Lilac Festival – Day 4 6/13/2011

With company coming on Tuesday –  and being scheduled to work at the Stuart House on Tuesday – you KNOWwhat I did on Monday.  Yep, I cleaned house!  But I had plenty of pics stored away from the weekend to use today, so no worries!

The good Lord sure has been smiling down on the island the last few days and granting us unbelievable weather. Gorgeous blue skies, just right temps, and lilacs blooming their little hearts out. The bikes were packed in tight at the corner of Main and Fort Streets this weekend, and Doud's Market was doing a booming business.


Main Street and Market Street merchants had lots to smile about also. The streets and sidewalks were filled with happy visitors - buying souvenirs (including lots of fudge), eating in restaurants, riding carriages, and renting bikes.


We walked by the fort just as the flags which line the ramp had been lowered by the Honor Scouts.


Lilacs and tulips bloom side by side at City Hall on Market Street.


A pic from the condo today. Ted had gone to Cheboygan on a grocery run, and every time Bear heard a taxi go by, he ran to the window to see if it was him returning.


And finally, in honor of Flag Day on June 14, this pic from the Mackinac State Historic Parks of one of the many flags which fly on the island. God bless America!


25 thoughts on “Lilac Festival – Day 4 6/13/2011

      • My whole house is themed in red geraniums…well anything Mackinac, and geraniums are very Mackinac. I have to get some like that! Where did you get those?

      • I bought them several years ago at London Square on Market Street, but sadly they don’t carry them anymore.

  1. Thanks for the posts! When Burton goes anywhere and I am home,Lilly lays tight against the back door waiting for him to return.When we both leave she and Hank hang out in the livingroom. A loyal dog is a wonderful gift from above!! Have fun with your company

  2. Love the picture of the flag, fort and blue sky. I call that a Mackinac Island sky. Here at home when I worked I walked to and from school every day. When I would come in from lunch with a smile everyone knew it was a Mackinac Island sky day. Enjoy your guests.

  3. Looks like the days have been gorgeous. Good to see so many people out. Love the picture of the flag against the white of the fort against the blue of the sky. Have fun with your company! Poor Bear, hope he didn’t have to wait too long , 🙂

  4. Brenda,

    Yesterday, with a clear sky and the temperature about 70 here in Southern Michigan, I told my wife, Faye, “It’s a Northern Michigan Day.” It’s forecast to be that way all week. I’m so glad it’s the same on the Island. Isn’t it grand.

    I think my favorites (It’s hard to pick them.) for today are those of Bear and Flag Day at Fort Mackinac. Of course, the pictures of Main Street and Doud’s Store are right up there too. Oh, I might as well face it, they are all great.

    Continue to have a beautiful, smiling week.

  5. Ditto on the flag photo..Mackinac sky indeed! Hopefully Bear didn’t have to wait too long for Dad to get home….

  6. Enjoyed the post and the photos. Bear is so patient! MI is having perfect weather now. Everyone seems to be enjoying it.

  7. When you mentioned Doud’s being so busy, I wanted to mention how delighted we were with the changes they’ve made to the store in the last couple of years. It’s a wonderful store now! So much better than the quasi-carryout it was there for a while. Kudos to them! And congrats on the much deserved business!

    We in NW Ohio have been enjoying the blue sky (never quite as blue as northern MI) and perfect temps. But, oh! To be on Mackinac! I close my eyes and dream.

    I’d like to post the (wonderful) flag and fort picture on our website, if it’s ok. Perfect for flag day. And yes, our flag is on the front porch, where it flies on good weather days year around!

  8. I am a new fan of “Bree’s Blog”. I have been reading your blog for the past month and have truly enjoyed it. I also love Mackinac Island and have probably have visited 10-12 times in the past 10 years. In fact, I have stayed at Cottage Inn during the winter for the past 2 years for a week of vacation! My husband and I live in Iowa and love the laid back atmosphere. We also have a dog called Bear who is a German Shephard/Collie mix. My husband and I visited the island over Memorial weekend and enjoyed it as usual. If I get back to Mackinac this summer I will try to stop by and say hi! Take Care!

  9. Beautiful pictures. I missed you today at the Museum. I saw Jill & she said you were off at 2pm. Enjoy your company & this beautiful warm weather I brought up with me.

  10. Yay! Just got my computer up and running again. I guess it was too tired from carrying all that dust around inside. Now I can catch up with, and enjoy all the past days of your blog. Yes, we have had beautiful Mackinac-ish weather here in Niles, too.
    Can’t wait for the week of July 4th. We’ll be staying overnight at the Cottage Inn on the 6th, with a signing at the Island Bookstore on the 6th and one at the Landing Gull on the 7th. At least this time I can stop and breathe those lovely and uniquely scented Mackinac Island breezes, and not have to rush back to the mainland so quickly. Love that big old Bear picture. 🙂

  11. Beautifu pictures and it sure looks like your having great weather! I just love reading about your daily adventures. I would love to live there in the summer! You are very blessed! Have a great day!

  12. Counting the days…we leave California in two weeks. Bring 11 year old twin grandchildren to my favorite place on this earth. Not sure which day we’ll visit…but will be in St. Ignace for a week. I can smell the lilacs and fudge already.

  13. Gorgeous flag picture!! (and yes, I saw it on the Mackinac College site and figured this is where Barb had borrowed it from, although it seems even more spectacular here. I had forgotten it was Flag Day until I wrote the date on the board for my class this morning. Flag Day was always special for our family because it was also my mother’s birthday – 103 years ago today. So I think I’ll just ‘borrow’ your gorgeous flag photo, too, Brenda, and share it with my family, if it’s OK.

  14. Shoot, I forgot to ask the question I had: Whatever is going on at Horn’s? Their Main Street Cam shows scaffolding in front??

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