Play Date 5/28/2011

BearOn Friday morning Ms. Frankie brought my friend Hershey over for a playdate.  We were planning to go out and roll in the grass, play fetch, and chase each other around the yard.  But then Dad made some bacon and eggs sandwiches, and we decided waiting for crumbs was more fun than anything we could do outside.



10 thoughts on “Play Date 5/28/2011

  1. Hershey thinks this was the best ever day on the Island,so far this year! Sharing breakfast with Ted then outside playing with Bear and Maddie then home through town with all her friends to say hi to along the way.

  2. We have a new “Mattie” dog, from the pound, his name is Brady and along with our Westie, Abby, they know when there are crumbs to be had. This picture is priceless. Have a safe holiday.

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