Two Weeks 5/2/2011

Two weeks.

The last overnight visitors of our winter “season” in Georgia came and went this weekend, and the business of packing and closing the lake house has begun.  This week will include doctors’ visits for Ted and I (just the annual checkups our internists insist upon before we travel north to begin six months of Mackinac Island’s mandatory aerobic exercise that changes us each summer back from couch potatoes to fit  and semi-lean senior citizens).  We’ll be updating the addresses on our favorite catalogs and magazines (because the postal service doesn’t forward those) and filling out the forwarding form at the post office for our regular mail.  I’ll be making lists – and more lists – because without them I will forget something important – like making reservations at Whitmore Lake, MI for our one night on the road (which I just this second thought about and have to write that down right now before I forget it again).

Like the Hortons, Mackinac Island has burst into a frenzy of activity.  The weather is warming – slowly, but steadily, and this week summer workers and early tourists have been arriving at every ferry dock.  I have a few newsy items and some photos for you, but again this week will be short and sweet.  With the season’s preparations underway, my “eyes on the island” have a lot less time to listen to me beg for photos.  They have REAL work to do! 

Here’s what I have for you . . .

  • My good buddy, Joyce (we met online through this blog and in person last summer on the island – she and her family are from Indiana), was on the island this past weekend for the Spring Geocaching event.  For the very first time, she and her family stayed at the Grand (which was offering special rates for the geocachers). “Amazing” was the word she used over and over in describing the Grand Hotel.  Their room was at the front of the hotel, looking out over the porch and Tea Garden.  Pretty spiffy, Joyce!


Joyce - standing on top of the embankment that surrounds the Fort Holmes site. She said, "It's a cold and windy day, but I'm loving it anyway!"

  • Good friend Frankie and her chocolate lab, Hershey, are back on the island for the season.  Frankie is house mom for some of the Ryba employees, and she’s been very busy getting the house ready for summer workers.  A few came in this week, and others will arrive within the next few days. 
  • My Jill will be back on the island this week and back at the Island Bookstore in a few days.  She spent the winter in Lansing.  Island Bookstore – here we come!
  • Little Luxuries of Mackinac Island opened this week.  Nicole says she still doesn’t have everything looking exactly right yet, but “come on in anyway”!


I could just sit right here at my laptop, look at this photo, and pick out enough goodies to have Ted banning me from this store for the entire summer.
  • Joann’s made their first fudge this week! 


Ok. Lean forward and get your nose really, really close to your computer screen. Can you smell it? I can!

On Friday I was  just going about my normal routines – checking out different web sites for photos to use, gathering information, thinking about my upcoming post.  I clicked over to Shepler’s Ferry because I can always count on them for a few pics each week.  Up pops their logo – only there is something very different about it.  Oh. My. Gosh!  I’m IN their logo!

Shepler’s has a new event they call “Fan of the Week!”, and this week they chose me!  Here’s what they said:  “It’s Fan Friday! In honor of the Royal Wedding, we have decided to choose our own royalty as our Fan of the Week. Everyone congratulate, Brenda Horton, the Queen of Mackinac Island Blogging! Keep up the good work Brenda, and we’ll see you in a few short weeks!”  A big “thank you” to the Shepler family for choosing me, and – by the way – you really need to visit their new website at , and you can also visit them on Facebook at!/sheplersferry.

And speaking of Shepler’s . . . . here’s a few photos I borrowed!

Shepler's put up their big white luggage tent this week, and the next day it was filled with luggage carts. Shops on the island are restocking for the season, and merchandise by the ton is traveling across the Straits to fill store shelves.


And then there's THIS fellow. He's on his way back to The Haunted Mansion on Main Street.


The Mackinac Bridge, beautiful blue sky, water still and smooth as a mirror, and the Capt. Shepler.

That’s it for another week!  14 days from today (May 2), and good Lord willing, we’ll be back on my favorite rock.  Everyone count with me now . . . 14 . . 13 . . 12 . . .

See you next Monday!

23 thoughts on “Two Weeks 5/2/2011

  1. I loved the updates! I think the fudge smelled delicious also!! I am so excited for you and Ted to be going back to the Island soon. And congratulation Bree, for being fan of the week. You do such an awesome job promoting Mackinac Island. We are so happy to have you and I am sure the Island residents are so proud of you also. God Bless and have a wondrful week!

  2. Hail to our Queen!! Sheplers did a great job picking a fan with all the royalty stuff in mind. Congratulations again Brenda! Watching the webcam, especially when the ferries come in, you can see much more activity going on. I’m sure Joyce had a wonderful time. There is nothing like staying at the Grand. I think everybody should do it at least once if they can. 11….10….9…. 😉

  3. 14 days!!! Holy Toledo! How did May get here so fast! I’m so so so looking forward to all of the new photos and Island updates.

  4. What a great photo of the ferry, bridge, and the gorgeous shades of blue. Looking forward to what you’ll be doing this summer!!

  5. I am so jealous of Joyce. Two years ago we spent a week at the Grand as a gift from our children for our 50th anniversary. Out room was right above the Checker Board. What memories this brought back. Thank you! Congrats on being named “Fan of the Week”. Well deserved!

  6. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that you decided to blog about ‘my’ island. It is truly a source of joy for me. Shepler’s is on the right track naming you ‘Fan of the Week’ – but the term ‘Best Fan Ever’ might be appropriate, too! You’ve allowed me to meet (via the blog comments) others who have similar feelings about Mackinac – some of them very close by. We might just have to have a Bree’s Blog get together some day – all because of you. Thank you! How lovely to have good Georgia friends as well as good Mackinac friends to share with!

  7. Bree,
    My mother-in-law (the best ever) and I will be on the island June 8th & 9th and staying at the Windermere. She maybe related to your husband! Her maiden name was Lashley at one time! What a small world. Hope to see you.

    • Hi Trisha! My good friends here at the lake are Stevie and Dawn Lashley and Marianne and Cecil Lashley. Our last name is Horton, but we can still claim each other as relatives! As with good friends, the more relatives the better also! Hope to run into you and your mother-in-law in June!

  8. Brenda,

    Well, I don’t like it, but I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer for your blogs from Mackinac. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Fan of The Week! WOW! I think you should copy the icon and print it off so you can frame it and hang it on your living room wall. You should also print a second copy and have it hung someplace on the Island where they have the pictures of famous people.

  9. Ted may like this thought, but you probably should have him look at the picture every day.

    Does that put me on his wrong side?

  10. Thanks to your blog I discovered the Little Luxuries of Mackinac web site. I have already ordered a couple of mugs from Nicole this year. Hoping to get up there in the Fall and do some real damage with the credit card. It looks like such a fun place to shop. So glad you are on the 2 week countdown as I am looking forward to “news” from the Island through your eyes! Have a safe trip back to Michigan!

  11. Brenda,

    I may be hogging the comments, but I wanted to tell you that I was just outside doing a little work in the garden and on the way back into the house I noticed our little lilac bushes. They are loaded with flower buds – far more than in years past. If ours are any indication, Mackinac Island lilacs should be more beautiful than ever this year, if that’s possible.

  12. It was a wonderful weekend staying at the Grand Hotel! We were expecting to get a room on the east wing, so what a surprise it was to get to our room and see the view! We took a tour with Bob Tagatz, the Grand Hotel historian, through the hotel and which was really interesting and later got to see many of the suites in the hotel. They had them open for the visitors to see. The weather was beautiful for the most part. Just windy and chilly on Saturday but I couldn’t have been any happier posing for that picture at Fort Holmes. I didn’t need my toe warmers but did pull out the hand warmers to use since we were doing some geocaching and that requires pulling the mittens off to sign the log sheet. Some of the stores were open already for limited hours while others were still getting ready. The island was indeed waking up from the winter slumber. The Grand Hotel was finishing up their last preparations of laying carpet and painting. It was quite a treat to be there this time of year to see everyone on the island getting ready for summer and the workers returning.
    Thanks for sharing my picture Brenda. I tried to deter Al and Muriel so we would miss the ferry, and then sat and said a prayer while we waited for the 3pm ferry to arrive that it would not come and be cancelled because of the wind, but no such luck. We’ll be making another trip in July though which will be a longer stay as well, so until then, Mackinac dreams. :o)

  13. We head up to Mackinac this week-end, on Friday. Nice to hear that we may not need toe warmers!!!! We are bringing some friends along this time who haven’t been to the island before. Always exciting to bring someone new and share what we know. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Happy and safe travel, Brenda! I truly believe you are the “greatest” fan.

    • Have fun, Jeani. I know your friends will enjoy the island even more having “experienced” guides along. Safe travels for ya’ll also!

  14. Good morning!
    I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog every week and I LOVE IT!! I used to go there as a child and got married on Mackinac Island this past October! Every time I read your blog, it puts me right back on the island…and when you describe things and show pictures, I can relive it all!

    I don’t know the next time I’ll be back up there (I’d love to come for our one year!) but as long as you keep blogging, my mind will be there!

    Thank you for all of your blogs, you do a wonderful job!

    Stefanie from Ogden, Illinois

      • We got married at Harbour View Inn on October 10! It was a gorgeous day with all of the leaves changing!

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