We are headed north . . . . 5/14/2011

Some of you may have read my “farewell” post on the Lake Blackshear blog Saturday morning, and if you did, you saw these lines from an Avett Brothers song:

Load the car and write the note.
Grab your bag and grab your coat.
Tell the ones that need to know.
We are headed north.

And headed north we are!  We pulled out of our driveway at 9:15 a.m. – only an hour and 15 minutes later than Ted’s scheduled departure time – but hey, all we have is time.  We traveled straight up I-75 for 502 miles before arriving in Richmond, KY around 5:15.  We checked into the Holiday Inn Express, walked and fed the dogs, then went across the street and had a great supper at Olive Garden. 

We had so much fun people watching in the restaurant – it was prom night!  Ted and I sat side by side in a booth so we could face directly out into the restaurant and watch the parade of fashions (well, I watched the fashions).  Beautiful girls in every color and style dress imaginable – and their handsome escorts in tuxedos with vests that matched their date’s dress.  Oh my gosh – were we EVER that young?  And you know how there’s always someone who has to make a fashion statement . . . that award went to the cool dude in a beautiful tux accessorized with a baseball cap.  Should have looked at his shoes – I bet he was in sneakers.

After supper we took the dogs out for a long walk and found a big parking lot where we could throw the ball for Bear.  His long legs needed to get stretched after all that time in the car today.  We’ll hit the road Sunday morning for Whitmore Lake, MI, and I’ll try to check in from there tomorrow night.  Here are a few pics from today:

Bear - giving Ted some navigational tips on the road.


Maddie - in my lap and doing what she does when she has no other options.


A little rain as we approached the Smoky Mountains


In hotel rooms, Bear tries out every spot until he finds the one where he can get the most air from the AC unit. I think he's found his spot!

 Thanks for all the safe travel prayers, and we’d appreciate your continuing those till we reach our destination on Monday.   If you don’t normally read the Lake Blackshear Blog and would like a condensed version of what our winter was like in south Georgia, you can click here:  http://bree1976.wordpress.com.
See you back here tomorrow night – good Lord willing – and wireless provider available!  Nite now.

42 thoughts on “We are headed north . . . . 5/14/2011

  1. Already missing ya`ll; we had a great time last night but it was bitter sweet. Jill. they`re coming to you now.

  2. You’re on your way! That is so exciting. Wishing you safe travels. Can’t wait ’til you start blogging from the Island. I won’t be making the trip up (and over) this year so I will appreciate your blog and photos even more than I already do.

  3. I hope your Michigan weather clothes are on the top section of your luggage. I noticed Ted was in his summer shorts. Made me shiver just to look at him. You will need longer pants (preferably rain pants) when you arrive at the boat Monday morning. “Safe” rest of your journey.

    • Ted got a big kick out of your comment, Joanne! But you have to realize those shorts go on as soon as the mercury edges above 40. We’re thinking positive thoughts about our Monday arrival weather, but the Weather Channel is NOT cooperating with our thoughts. Thanks for the heads-up! Geez, I hope my rain pants aren’t in those boxes I shipped!

  4. Welcome back to Michigan!!!! It’s been a bit chilly this year but the most beautiful spring I can remember, at least down here by Flint/Lansing. I’m so excited to start getting my Island fix again! We will be renting a cottage for a week on the island this August, we will be sure to visit the museum if you are there again.

      • I am answering for my daughter Jenelle. We have been hooked on Mackinac for a long time.
        For our 40th Wedding anniversary we are renting the Jacob Wendall house Aug. 6-15th and bringing our two children and their families.
        We will definitely plan to visit the museum and introduce ourselves.
        Pat Steele

  5. Bree I will say a prayer that you have safe travel for the rest of your trip. I live in the Grand Rapids area of MI and we are having a huge rain going on here!! Looks like an all day event. Get out the umbrella because with a temp of 43 degrees and winds chills in the 30’s so it is not a nice day. But it will improve when you bring that GA weather with you!!

    • What you report is what we’re hearing on the Weather Channel this morning, Sue. Forecast for Whitmore Lake is looking pretty icky – but tomorrow’s forecast doesn’t look that bad. Maybe it will all move out tonight!

  6. You’re headed my way………….more rain and more rain, but the green is beautiful so far, flowers gorgeous!! Love and prayers..have a safe trip, keep warm jackets handy! Bear will love our cooler days, but poor Maddie will wonder what in the world is going on with these cool days after those great days in GA!! Have fun.

  7. Brenda,

    I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but please don’t count on better weather (at least not warmer) because it’s not going to happen. It’s 41 degrees now, just enough for Ted’s shorts. By the way, I’m so glad he has Bear for a guide and to help him drive.

    I didn’t think you would make it as far as you did yesterday, but glad you did. Continue to be safe.

    With everyone else, I’m looking forward to tne posts from Mackinac Island. Actually, I can hardly wait.

    • Thanks for all the weather reports! We’re about 20 minutes from getting back on the road! And Lowell, I have on my OPTIMISTIC smile!!

  8. Looking at the future forecast for the week, it looks like you might be bringing some of your Georgia weather with you. I say “some” like maybe some sun, but it is still going to be on the cool side. Sure isn’t like it was last year at this time. Prayers for a continued safe trip. Looks like Bear is enjoying himself and that picture of Maddie is darling.

      • I certainly will be waving at y’all…I’ll wear the LIME GREEN FLEECE (on top of the 7 LAYERS)!!! But you won’t be able to miss Bear & Maddie.

  9. Happy trails to you! Those of us green with envy will continue to enjoy your tales. So very generous of you to share with all of us. I had the good fortune to be on the island for the Mothers Day weekend. It was quite cool, but not unbearably so. Enjoy. Have a great summer!

  10. Safe travels. It’s been the rainiest spring I can ever remember here in NE Ohio, and it looks the same for the next 4 days.

    We’re going to the island in August for our annual trip. 5 days at the Harbour View Inn. Our kids love it. Can’t wait!

  11. I hope you brought your galoshes. Been raining down here all weekend, kind of a bummer. Been a very rainy spring in SE Michigan. Safe travels!

  12. Brenda just reporting in from Dayton, OH….but had to hang up Bear is pretty restless & she needs to hang on to him while Ted drives thru the Construction Zones.

  13. Good Grief! It’s 50 on Mackinac Island according to Horn’s Gaslight Bar webcam, but only 41 here in Lansing. Looks like they’re shipping in the warmer weather for you, Brenda! You just have to go through *cold and clammy* to get to *WOW!*

    Love your blogs! Sending safe travel prayers for you, Ted and the gang.

  14. Sounds like they are making good time, sorry to hear about Bear being restless. At least it’s stopped raining down here in Mid-Michigan. Looks like they will have good weather for tomorrow.

    I’ll be tuning into the webcam tomorrow when I get off of work.

  15. Enjoyed the picture of Maddie – when we were reading your post, our doxie was curled up in a similar pose at the foot of our bed, under her little blanket.

    Have a safe trip. We will be on the island for a few days during the Lilac Festival, looking forward to our trip very much!

  16. I won’t bother to fill you in on the weather, it seems you’ve a handle on that! Just stopping in to welcome you back to the Great Lakes State! Enjoy!!!

  17. Hi Bree & Ted, Welcome back to Michigan! Safe travels and I sure am looking forward to your daily blogs! I am so excited for you!! Be safe!

  18. Oh yes, the prom dresses!! The week-end we were on the island (May 7 & 8) we looked out from our balcony and we saw about 3 ferries full ( I think it as 3) of kids going to prom and getting into taxis. What a beautiful sight, it was a beautiful day and the dresses, oh my! Nothing like the dresses we wore! Then…..we happened to be up at midnight (since our alarm went off — we’re not sure why!) we looked out again and saw the kids boarding the ferries to return home. I wish I knew where they had their dance! We drove up in the rain too. Be safe!

  19. They had their prom at The Grand! There were 2 or 3 classes and schools represented – Cheboygan for one and I forget who else. We were staying at The Grand and watched them arrive. Their dance was in a big room just behind the wing we were in (we were on the 4th floor so could see them when they stepped out for a breath of fresh air). They did indeed all look lovely, though the ladies must have been chilly as it was not a night for sleeveless gowns! Promptly at 11:00 p.m. the music stopped, the kids all cheered and departed to catch the ferry back to the mainland. What a magical spot to have had their prom. Lucky kids.

  20. Great blog. Kudos for citing Avett Brothers. I found the blog researching information for a friend who is visiting this weekend. You detailed a lot of behind the scenes stuff on the island I can’t wait to take my kids to. Thanks. I thought you might like to check out a panorama photo I took of Mackinac Island Marina from the Fort looking down.

    Mackinac Island Marina
    Mackinac Island Marina on Lake Huron

    Watch-eye horse I photographed in town


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