Bear Notes 6/20/2011

Hi.  Bear here.

Mom’s been all over the island covering all the fun events of the Lilac Festival’s final weekend.  She and Dad went to the Lilac Parade Sunday afternoon, and then they stayed downtown a while visiting and bought something already cooked to bring to the house for dinner.  When she came up the stairs Sunday night and walked into the bedroom, she didn’t even yell when she found me snuggled up on the bed.  She just dropped her purse beside me and said, “Bear, I’m dog-tired (that made me chuckle).  Please write a little note to my readers and let them know that the weekend blog will be on TUESDAY MORNING, not Monday morning – FOR THIS WEEK ONLY.”

So I got off the bed (Mom took my place), turned on the laptop, and wrote this note – because I always do what Mom asks me to – especially when she promised me a whole cup of yogurt in the morning if I’d handle this for her!

While I was on the laptop, I looked at some of her photos on that camera card thing, and boy – ya’ll are going to love them!  She’s got dogs, and horses, and boats, and dogs, and floats, and flowers, and did I mention DOGS!  Here’s one I especially liked:


Anyway, I’ve taken care of this note for Mom now, so I’m going to see if I can slip back in the bed.  It’s hard to do with Dad, Maddie, and Mom already in there – but I’ll give it a try.  Or . . . maybe I’ll try opening the refrigerator door and helping myself to that yogurt a little early. 

Remember – Mom will be back Tuesday with all the good stuff about the weekend!

  Signing off now . . . . Bear, out!


20 thoughts on “Bear Notes 6/20/2011

  1. Thank you for the note, Bear. Enjoy the yogurt and hopefully you can find a spot on the bed with the rest of the family.

  2. Thank you, Bear, for the heads up. Tell your Mom I’ll be checking for the “Weekend Blog.”

    By the way, Bear, I think you are much better looking than that prissy French Poodle.

  3. Nice to hear from ya Bear. Tell mom to rest and we’ll be waiting to hear all about the weekend. Oh and Bear…I like yogurt too! 😉

  4. Bear, it is so nice you can help “mom” out when she needs it. You know, we all love hearing from you. I must say, you look a little tired yourself. Perhaps you ate too much of that yogurt!

  5. Thanks Bear-such a good boy you are! And so very helpful… That poodle looks like quite the catch-did you get her number?

  6. Brenda, don’t worry about this blog, its a hobby, a fun thing not a job. Take care of yourself. Looks like Bear is doing a good job taking over!

    Pat Steele

  7. ditto what Pat said. We are just glad u share when u can! Bear getting into the fridge isn’t funny as I had a German Shepard that could open the fridge and help himself all the time, even figured out the baby locks.

  8. Brenda & Bear, I am always amazed how often you post pictures and give updates. You must really have a passion for the blog and Mackinac! Thank you so much for your time and contributions!

    • I DO have a passion for this island, Yvonne! I want to share it with everyone, hoping one day each of my readers will come and see for themselves what a special place it is.

  9. Good job, Bear! I always enjoying hear from you & Maddie. Sounds like your humans had an exciting weekend. Looking forward to hearing about it tomorrow.

  10. Thanks Bear! Too bad you can’t give your mom a nice neck rub! Let her know we are looking forward to reading her blog on Tuesday and tell her to get lots of rest 🙂

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