Lilac Festival – Day 6 6/15/2011

We’re got company from Georgia, and we are having so much fun with them!  They’re only here for two nights (one full day) so I won’t even begin to tell you about their visit until Friday morning’s blog.  Let me just say though that there haven’t been more than two 30-minute rest breaks since they arrived (not counting a good night’s sleep, of course). 

So . . . today you get more lilac photos.  I’ve got a million of ’em – I have never, never, never seen the lilacs like they are this year – too beautiful to describe with mere words, so I point, aim, and shoot – thank goodness for digital cameras!

I learned from several readers that these are Sensation Lilacs. They are THAT - Sensational!


Taken from the porch of the Stuart House Museum. The lavender bathtub and the lavender lilacs in the yard of The Lilac House B & B blend perfectly


Hugh lilac trees frame the Lenox building on Market Street.


Lilacs and geraniums against the golden yellow of a home across from the Boardwalk. Can you get more "Mackinac" than that!


Lilacs growing along the Lake Huron shore.


Nope - they've not lilacs. These are flowering crabapple trees - photographed at dusk just below the Grand Hotel.


A few of the Marquette Park lilacs.


And just for fun . . . . . the Ladyslippers are blooming all over the woods!

See you on Friday morning with tales from this week with our company, lots of really pretty photos, AND . . . a new Mystery Spot! 

17 thoughts on “Lilac Festival – Day 6 6/15/2011

  1. I really regret not having my house painted yellow! I guess beige is close enough. I try to do the Mackinac thing with lilacs and geraniums.

  2. Beautiful beyond words.

    I saw one lone little lady slipper at the edge of our woods behind the house, which is actually more than I expected.

  3. So pretty…and I’ve always loved that yellow house…with or without the lilacs. I like the one across the street that has that beautiful wood gate too…And then there’s the blue cottage on the shoreline just before you round the corner to Mission Pointe…and then… and then…. If I won the lotto, I’d have a hard time deciding which one I’d want!

  4. If you happen by Small Point B&B snap a picture of the lilacs in front of it, please, please, please. It is so great to be there and wake to the smell of lilacs. By mid July the lilacs will be a memory. As usual, great pictures. Enjoy the time with your friends.

  5. Your pictures as always, are wonderful. I caught a look at the bushes in the park from the Chippewa camera and they ARE spectacular this year. Thanks so much.

  6. Bee-you-tee-ful lilacs! Best I’ve ever seen. Perfect parade background!
    We’re coming north tomorrow – hope the lilacs on the mainland are still pretty, too!

    You know you’ll please Charlotte if you take a photo of Small Point, but you’ll please Irene, too! That’s where they lived, all those years ago. (Hi, Rene!)

  7. All my favorite flowers are passing me by…..beautiful ladyslippers, gorgeous lilacs and all the other flora that makes this place truly unique. I wish they would stay as the are for just one more month. Your pictures are wonderful.

      • Hello! I love reading your blog! We’ve been here on the island since Sunday night and we leave late tomorrow afternoon to head back to good old Tennessee where its nice and hot. Would love to meet you in person sometime if that’s not too weird. 🙂 ha ha! I’m just another mackinac island dreamer and would move here in a minute if I could!

        Blessings to you and thanks so much for your lovely gift of words and pictures.

      • Ahhhh . . . thank you, Charlotte. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed your time on the island, and what a week it has been! Perfect! If you happen to be downtown tomorrow and spot me somewhere, please say hello – I love to meet my readers. Just don’t have a clue what my schedule will turn out to be tomorrow. If we miss each other, have a safe trip home to beautiful Tennessee. God bless.

  8. Your blog has got me hooked on Mackinac! You take beautiful photos – and you have such beautiful areas to photograph.

    I especially love lilacs – growing up we had one side of our back yard completely lined with lilac bushes…they were so lovely and a sure sign that spring/summer were here!


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