From the Deck 6/1/2011

Living where we do up on a hill past the Grand (actually, it’s three hills past the Grand), we have a birds-eye view of the comings and goings of traffic you might not see everyday downtown.  Here are a couple of examples from this week:

Ben has really been working the Grand Hotel hackneys a lot in the two weeks we've been here. We see him all over the island with them (there is more than one team), and I happened to be out on the deck when they cruised by. Look at those two front legs - sharply bent at the knee in the natural hackney action gait. Although you can't tell it in this photo, they are actually trotting here.


I have no clue where this baby-size horse came from or where it was going. In all my years of being on the island, I've never seen a horse this size here - except for the 4-H ponies. But I think this is young horse - not a pony. I've got to find out about it!


Here's where I'm usually about to sit down when I spot something interesting coming up the hill. This is my favorite spot downstairs in the condo - where I curl up with a book, or a crossword puzzle, or a cup of coffee . . . and my camera is always close by.

Irene Cowley, a blog reader from California who grew up on Mackinac Island, sent me this great shot of her two pups doing exactly what Bear and Hershey were doing last week in a photo I posted – waiting for the crumbs. Too cute!
See you tomorrow!

17 thoughts on “From the Deck 6/1/2011

  1. I bet you will find out very quickly about that foal! Someone’s bound to see the picture and the news will get around!

    Oh my! There’s Lady and Bonnie! Say hello, girls, and thank Brenda for including you! 😉

  2. I suspect that many puzzles remain unfinished as there must always be something that requires a quick camera shot outside that window!

  3. Oh, a double treat! I get to see pictures of the Island’s horses (love them!) AND I get to see Rene’s dogs. What a lovely way to start a sunny, cooler morning.
    I’m loving this ‘picture a day’, and I hope it’s easier for you, too, Brenda, because we want you to continue!
    It must be gorgeous this morning on the island. . . . .I’m there when I close my eyes!

    • It’s a beautiful morning, Barbara – even though we’re under a wind advisory until 11 tonight. The wind is really howling right now with gushs to 40 mph. BIG whitecaps on the lake! But the sky is blue, and the carriages are rolling up the hill filled with visitors!

  4. I too am loving this picture a day blog! What fun it is to see what new pictures you will have for me to look at. Love the little bicyle by the crossword puzzle and the baby horse is so cute. Enjoy your day! 🙂

  5. Waking up on Mackinac every summer morning seems so wonderful, it’s no wonder your camera is always close by. My family will vacation up there in a few weeks and we’re excited about it. Not so easy to get there anymore as we live in Virginia. Small compensation is that riding in the woods behind my little farm always reminded me of riding on Mackinac trails. Way hotter here though (especially today). Looking forward to cool Island days and the lilacs. Thanks for all the pictures and stories.

    • Hi Carole – the lilacs buds are really growing on the bushes in front of the condo . . . I’m thinking the Lilac Festival is going to be glorious this year! My son who lives in Colorado will be in Virginia Beach in a couple of weeks – is that near you?

  6. Oh, to have that view!!!! I would have loved to see those Hackney’s trotting by.
    I’m looking forward to the rest of the ‘little horse’ story too so keep us posted!

  7. To Judi from Detroit: Thanks for sharing the photographs from your trip! Loved them both, but especially the “cheese” pic of the horses at Arch Rock. Tried responding back to you on email, but it came back undelivered. We’ve GOT to do that lighthouse tour this year!

  8. Hi! I will email you as you suggested when I am at Carp Lake in mid June so we can hopefully meet and/or take you and Ted to lunch on the Island! I was also wondering what kind of camera you have? I am shopping for a new one to replace my Cannon Sureshot and would appreciate any suggestions?? Thanks.

  9. These pictures are working for me. Each one stands on it’s own and then on Mon and Fri we get the in depth stuff….loving all of it. Don’t let the foal grow up till I get there!

  10. Thanks so much for all the updates on the Island…miss my girl so much (Alyssa) Haven’t seen her since November…we will be up for a 1 day visit in July…it can’t come too soon. Please keep the pictures coming…makes it feel like I am somewhat involved in her life! 🙂

  11. Your condo looks like such a peacful spot. Watching the horses and the people daily would be so relaxing! Thanks for the great pictures!

  12. I hope you find out more about the cute little horse – what a darling! Your window to the island seems like a magical spot to sit and look outside to see what activity is going on!

  13. 5 more days. 5 MORE DAYS! and my hubby and I will hop off the ferry and enjoy our anniversary weekend on the island. From what I can gather from your pics, our relative’s cabin is just past you on the hill(s) past the Grand. I understand his property boasts the only willow tree on the island. We’ll be there is 5 more days! We have an important arrival coming on Tuesday. Our niece will be born. My elementary-age boys finish school on Wednesday. It’s a busy, exciting week ahead. I’ll be ready for island time! Maybe our paths will cross…

    Sara Wolfsen
    Fremont, Michigan

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