A Monday Preview! 6/12/2011

It’s been a busy weekend so far on Mackinac Island.  Here’s a little preview of what you’ll be reading about on Monday  . . .

Lots of rain on Saturday, but it didn't stop the carriages from rolling . . . it was the first day of the Lilac Festival!


The new Mackinac Island Community Stable is open, and the 4-H horses are in residence. That called for a celebration party!

In our little condo complex, we had two yard sales – Mackinac Island style – this weekend. It’s something else that’s done a little differently here!

Lilacs growing wild up an old fence row will soon be decorated with the soft, white blossoms of a nearby crabapple tree. Just waiting for a breeze.


The lilac tree in our front yard forms a lavender umbrella for the carriage coming up the hill.


A cleaned-up Bear is looking pretty spiffy against grass the rain has turned summer-green.


The cool weather has kept the tulips flourishing longer than usual this season, but this might be the last of the tulip photos. I love this multi-colored bed against the white fence.

  Tune in on Monday for details on the weekend happening . . . plus a few surprises!  See you then!

11 thoughts on “A Monday Preview! 6/12/2011

  1. Loved all the pictures. Especially of the yard sale. I always wondered if Mackinac Island had yard sales and how the people got the goods back to their place. Now I know.

    Please bottle the lavender scent and send it to me, Brenda.

  2. None of the garage sales I went to yesterday were as fun to attend as one on the island would be! Sorry it rained on the lilac festival – but even a rainy day on Mackinac Island would be a good day.

  3. Everything looks so fresh and green. The flowers are gorgeous and I can hardly wait for Monday. The 4-H stables seem to have gone up quickly. I guess you get on the construction projects as early as weather permits.

  4. Good morning. I LOVE your blog and the pictures. The pictures & stories are making us even more excited to be back in the area. We are heading to Mackinaw for 3 days around July 4th. We will spend 1 of the days on the island. Thanks so much for taking the time to share the island with us. My son wanted me to mention that we are still watching the eagles in Iowa. They will be learning to fly anytime. :o) Have a Great week.

    • How cool is that, Lori! I need to check on those babies myself – haven’t looked in on them for a while now.

  5. Wow, that rainbow of tulips still look good! Love the all the different colors. Bear is looking pretty good himself. I saw the rain on the webcam and all the people that were running/walking in the 10K. It didn’t seem to stop them at all. Can’t believe the community stables are already open! That was fast! The yard sales might be done a little different on the island but I bet they are more fun to go to then the ones here. 🙂

  6. Thanks for all you do Bree. I LOVE the new format. Will be on the island for 3 days in July.
    Hope to be able to say Hi and thanks in person.

  7. Thanks for spending time making this blog to share with all of us! I miss Mackinac terribly, and your blog helps greatly. Thank you! Your work is appreciated here in northern Illinois!

  8. Lovely pictures Bree! I love garage sales, on the Island do you just set the stuff outside and someone picks it up? Or do you sit there as you would a garage sale and then they pay you for the stuff? Silly question, I know! So glad the horse arena is open!

    • Depends on the weather, Michelle. It was a rainy Saturday, so everything was inside. Read more about the yardsale on Monday’s blog!

  9. Hi Bree! I just discovered your blog! Too much fun! I may come by to visit you in a couple of weeks. I need to do some research at the museum. I’m hoping the lilacs will still be blooming. It was so nice to see your rainbow of tulips still showing their spring colors. Cant wait to read more…
    Terry Weller
    Lansing, Mich

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