It’s Plantin’ Time on Mackinac 6/6/2011

The holiday weekend has come and gone, and everywhere you look folks are planting flowers.  It’s kind of a tradition up here to wait until after Memorial Day to put tender young plants into the ground because there always seems to be one last “almost freeze” a few days ahead of the last weekend in May.

Of course, the one flower that goes into the ground way before June is the tulip bulb. And that's why, even before the cold weather is over, we can enjoy stunning flowers on Mackinac. The red tulips lining the Avenue of the Flags at the back entrance to Fort Mackinac have been nothing short of spectacular this spring.


These trays of geraniums and impatiens are already in the ground at Hart's.


When I ran into the post office for the mail, flowers were being planted inside and outside the fence . . .


. . . and as I started home, I passed the Cloghaun B & B, where Marti was adding the finishing touches to their beautiful front yard garden.


The Grand has already put out the notice that the tulips are being pulled up in the next few days. Soon the flowerbeds along the road leading into the Grand will be replanted, but this shade garden of impatiens is already going into the ground . . .


. . . . and in a few weeks, it will look like this (taken last summer)!


Other shade garden plants and flowers are already flourishing.


Can you believe how green these ferns are!


Where is the Grand Hotel shade garden? Ok - I'm about to let you in on a little insider info. You don't have to be a guest of the hotel to walk through the shade garden. What you do is this. Walk up Cadotte Avenue like you're going to the Grand. After you pass the Gate House and the school yard (the big, wide open space where you can look across to the Straits), you will come to the set of steps you see in the above pic (they are on your left). Simply walk down those steps and curve to the right. You'll see the tennis pro shop and the tennis courts on your left - but stay right. Then you can leisurely stroll through this huge, cool wonderland of greenery (they even have benches to sit on) and then just turn back around and go out the way you came in. As long as you don't venture into the Pool House, no one will question you. Shhhhh . . . don't tell I told.

This weekend we’ve seen the first signs of summer on the island.  The sun was shining every day, and the temps are in the 70’s.  It was glorious!  Unfortunately what I had planned for the rest of today’s blog didn’t exactly work out.  The icebreaker Mackinac in Mackinac City was open all day Sunday with free admission.  Ted and I were going over after church for the tour, and I was going to have some great photos to show you.  Instead . . . Ted and I had date-night Saturday evening, and in the middle of the night we both woke up with a simultaneous stomach bug,  which knocked both of us for a loop.  Even though Ted was able to make it to church this morning, I couldn’t get out of my chair until late Sunday afternoon.  Yuck, yuck, and more yuck!  The worse part was missing a fabulous day on the island.  Oh my gosh, it was beautiful outside. 
So, no icebreaker pics, but here are a few random shots from the week . . .

Have I told you the main barn for the Carriage Tour horses has a new roof? Wow - it looks so good!


Lots of children on the island this weekend. This group zoomed past us as we walked behind the fort. That's the Governor's Summer Residence at the bottom of the hill.


Ted and the "kids" on the trail (Maddie's in there somewhere) that runs behind the cooking shelter at Great Turtle Park. This particular trail ends in the Trillium Heights neighborhood.


Whether the tulips are ending their blooming season or not, there's just nothing like seeing a Grand omnibus across a sea of pink, silhouetted again a blue Michigan sky and bluer Lake Huron waters.

And so the weekend is over, and a new week begins.  And with the new week, I’ll begin volunteering once again at the Stuart House Museum downtown on Market Street.  This year they’ve changed my day to Tuesday, so if you’re on the island, please drop by and say “hi”!  I’d love to see you!  
Have a great week, and God bless.

14 thoughts on “It’s Plantin’ Time on Mackinac 6/6/2011

  1. Hope that you are feeling better Bree. There is nothing worse than feeling under the weather when it is so beautiful out. I had a lot of catching up to do as we spent the last week in the Carolina’s which was also beautiful. It is so nice to see the Island is getting so green and full of color. I like your new format and thanks for doing this blog for all of us who are not able to be there in person. Hoping to talk my hubby into a weekend there this Fall. Have a great week!

  2. Hope the nasty bug doesn’t linger over the next few days. Good of you to carry on with this welcome blog while not feeling 100%. Good luck at the museum – I was there last summer in late July – great spot. Have a fantastic week.

  3. Feel better! We are coming back to the island in July! Stayin ON the island, hubby, daughter(age 14) and I. Bringing our bikes and staying at the Inn on Mackinac(stayed there 2 yrs ago LOVED it)…my daughter wants to hike ‘little known trails’…(she’s a Cross Country runner, too…and we run..sooo should be fun!) Maybe somehow we could meet you! Sure would be neat. Maybe you know the BEST hiking trails??? hint hint… 🙂 already lookin’ forward to the end of July!

  4. So Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well, wehad a 24 hour bug that was hitting the daycare a few weeks back like wildfire, hopefully that is what you have.
    I thought we had found a secret garden garden garden at The Grand ( LOL ),
    now I know it’s a shade garden, when we were taking pictures at 6:00 a.m. I’m learning something new every day on your blog! Beautiful pictures makes you feel like you are there, can’t wait for Oct. when I’m back ! Take Care !

  5. Sorry you didn’t make it to see the icebreaker but I sure hope you and Ted are feeling much better. The flowers are beautiful. Everyone works so hard on the island to make it look absolutly gorgeous with all of the different plantings. Love it! Have fun working at the Stuart House. 🙂

  6. Hope you and Ted are feeling tip top again. What a wonderful, lush green time frame for the island. Your photos are gorgeous. I love the header. Ive never seen such a beautiful roof!! What a pretty color!

    • You’re right, Judy. That roof kinda “wowed” us on our first trip up the hill after our arrival. It looks soooo good!

  7. Hope you’re feeling better-I also got hit with a stomach bug this weekend. No fun at all….Love the photos and can’t wait to explore that shade garden when we come up in September. Only 14.5 more weeks!

  8. Brenda,

    I’m hoping you and Ted are over “The Bug.” He’s visited my wife and me a few times without being invited and I know it’s not for a picnic.

    The pictures are beautiful. Thanks so much for making it possible to be on the Island. It really helps.

    We have most of our storm damage cleaned up and we’ve been able to get most of the vegetable garden in the ground. Summer is so short, but those vegetables sure taste good in January.

  9. Mackinac has got to be the most beautiful place I have ever seen pictures of or heard of thanks to you. I’m so glad that you and Ted have been blessed with a home there. I’m really jealous that it is in the 70’s there. It is so hot here that the only way I can get the grandchildren to go outside is to take them to a pool. I’m having to water my yard and plants every day just to keep them from dying. I’m glad that you are feeling better.

  10. Hi Bree! My computer was down for a couple of days so I am just now catching up on your blogs!! Tell Jill that her pictures were great! I am glad you and Ted are feeling better also. I am surprised that there are that many planes at the airport! I had no idea that some of the residents actually owned there own planes! WOW! thats great! I hope you have a wonderful day, my friend!

  11. Wow Bree! You have out done yourself this week with beautiful pictures! I hope you don’t mind I use them for my computer background. My son keeps asking how much longer till we are coming back. We usually spend the 4th of July in the city, but are looking forward to a trip over to the island with the kids. I appreciate all you little tid bits. Have a great week.

  12. My sister and I are plan a June vacation and we are very much interested in your island, My sister is a runner and we both love outdoor actives. We are looking for information and prices on all you have to offer, so we can plan our vacation in June,We live in Kansas and would like to see your island.

    • Hi Marie and Janelle! I’m going to forward your request on to Mary Slevin at the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau. She will have an extensive amount of information available pertaining to your future trip. I’m sure she’ll be contacting you soon.

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