Tulips, Tulips, Tulips . . . . 5/29/2011

Whether placed into an exact, planned design - like at the Grand . . .


. . . growing gaily in a flowerbed - outside the Golf Pro Shop . . .


. . . or sporatically sprinkled up the slope between Turkey and Fort Hills - the tulips of Mackinac will make you say "ahhhhhhh" every time.


21 thoughts on “Tulips, Tulips, Tulips . . . . 5/29/2011

    • Bob, it’s a little Canon PowerShot A530 digital that Ted gave me four years ago when I retired. It’s 5 mega pixels with a 4X optical zoom. I love it! Every spring I think I should upgrade to something more “spiffy”, and then I think “Why?”

  1. Great photos..I think I am liking the pink ones the best!! Wish I was there to see them in person..and of course to see my girl Alyssa!! (Miss her big time!!) Thanks for posting these Brenda!!

  2. I am enthralled by your blog! I have wanted to visit Mackinac Island for 30 years! I always thought I would have my honeymoon there, but well, I ended up getting married in the month of December. So, needless to say that wasn’t going to work! My husband and I are visiting for the first time this July, and I am so excited!! I am really enjoying your updates and your story on how you came to be there. We are from south Louisiana so we chose to visit in July to enjoy some nicer temperatures.

    • Oh my gosh, Regen, you are in BIG trouble! I visited the island for the first time in July – 12 years ago. I took one step off the ferry onto the dock, breathed in the aroma of horse poop and fudge drifting through 75 degree temps (when we’d left home it had been 97), and I was a goner! I told Ted there was NO WAY he’d ever get me to the beach again in the summer! I’m so excited for you that you’re finally coming, and I don’t have a doubt in my mind that it will be everything you envision. Yeah!!!!

      • Regen,

        Many years ago we lived in Austin, Texas and we learned to visit Michigan in July because it is the only month that can be depended on to be warm. But wait. Not so fast. It cannot always be depended on, as we found out. July can have cool temperatures. Later, after we moved back to Michigan, we lived at Houghton Lake, which is about half way up the Lower Peninsula. I can remember wearing my winter coat to stay warm enough to be outside to watch the fireworks on July 4. Yes, that was unusually cold, but I would suggest that you at least pack a light jacket, sweater and sweat shirt or two.

        Anyway, have a great visit to the Island. It is a wonderful place, or as Brenda would say, “It is magical!” You’ll love it.

      • Lowell, did you read my mind? After I wrote my response to Regen, I thought, “I should have mentioned bringing a jacket!” Thanks for taking care of that for me!! And, yes, I can remember many 4th’s that a jacket felt mighty good in the evening!

    • I have been afraid of that! 😀 We’ll see what happens. I am assuming this will just be the first trip in our future!

      We’re staying at the Cottage Inn. Any recommendations on what we MUST do from a local perspective while we’re there as first timers? We’ll be there 4 days/three nights. We are exploring a little more of northern Michigan for a few days after that.

      • Oh, and a coat in July? I can’t even fathom that! We try to distract ourselves from the horrible heat and humidity on the 4th by watching fireworks. Thanks for the advice! 🙂

      • I have NEVER gone to watch the fireworks on the island without a coat! Get back in touch a week before you come, and I’ll be able to give you a better idea of what the weather might be.

      • Regen, you couldn’t have picked a nicer spot for first-timers. Marge and Rich (your innkeepers) are friends of ours, and they have notebooks of suggestions for things to see and do. My only suggestion might be to do what Ted and I did on our many visits before we moved here – spend the mornings/or afternoons seeing the “regular” sights like the Fort, riding around the perimeter of the island, touring the Grand, and taking one of the carriage tours and then spend the other half of the day getting up onto the trails. Pick up an island map at the Tourism Bureau and follow a different trail each day. That’s when you’ll see the real Mackinac Island! I’m so excited for you. Makes me wish I was coming back for the first time myself!

  3. Brenda,

    Thank you for the tulips this Sunday morning. They are really pretty. When we lived at Houghton Lake, we had many different colors of tulips and the squirrels would walk by all the colors until they came to the red ones. Then it was chomp, chomp. For some reason the red ones must have a better flavor.

    Have you seen the squirrels do that on the Island?

    • I haven’t, Lowell. That’s interesting. I’ll ask Mary at the Grand if they have a problem with that and let you know.

  4. Tulips are BEAUTIFUL!!! They are long gone down there (Grand Rapids) and are by far my favorite flower. Close second…lilacs. How are those doing up there?

  5. Tulips are the graceful ladies of the spring garden. Our heavy clay soil isn’t good for them to reappear so I start fresh each Fall. This year my sorority colors cardinal and straw (red and yellow). I have scads of squirrels and never have seen them eat tulips Lowell.
    The tulip picture you posted with the dove is my sreen saver.

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