The Cow and I 6/4/2011


So. Jill and I are walking down the sidewalk on Main Street, and we spot this cow standing outside Joann's Fudge. Kaia, who works at Joann's, is also on the sidewalk, giving out free samples of yummy chocolate. Somehow, it just seemed like a good photo op!

Two little extras . . . Tom Daldin, host of Under the Radar Michigan, has been on the island this week during the Detroit Policy Conference.  He filmed these two short but very entertaining videos at the Grand Hotel.    The first takes you into the Jackie Kennedy and Laura Bush Suites at the hotel, and the other explores just how long that Grand porch is.  Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “The Cow and I 6/4/2011

  1. I’m with Charlotte, wish I was eating fudge on the island too! Cute picture, cute cow 🙂 . Love the videos. I’ll have to watch some of the other ones that he has up there now. Love seeing the different rooms at the Grand. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Just ordered fudge from Joann’s and twin grandchildren served it to their 5th grade classmates during their Michigan state report presentation. Looking forward to bringing them to Michigan in about three weeks. Will celebrate the 4th of July week in St. Ignace and will certainly make a days trip to the island. We will be on the lookout for the Bear and Maddy and you both while we are making our way around the island.

  3. Brenda! Love your blog and love watching all the excitement leading up to my first visit of this year at the end of the month. Any chance you could snag a picture of Metivier’s gardens right now? I would love to to see how they are progressing. I am working on a similar garden at my own house down state. Thanks!!

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