We’ve got . . . . LILACS! 6/7/2011

Now . . . all you folks who are heading to Mackinac Island for the Lilac Festival June 10-19, do not get worried! The lilacs are just beginning to bloom – and that’s only in a few places on the island. Others will open later. In fact . . . if I was a betting lady, I would bet that this is going to be the absolute BEST Lilac Festival in the last few years! In fact . . . I think the lilacs are going to be so gorgeous during those 10 days that the festival is just going to be spectacularly spectacular!  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a little preview . . .

These lilacs bloom on the hill leading up to the fort. Here they frame what was the Post Hospital in the 1800’s and is now the Mackinac State Historic Parks Office.


The Marquette Park lilacs are just beginning to bloom. You can see that first hint of purple across the tops of the large bushes.
The same is true looking down Market Street. In another few days, every lilac bush will be covered in blooms – top to bottom, and the air will be as sweet as perfume – with a little fudge and horse poop mixed in, of course.

Walking up Fort Hill - barely paying attention. I glance over my shoulder and look out to the Straits. What can I say - spectacularly spectacular!

 Seriously now, if you have a few days off – or can call in sick (just kidding) – the Lilac Festival will be one of the greatest times to be on the island during the early summer. You won’t be sorry you came . . . I promise!

19 thoughts on “We’ve got . . . . LILACS! 6/7/2011

  1. Lilacs are my alltime favorite flower! I would have carried them on my wedding day, but there was no way to get them in October! My Birthday is in May and they have always been in bloom for my day. One day, I would love to be on the island for Lilac Festival! Ohhh, the smell in the air!!!

  2. Brenda,

    Lilacs are my favorite too and they were in full bloom for our wedding on May 7, 1960. Could it possibly have been that long ago? Of course, that wasn’t on Mackinac Island. It was just a little north of Marshall, Michigan. However, this year everything was late and the lilacs didn’t bloom until 10 days to 2 weeks later. But oh, that fragrance. Worth waiting for.

    Sure wish we could be there for the Lilac Festival.

  3. Mmm. I love lilacs. Mine are already gone. They left when we headed north last week. Got a couple of good sniffs in on some early ones on the island when we were there last Monday. Seems like it was last year already. But we’ve already planned our 4th of July trip and we’ll be up there again soon. Hope to see you then, Brenda.

    • That is going to be a busy week for us, Doris, but maybe we’ll see each other downtown while you’re here. As far as I know, I’ll be at the Stuart House Museum July 5, so if everything else fails, maybe you could run by there and say “hi”. Would love to see you!

  4. Oh, I miss the lilacs sooooo much! They just don’t grow in Southern California. I remember once a long time ago we went on a church outing to Descanso Gardens in Glendale, CA and there was a small lilac bush in bloom there (very clever gardeners they have!!) I just walked right into the middle of it and started crying! My poor children didn’t know what had happened to their mother!
    Enjoy! It does look like the timing will be perfect this year. And I love that shot off Fort Hill – you should go back next week and take it again when the bushes are fully in bloom – nice framing!

  5. I LOVE Lilacs! Wish I could be there during the Lilac Festival just once. I can only imagine how the whole island just smells so sweet during that time, not to mention how pretty it will look. For now I will have to enjoy your pictures, which of course, I DO. 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing the photo of the lilacs……one of my all time favorite, along with lily of valley, and violets……I miss those, as Florida is too hot to grow them…But I can almost smell the fragrance of those gorgeous trees, as the wind blows it ever so gently…..Enjoy

  7. This year was the best ever for mine-I came home and noticed that they were just about ready to open. I went to an exercise class that evening and when I got back about an hour later, they were in full bloom as was my flowering crabapple tree. It was amazing! The neighborhood smelled soooo good and looked so colorful. Wish I could come up and see it all over again!

  8. Unfortunately we can’t be there for the lilacs blooming . We were up there once when they were in bloom. I just kept taking deep breaths. They are awesome. We will be there in 9 weeks though. As you can tell I am counting down til that time

  9. Hi Brenda–Your lilac photos are such a teaser! I’ve been painting more lilacs in preparation for the Lilac Festival. I hope to see you at the public reception at Victorian Summer Gallery (corner of Market and Cadotte) on Saturday, June 11 from 1-3 p.m. The 2011 Lilac Festival posters will be for sale, signed by the artist, Kevin Barton. I’ll be there along with many of the poster entrants and their paintings. Refreshments will be served and everyone is welcome. It’s a nice kickoff to a wonderful week of lovely lilacs!

    Mary Lou Peters

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