Persistence 6/8/211

Sometimes . . .


you have to climb a lot of stairs,


push yourself beyond what you think are your limits,


and wait patiently for those who are a little slower . . . . to get to the good stuff.


But it's always worth it.


20 thoughts on “Persistence 6/8/211

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m pooped just looking at all those stairs. I don’t think I’d be here anymore if I tried. Great view from the top though.

  2. Awesome! I so enjoy reading your blog! I have just added a blog post about your blog and encouraged my readers and future Mac Island visitors to head over your way.

    Love your blog!!

  3. We found those stairs by accident, and climbed them (it about killed me!) not knowing where we would end up. It was well worth the climb (and going down was a tad bit easier!) We love walking along the west bluff, and going up onto the Grand Hotel porch without being noticed. SHHHHH!!!

  4. Where are these stairs? We are planning a trip to the Island in August, and I would love a new adventure to discover :o)

    • Hi Nancy! It’s easier to tell you from the top! If you know where Pontiac’s Trail is (the east end), the steps down begin on your left just after you go through the turnstile. You end up, of course, on the road that runs around the island, maybe a mile from town.

  5. Wow – that’s a whole lotta stairs! Thanks for walking them for us. Cute pic of the dogs awaiting you.

  6. Beautiful pictures!! I have missed a few days not being on the internet and just got caught up – lots of wonderful flower and spring pictures. I can smell the lilacs now. They are my favorite flowers! Happy Wednesday to you!!

  7. HEY! We just climbed those steps last summer!! It was the first time we went up, not really knowing where they came out at until we got to the top. I totally agree, the view is so worth it! Love how the dogs and Ted are looking for you. 🙂

  8. Brenda,

    Two flights of stairs are my limit (and I have to rest half way), so I’m sorry but I’ll have to leave the climbing to you young folks with good hearts (and Bear & Maddie, of course).

    WOW, what a view! But then, what isn’t a great view on the Island?

  9. More familiar with the East Bluff stairs, but these look very familiar! At least that’s one more thing you can cross off your “Gotta do once each summer” list! :o)

  10. Which stairs are these? And of course, we know why the dogs and Ted are looking at you and waiting……you are the one taking the pictures!!! Of course that is the reason !

  11. Gorgeous! Was Maddie actually able to conquer all of the steps with her short legs? Kudos to you, Ted and the doggies. What a trip, and what a beautiful thank you view for your efforts! What great surprise for your “viewers”. Thanks much. We’ll be looking forward to your next post. You are a great “marketer” for the Island, that is foooooor sure!!

  12. We did those steps. But it is sooo worth it! You just have to see everything there is to see! You don’t want to miss anything. Thank you for the reminder.

  13. Come on Mom! Why are you so slow?
    Those steps are like the one at the big falls at Tahquamenon; 35 steps down and 1000 steps up! Yes, the view is magnificent, but I’ll let you do it for me. 🙂

  14. I forgot about these steps. Jordan will love climbing them. We do the Fort Holmes and Point Lookout steps a lot and he loves them.

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