You’re Kidding! It’s Friday? 5/27/2011

Good grief – this week has flown by, and here it is Friday already! 

Weather First:  We haven’t put up our fleece jackets yet!  Frost was forecast two mornings this week, and although I haven’t seen frost myself (and yes, there was one morning I took the dogs out . . . early), it has certainly been chilly enough for two or three layers of clothes before 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m.  Am I complaining?  Are you kidding!  It was 96 in Georgia a couple of days ago!  I’ll just keep putting on layers, thank you very much. 

Some Goodies to Check Out:  During the winter I was always “clicking” the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau website for photos and information.  If you haven’t visited lately, it’s time for you to see the completely revamped site. As good as it was before – now it is awesome!  There’s tons of information about visiting the island, and the photographs are breathtaking.  Check it out when you get a chance at:

One more site to remind you about before I get started on the week’s happenings – Michael Forrester’s Mackinac Island Blog at  Mike has posted a great piece on everything new on the island for the 2011 season.  Geez!  He was here three days, and he saw way more than I’ve seen so far after almost two weeks!  I don’t think he ever slept!

Ok . . . the week!

My poor hubby was under the weather for a couple of days (bet you already figured that out when you saw I took the dogs out early one morning), and even though he still went over to Cheboygan for Walmart grocery shopping on Tuesday, he really shouldn’t have.  When he got back to the condo, I threw on two layers of warm duds and cleared out so he could take a nice, long nap.  It was a perfect day for photos – blue sky, bluer water, and green – really green – grass.

Lake Huron can still be seen through the trees, although it gets harder each day as the leaves continue to fill in the spaces between the branches.


Can you BELIEVE these colors! The Jewel Golf Course looks like someone took the Emerald Green Crayon and colored outside all the lines.


The new Michigan governor hasn't visited his summer residence yet, but the rumor is he and his family will be making their first visit over the Memorial Day weekend. What a perk!


The Grand Hill trees are smaller, but the view is BIGGER! What a day!


When I first pulled this photo up on the laptop, I thought, "Why did I take this, and what is on fire?" Then I remembered - that's the top of a freighter going through the cut. Can you believe how huge those things are!

Dori, a Bree’s Blog fan, and her sister Barb (both from Michigan) arrived on the island Wednesday, and we met for lunch at Millie’s on Main Thursday afternoon.  It’s always so nice connecting face to face with my readers and getting to know people from all over the U.S. who share a love for Mackinac Island. 

Dori in the middle, and sister Barb. Dori worked on the island as a college student and knows a lot about the island's history. In fact, in researching their family tree, she and Barb were delighted to find a blood tie to Magdelaine La Framboise, the original owner of the Harbour View Inn, where the ladies stayed this trip. Madame La Framboise was a remarkable 19th-century French and Indian woman who, when widowed at a young age, parlayed her husband's fur businesses into one of the most successful enterprises of her day. Thank you Dori and Barb for a wonderful lunch and a great time chatting about our favorite island.

By the way, Millie’s on Main has great “home-cooked” style food! I love their salads, white fish basket, home-made spaghetti, and desserts. Yum!  Millie’s is named after the owners’ family pet, a Portuguese Water Dog.
After lunch I ran a few errands, then met up with Jill (her day off), and we headed for the condo where I downloaded photos she took Thursday morning down at the Shepler’s dock. She had emailed me Wednesday that the Stucks’ four Friesians were being shipped to the island for the summer on the Sacre Bleu. The boat was supposed to arrive at 6:50 a.m., and I begged off being down the hill at that hour. But Jill – and Mary from the Grand – were there to welcome these beautiful horses home to the island, and thank goodness Jill took pics!

The Sacre Blue turns into the calm waters of the harbor. You can see the long horse trailer on the deck, still attached to the truck cab.


Once secured, the trailer is opened and the first horse is led off the boat.




Michelle and one of her boys.


Leaving the dock . . . .


. . . . and making a turn in front of the Cloghaun - toward home on the West Bluff.


Marc's Double Oven Bakery has a new employee - Tiffany, who is a master at cupcakes. Oh my gosh, I gained 5 pounds just looking at these yummy concoctions!


Wednesday night's sunset - taken by Kellie Lawrence from the Grand.

I am loving the “picture days” between blogs and hope you are finding them satisfying – and, yes, I know I haven’t limited them to one photo – YET! Some of you might even be wondering, “Why is this different from doing a blog post each day?”  Here’s why.  Starting each day with the little nagging thought in my mind of “What’s the story today?” is a lot different than just throwing the camera in my pocket and looking for a moment (or two) in time to capture with a photograph. It gives me a lot more freedom on the “off” days, and let’s me store up all the “news” for two posts instead of spreading it out over seven days. On Mackinac Island, there are always “moments in time” to freeze-frame. I have never in our now four summers here left the condo and not seen something I wanted to photograph. Such an amazing little island – and we are so blessed to be here.
It’s been a wonderful week, and the island is gearing up for a very busy holiday. Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend, and please take a moment to remember the brave men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice so we may enjoy our many freedoms. God bless our military men and women, and God bless America.

40 thoughts on “You’re Kidding! It’s Friday? 5/27/2011

  1. That is an absolutely beautiful sunset! Hope Ted is fully recovered for the holiday weekend. You guys have fun. We might take a little trip to Frankenmuth if the weather is good.

  2. I love Marc’s, he’s the first one open in the morning for my coffee fix, way before Starbucks. Marc is a terrific guy too!

    Usually we stay at the Windermere, but this year we may bring our dog. Can anyone recommend a pet friendly place? There will be mom, dad, and two young kids, and our Great Dane.


  3. Beautiful as usual. I need a Frisian fix. How wonderful it must be to be owned by such a beautiful animal. Don’t let everything happen before we get there. Remember to see when the Grand’s peonies bloom around the pool. Soon….

  4. We arrived on the island today! Hurray!
    It’s so good to be back, as always.
    Had dinner at Millie’s…yum.
    Grabbed some homemade donuts at the Murray Hotel for dessert.
    We are having a wonderful time!
    Staying until Sunday.
    I “almost” thought I saw you today on the island…a couple walked past me and I told my husband, “That looks like Bree, the author of the blog I read.”
    He said, “Maybe you should say hi!”
    I was afraid it wasn’t you and the woman might think I was crazy, LOL!

    • Melody! Don’t ever be shy about asking! Where were you? I was downtown a lot from about 11:30-2:00 yesterday, but Ted wasn’t with me. We took a walk together through the woods and past the back of the fort late yesterday afternoon.

      • We were headed back to our hotel (Harbor View Inn). I think we were right around St. Anne’s Church…so maybe it wasn’t you. 😉
        We too did some hiking in the woods today…back on Winnebago Trail…one of my favorites…then we also took the steep staircase down from Arch Rock. We’ve had a wonderful past four days here. We’re taking off tomorrow…it was just my husband and I visiting this time. We are planning to be back for the July 4th holiday (we usually do the Fort picnic) and then also back in August for an extended stay. I’ll be continuing to read your blog while I’m at home…love staying informed of all the island happenings! Take care! 🙂

      • Sounds like you’ve been everywhere we HAVEN’t been this week, Melody! Maybe we will run into each other at the picnic on the 4th – we usually go also. Have a safe trip home, and hurry back.

  5. Another magical moment on the island, presented by Bree. Thanks for another delightful entry. I have posted this on assorted facebook pages related to the island, but I will also mention it here – for any who are fortunate enough to be there on Memorial Day, do check out the ceremony in Memorial Square – it is very moving and meaningful. My dear cousin Delbert Bunker has told me the stories behind the square and it’s a very special place – I am not in the area this year for Memorial Day – in body – but I will be in spirit. Thanks again Bree.

    • I should have mentioned the ceremonies also, Deborah. Ted and I will be at both – the one downtown and the one at the Fort Cemetery earlier in the day. Both ceremonies are extremely moving.

  6. Beautiful photos!! I sure hope Ted is feeling better now so he can take the dogs for the early morning outside time 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!!

  7. Brenda,

    I hope Ted is feeling better. Doesn’t he know he’s not supposed to get sick on the Island?

    The Friesians are indeed beautiful -and they look so proud.

    I have a question: Is the Cloghaun on Market Street at the head of Hoban? I don’t know if my memory is serving me correctly today. After all, it’s been about 35 years since I’ve been on the Island.

    I hope all your readers have a great Decoration Day weekend. (How’s that for showing my age.) We will be going to the North Star Cemetery in Dentral Michigan where my grandparents, mother, uncle and many of their friends are buried. We will meet some of our friends there and then go on to the Ithaca City Park for a picnic. It’s a yearly tradition and brings back so many memories from over the past years.

    Thank you again for your wonderful blog.

    • Your memory is excellent, Lowell. The Cloghaun sits at the head of Hoban – the street that houses the Village Inn.

      • Thank you , Brenda. Apparently my memory is still serving me, at least today.

        If you will hurry, I’m making potato cheese soup for lunch today.

  8. Thank you Jill for the pictures of the horses. I love the way they just stand so tall and graceful. Beautiful horses! I love the way your doing your blog, Brenda, with the one..two..or three, wait, four pictures ( 😉 ) during the week. It keeps me satisfied until the weekend.
    Send Ted our “get well soon” wishes, so he will feel better for the holiday. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Loved the pictures of the horses, sunset and Grand, and the govenor’s residencs. I’ve told my husband that I want to run for governor, win and spend the summer on the island. Of course, this will never happen since I’m a resident of Indiana. But it’s nice to dream.
    Hope Ted is feeling better. Have a great weekend.

  10. I am going to have to eat at Millie’s the next time we are on the Island (hopefully in August!). Sounds like you had a great but busy week. Hope Ted is feeling better and you don’t get it.

  11. Beautiful! I love seeing pictures of the Grand, the sunset and of course Millie’s – which is where I used to work back when it was the Pub and Oyster Bar! Those cupcakes look amazing. How do you stay away from them?!

    • We remember te Pub and Oyster Bar well, Leslie. When we stayed at the Chippewa, we went to breakfast there several times a week. I always thought they had the best bacon in town!

  12. Never too many photos, never. It is especially nice for you that you have figured out something that works that is not so stressful for you. You are supposed to be having FUN anyway! Enjoyed all of the photos, as usual. Hope Ted is feeling a lot better by now. Hope the doggies are happy too!

  13. Hi Bree:

    I will be coming to my cottage on Carp Lake on June 12th until around the 17th. I was wondering how I might get to meet you in person on the Island when my girlfriend Barb and I visit for the day? I worked on the Island for 4 summers while I was in college in the late 70’s and I bought a cottage 1.5 years ago and I hope to retire for the summers in MI and the winters in FL where I now live. I am trying to follow in your footsteps, somewhat!!! I have been following your blog for a couple of years and I would love to meet you, if even for a few minutes. I know you must get this request all of the time. My cell number is 561-926-2565. I am also on Facebook (Anne Stanard) and my picture is of me on the steps of a pottery place in Petoskey with pumpkins all around. !! 🙂 I hope we can connect someone because I call you my penpal and friend I have never met!!!

  14. So beautiful on your island! Albany GA has had no rain for the whole month, the grass is dead. Still 100 degrees, the only good part is the swimming. Have a wonderful summer, we miss you and Bear down here in the desert. Hugs from Happy Jack.

  15. Just so you know, Brenda…..down here in Madison, WI it was 42 yesterday and today when I left for work. We have not put our winter things away yet either. It is strange. Once again, I love reading your blogs and the pictures are wonderful. Have a great holiday week-end!

  16. Bree, I am changing my wallpaper on my laptop almost daily with all of these pictures. Each one is more beautiful than the previous one. STOP!! My computer can’t handle any more changes!! Just kidding of course, your photography talents are only exceeded by your writing talents! Tell Ted I said that!

      • Hi Laurie. Marc’s is on Main Street, across the street from where Carriage Tours loads their wagons. He used to bake for the Grand Hotel.

  17. Brenda,
    I have to write to you to let you know that you & your blogs mean so much to me! I have lived vicariously through you! I have been reading them, almost daily, for over a year now (since 5/13/10 to be exact). I just haven’t ever written anything because I don’t have anything worth saying, but after drooling over your pictures for a year, I just had to let you know how invaluable you are to me. Even though we haven’t met, you are dear to my heart.
    I have been in love with Mackinac Island since I saw “Somewhere in Time” in the early 80’s (my favorite movie & favorite music) and have always considered it my dream vacation, if I could ever go anywhere.
    We have some things in common like love of God, love of horses and, of course, love of the island.
    I live in Washington state, which is very beautiful also, but very far away from my dream island.
    You have made me feel like I could peek at Mackinac thru a computer screen and it has blessed me so much. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your blogs with those of us who can’t get there. 😉

    • Oh my goodness, Buttons, you certainly made my day with your comments, and I’m so glad you wrote. It’s always a happy day when I hear from another Mackinac Island lover, and don’t you ever give up your dream of coming here! Unlike you, I fell in love with the island AFTER I visited. Even though I’d seen Somewhere in Time and the music is my absolute favorite also, the “place” didn’t come to be important to me until we first came here on vacation. THEN it was love at first sight. It’s funny that you live in Washington State – a place where I have always wanted to visit because every photo I have ever seen of that state has touched me deeply with its beauty. Again, don’t give up on your dream of visiting here. If anyone had told me in 2000, when I first stepped foot on the dock, that one day I’d be spending half the year on this magic island, I would have laughed out loud. You just never know. Thank you again for writing, and don’t ever think you have nothing worth saying. Your words truly touched my heart. God bless.

  18. Barb & I loved sharing lunch and time with you on Thursday. Great pictures in this edition of the Blog! We hiked up later past your condo so she could see where you hang out. We also ended up seeing two of the Fresians as they were in the paddock beside their barn! I’ll be watching for the listings you mentioned to us! See you the next time I’m up!


  19. I was introduced to your blog last year by Chris Ann and have been enjoying your blog ever since. I love the Island! My husband and I have stayed at the Grand and we loved the serenity and beauty of the Island. We have visited many times. I have also shared this blog with several people as well. A co-worker from Russia said she and her husband would love to visit the Island and I told her to read your blog so she could see the beauty of the Island that you so wonderfully bring to all of us individuals who can’t be there (but we oh so want to be!). Thank you for taking the time to share the Island’s beauty and introduce us to the wonderful people who are blessed to stay on the Island.

  20. Hi,
    My daughter found your blog and now look at it every now and then. I live in Michigan and have been to the Island many times. It has been a few years since we were there last. My in laws used to have a cottage on Carp Lake just south of Mackinaw City. It was sold several years ago and they have since passed away so we don’t get the opportunity to go up like we used to. I do enjoy the pictures. They make me miss the blue, blue water and the white clouds you see”up north” Keep the blog going!

  21. Your blog and pics are great. I save them all to my ipad. Mackinac Island is the best place on earth. I want to live there in the summer and Key West in the winter, but I can’t cause I’m married. God bless.
    P.s. I love all the out of the way less known areas, streets and trails on the Island that you share.
    Thank you.

    • LOL Steve. The trick is for of you to have the same dream! It took a little persuasion on my part to get my husband on board about being “double-nesters”, but it’s worked out great!

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