Mackinac Island Off-Season Update – Volume XXII – 4/4/2011

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  It’s April!
Counting down  . . . . . six weeks until we head north . . .  sooooo much to do before then!
I’ve spent the weekend surfing Facebook to gather photos and tidbits about the island this week.  News is still slim, but I’ll share what I’ve got. 
First off – an update from Greg Main on March 29:
     Just when it seemed as if we would be waiting yet another week due to heavy ice still remaining around the mainland docks,  today Arnold Transit posted a ferry schedule beginning . . . . Tomorrow!  Roads on the island are mostly bare, bikes have become the norm for transportation again, the ice-covered Straits have become much more favorable for boat traffic which always starts rumors, gossip and hopes for ferry service to begin.   Yet, with temperatures remaining below average for most of this month, and a few nights this past week threatening to obtain below-zero-degree status, winter hasn’t entirely disappeared.  Because all three ferry companies are still operating under  last year’s ferry franchise (which doesn’t expire until the end of this month) not all of them are required to start tomorrow. 
     The birds are returning!  Red-winged Blackbirds have invaded the neighborhood, filling the air with their unmistakable, raspy vocalizing.  Grackles are back also, but I’ve yet to see or hear a Robin.  Tim Horn tells me he’s been seeing beavers lately near his house across from the old Mission Church.  A week ago, Sunday, as the ice was breaking up and moving away from shore, just at the edge of open water and ice about one hundred yards or so off shore from Cable Cottage, I noticed seagulls and crows hovering, circling and landing periodically on the ice.  Looking through my spotting scope, I also watched two mature eagles, perched on the ice, one of them picking at something as were several of the other birds, all in the same vicinity.  Apparently, crows and seagulls are not, or were not at that time, regular fare on the raptor menu.
      We’ve had many sun-filled days this past week and as April rapidly approaches, we’re suppose to slowly warm to seasonal temperatures sometime next week . . . .. . maybe.   Just a short email this time as it’s Trivia Night and I need to get this sent out before we begin at 9 p.m.  Anyone with online access will be deemed cheating and forever shunned, shamed and probably welcomed back to play again next week.  I hope all is well with all of you and with a ferry running again (for a couple days, anyway) maybe we’ll see some of you here again real soon.  Until next time, take care all.  Greg
Arnold Ferry Line did indeed begin service to the island on March 30, after the Coast Guard cutter cleared a path.  The ferry still had to travel around the back of the island that day to avoid ice, but a couple of days later they were able to use the usual route.

This past Wednesday was a beautiful day on the island. I pulled this photo off the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau Facebook page. Thanks, Mary!

The Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau also featured Trinity Church on Facebook this week.  “Services at Trinity Church date from 1837, when a Bishop preached in the Mission Church. For many years the congregation met in the post Chapel at Fort Mackinac and in the Court House. In 1873, a parish was organized, and in 1882 this church building was constructed. Its furnishings include an altar of hand-carved walnut and two chancel chairs made by soldiers at the fort.”
Having stopped in at Trinity Church many, many times during our summers on the island, I can attest personally to its beauty and serenity.

 A couple of months ago one of my readers, Cathy from Maumee, Ohio wrote to get permission to paint several of the photos she had seen on the blog during the summer.  Of course I say “yes”, and asked that she share her paintings with me when she finished.  Here they are – each is an 8 x 10 acrylic.

A “couple” of bikes, taken from this blog post about the different styles of bikes on the island:

I remember shooting this from the top of Turkey Hill, looking out over the Jewel Golf Course as a freighter came into view in the pass.

Cathy liked this one because it was a different angle of the St. Anne's steeple.

If you’d like to see more of Cathy’s art, you can click here:

 That’s all I have for this week from the island, but here are a couple of “odds and ends” from other areas:

Have a wonderful week, and God bless.

5 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Off-Season Update – Volume XXII – 4/4/2011

  1. Wow Cathy, your paintings are wonderful! Very very nice. You are very talented.
    Only 6 more weeks Brenda! It will be here before you know it. I’m finally seeing signs of Spring here, I just wish the weather would start warming up and staying that way. It’s nice one day and gets cold the next. Ah well…

    Beautiful church!

  2. thanks, brenda, for the nice piece and photo of trinity. we at trinity always love to get a bit of publicity for our beautiful little church. all are welcome at our sunday service at 10:30.

  3. I really like your paintings, Cathy! The vivid colors are beautiful, and the subject matter is, of course, wonderful! 🙂

  4. Thank you all for your nice comments! I’m just starting to have time to paint and draw full time so I’m still gaining speed. And even though I’ve moved off the island, it still stands to be my favorite subject to paint.

    If you’re interested in ordering prints or postcards, you can from my shop through the DeviantART website here:

    Or e-mail me for information on originals:

    And to Bree,
    Thanks again for letting me use your photos! They are beautiful!

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