Pics from Jillski 6/5/2011

Thanks to Jill for all three photos tonight!

Nothing says "Mackinac" like horses in the street . . .


. . . carriages on Cadotte . . . .


. . . and the Grand Hotel.

See you on Monday morning with all the weekend happenings! 

11 thoughts on “Pics from Jillski 6/5/2011

  1. I have to add this picture, taken from 2000 miles away in the northern foothills of Phoenix… caught on camera, the resident spider at the Chippewa Hotel Cam on 6/5/11.

    • Tom, I get an HTTP ERROR …. Code Not Found on your link. And I don’t know how to get back to the boatnerds’ cam now that has changed their website. Can you direct me to a link that gets it?

      • ne’mind – found it!! It’s on the Chippewa Hotel Site now!! ;-))))))) Thanks for the hint! Sorry to miss your spider, though!

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