A Little Rest is in Order 6/17/2011

It’s been a busy, busy week.  I walked downtown today, thinking I’d go into the Mission and take more lilac photos.  It seems some of the lighter lavender blossoms are beginning to fade, and I want to get every shade safely tucked onto my camera card before they are gone for another season.  But, once downtown, I found myself just turning around and heading back home.  I was tired, and it was time for a rest, and there was no use pushing myself any further. 

I guess that’s why, as I walked back home – the long way – I found these four places so appealing . . . .

The beautiful side gardens of the Windermere Hotel - always in a perfect pattern of shade and sun. The birds love the fountain, and it is probably one of the most photographed gardens on the island.


Is there anything more restful looking than adirondack chairs beside the water. Add lilac trees to that scene, and you have perfection.


The lovely side yard of the Little Stone Church parsonage.


After the bustle of downtown, Cadotte seemed to be calm and quiet, and most of the bikers were locals headed home to the Village. I followed them.

Only two days left for the Lilac Festival, and they will be busy ones.  I’m glad I’m home, tucked up on the hill, away from the festivities for the night.  Tomorrow I’ll be right back into the thick of it again, but for now .  .  . a nice bath and my pj’s are calling.

13 thoughts on “A Little Rest is in Order 6/17/2011

  1. Brenda,

    I enjoy all your pictures, as you know, and think they are all wonderful, however, would you tell me where, from The Little Stone Church and from Mahoney Avenue, the picture on Cadotte was taken.

    The house I lived in when I worked on the Island was 2 or 3 doors from The Little Stone Church and at the head of Mahoney Ave. Is that house still there or has it been replaced by a larger building?

    • Lowell, was it a big white house with a front porch with white railing around it? Corner of Cadotte and Mahoney, but facing Cadotte?

      • Brenda,

        No, it was on the other side of Cadotte and backed up to the golf course. It did have a front porch that went across the front of the house. Looking at the house, the steps to the porch and the front door to the house were on the right. Ella Chambers, the owner of the house and for whom I worked at the Arch Rock Curio Shop, let me use her good binoculars and I sat on that porch and watched the men building the Mackinac Bridge. Little did I realize I was watching history being made.

    • Lowell, that pic was taken just as I turned the corner onto Cadotte. If you look past the first two lamp posts on the left, you’ll see a trash can at the third lamp post. That’s the corner of Cadotte and Mahoney.

      • Brenda,

        I didn’t notice your second answer. I think the house I’m talking about would have been directly across Cadotte from where the trash can is.

  2. Morning Brea – Just a request to please include a picture or two of the hanging baskets on the lamp posts. When we arrive in Sept., it seems that most of them have succumbed to the heat and are well past their prime. Could you also snap a pic of the hanging baskets on the Windermere porch?

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