Lilac Festival – Day 5 6/15/2001

When Anne walked into the Stuart House Museum today, she had that special “look” I came to recognize on my mornings at work last year.  The smile she wore, and the way she made eye contact with me and ignored all the museum signs and paraphernalia, meant one thing – she was a Bree’s Blog reader.  After she introduced herself and her friend Barb, I remembered her blog comment from a few days ago.  This was the lady who lives in Florida and owns a little cabin on a nearby lake in Michigan.  She comes “up north” as often as she can – drawn magically to the island by memories of working here in the 70’s. 

Anne, Barb, and I had a wonderful visit, and during the time we spent chatting – like three old friends – she got to meet Frankie and Jill (she and Jill discovered they knew all the same folks from “back in the day” when they both worked on the island).  When they returned a little later, Ted had dropped by – so they got to meet him also.

When I began writing about Mackinac Island four years ago, I never imagined I would get to meet readers from all over the United States who share my love of this special place.  Even though I don’t say it nearly enough, I hope all of you know what a blessing you are to me – and that I love you all.


Barb - taking Anne's photo while she sits on the steps of the Lilac House, across the street from the Stuart House Museum.


Anne and I - with lilacs all around.

Anne and Barb – thank you so much for stopping by.  Remember . . . . two condos for sale up the hill.

Lilac "Photo of the Day"


29 thoughts on “Lilac Festival – Day 5 6/15/2001

  1. What fun to meet your readers and their times and memories of the island. When we owned the B&B in WI we met one of the innkeepers. Glen and I talked about the many years we came to the island and the innkeeper just chuckled. He said he used to sweep the horse do-do on the island and we probably rode the carriage where ‘Nellie’ deposited her do-do for him to clean-up. Small world isn’t it?

  2. Meeting Brenda was the highight of my day today!! Ted and Jill and Frankie were all bonuses ! We spent 12 hours on the Island and it was glorious ! Thanks Brenda for giving us these kinds of days when we aren’t able to be on that special rock!! It was great to meet you!

  3. It is great to meet people from all over. You give the readers a sense of what it is like being on the island and those who used to work and live on the island what they miss most about it. I love the picture of lilac.

  4. Brenda,

    Yes, it must be so good to meet some of you readers. I wish I could be one of them. After all, I know you, so why shouldn’t I get to see and talk to you?

    I’m sitting here in front of the computer with the window open and honestly, when I saw the picture of the lilacs, I actually got a whiff of lilac fragrance. I’ve heard of that happening to other people, but I think that may be the first time it’s happened to me. The mind is a wonderful thing -and so is your blog.

  5. I’ll be on the island Sat and Sun. Think the lilacs will hold out that long? I always miss the best time and walk away with no photos of them. Very frustrating!

  6. Awesome lilac picture! Brenda, just think of all the “friends” you have all over the world , some who may never get to meet you but still consider you a friend because of this blog. I think we are ALL truely blessed . Thank you my friend! 🙂

  7. Hilde took the words right out of my mouth-awesome lilac picture. Do you mind if I use it for my wallpaper?
    It was wonderful getting to meet you last summer. We will be up in mid July. Hope to see you then.

  8. The gorgeous “Lilac Photo of the Day” has become my “Desktop Photo of the Day.” Thanks, Brenda! 🙂

  9. I sure hope there will be a few lilacs left in a few weeks when I am there. Brenda I will be on the island Sunday June 26th, Monday June 27th, leaving the 28th… will you be at the Stuart House? I would love to stop by and say hello!

    • Jeff, I’ll be at the Stuart House on Tuesday, the 28th from 10-2. If your ferry isn’t leaving too early, please stop by – I’d love to meet you.Brenda

  10. Last year a friend of mine gave me a start of her lilac (like the one in your photo) and it had one lonely bloom on it…..this year, it had a half a dozen and I was just thrilled! I’ve been on the island as late as July 1st and there have still been lilacs blooming. Wish they could bloom all year!

  11. As a secret admirer of your blog about Mackinac Island for several years, let me thank you for your labor of love in blogging about this special island. My memories go back to 1968-70 when I attended Mackinac College and graduated in June of 1970. I brought my family back to the 1980 College Reunion, and just this past Memorial Day, one of my sons took his family for a visit. I felt like I was there with them because I could “see” the island from your beautiful photos.

    Keep posting for all who love Mackinac Island.

  12. How great you get meet some of your readers! I will be there in August and I hope to meet you and see Jill again. You both are such “stars” on the Island!! Love the pictures also!

  13. Bree, my husband, the Michigander in the family (does that make ME an honorary Michigoose?!) and I love Mackinac Island AND your blog. We must make a point of going for the Lilac Festival one day. I should think the island and lilacs are a magical combination.

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