking lot and looked back toward town. With the new open view provided by the younger trees along Cadotte, I love stopping here and looking back toward the Straits. With each season, the scene will change.


A little further up the hill - looking back. This is just past the Grand's Mascoe Cottage and across from the Grand Stables.

Back home, our late-blooming lilacs are at their peak.
See you on Thursday!

10 thoughts on “Work – then Home 6/28/2011

  1. So wonderful to meet you! I had a great trip.

    The best thing about zinnias is the more you pick them the more they come back!

  2. I always like seeing pictures of blog readers. It puts a face with the posts. 🙂 I also like how you captured the light house through the trees. Looks like there will be big happenings going on at the Grand for the weekend. Wish I could be there.

  3. We thought we’d be able to take a quick trip up there and spend a day on the Island as our nephew is up with the scouts this week. It looked like it would be a slow work week here. Ends up being busy, which is good! But I really wanted to go to Mackinac!!

  4. I too love the lighthouse framed by the trees. Your shot of “home” reminds me of Judy, and I’m sorry she could not spend the summer there this year. Zinnias always remind me of my mom. She always had lots of them in her gardens of many other flowers. The photos are so great…..what lush greens we have this year.

    • I can’t tell you how much we miss having Judy here with us, and we’re still hoping that she might get up here sometime during the season.

  5. My husband took a picture of me several years ago in front of that lilac bush by your condos. We were there at the end of June and it was just lovely then like it is now! I’m sure it will be busy over the 4th. We came up one year over the 4th and it was crazy busy!

  6. My son, Jeff, often speaks of your blog. I am now following it too! Thanks so much for making the time to speak with us. It was great to meet you!

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