Mackinac Island Off-Season Update – Volume XV – 2/14/2011


Lots and lots of pics for you today, compliments of Barbara Metting, who visited the island during Winter Festival last weekend.  I’ll get to those in a minute.

Shepler's Ferry posted this photo and caption on their Facebook Page: "St. Ignace is gearing up for the annual Pond Hockey Tournament, February 18 - 20. Every day they are out on the ice on the Zamboni smoothing out the playing surface. It looks to us like they have 30 rinks ready to go. This tournament has been happening since 1847! Amazing!" The February 10 edition of The St. Ignace News reported "a record high of 154 teams are registered for the tournament." The playing surface is actually Lake Huron - in its frozen state.

  • Speaking of Facebook –  the Murray Hotel Facebook Page has a “like” button that will give you a 10% off discount on your stay with them this summer. 
  • Speaking of Facebook again . . . Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, delicious, Kiwibox, MySpace, Flickr and a gazillion more) is here to stay.  If you aren’t signed up on at least one of these sites, you are missing some real deals on Mackinac Island.  Almost every hotel, restaurant, and business offers online discounts – either on a web page or on a social media site.  I promise – it’s worth it to become “social”!
  • BIG, BIG party at the Village Inn Saturday night (Feb. 12) as the restaurant hosted the annual Chili-Cookoff.  Twenty-one super cooks ladled up their best chili, and Greg Main was there to record it.  Thanks, Greg, as always for sharing your photos!

Ray Card is presented his winner's trophy by Peter Dewey of the Village Inn.


Islanders and visitors line up to sample all the chili varieties. Dozens of visitors came to the island for the chili cookoff and the poker run.

  • Surfing around on friends’ Facebook pages, I found this great photo of some of my favorite people on the island – the crew from the Carriage Museum, which is next door to our condo:

Left to right: Denise, Kim, Nancy, Emily, and Jeremy. And that's little Jane in Emily's lap. Geez, I miss ya'll!

  • Greg was out on the ice earlier this week and took this great shot of one of the Christmas tree “markers” on the ice bridge and a sign of caution from the Mustang Lounge.  This is as close to a billboard as it gets for Mackinac Island:

Now for those photos from Barbara Metting of Winter Festival weekend:

Looking down on St. Ignace just after takeoff . . .


. . . and five minutes later, they're on the island!


Barbara's niece is Emily (the same Emily who is in the Carriage Museum photo). She and Jane met the visitors at the airport.


Emily's dog, Angel, gets her exercise running beside the snowmobile on the way to the Village.


Can you just imagine growing up on an island where THIS is the way you get around in the winter, and come summer, you get to switch over to bikes and horse-drawn buggies! What a lucky little girl!


Jane and the other children had a great time trying to break the pinata at one of the Winter Festival Turtle Park activities . . .


. . . and took some time out to "ride the horsie".


Hey! That's our condo! And the snow fence. And the snow. Awww . . . .


A broom hockey game in full swing.


I love this photo! Kinda Mackinac Island's version of the interstate. Just imagine George's taxi as a semi-truck.


Now THIS is interesting. Is it a mini-snowmobile? A motorized ski? I like it!


It's always busy at Doud's Market!


A beautiful, snow-covered Mackinac Island trail. Wow.


Remember all those pics this summer of the cannon resting on the shoreline at British Landing. Same cannon - with snow and ice.

Thanks again, Barbara, for sharing all these great photos!

That’s it from the island for another week.  Come on over to the Lake Blackshear blog for a little documentary on my first two nights on a BiPAP machine for sleep apnea.  Be warned – there’s one REALLY scary photo

Have a great week, and God bless.

10 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Off-Season Update – Volume XV – 2/14/2011

  1. Love all the pictures, especially getting to see the island in the snow. The ice bridge always fascinates me and YES, that little girl is lucky to live where you ride snowmobiles and bikes and horses. Like living in a story book!

  2. Oh, I love that one of the trail through the pines! And I’m so glad that the kids on the island still get out and play in the snow. That Emily is adorable! You know I love the pictures from when you’re on island in the summer, but the winter ones are the ones I remember best. . . .

  3. Nothing quite like “riding a horsie” with rose-pink cheeks and a smile that telegraphs pure joy.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Brenda, Ted, Bear, Maddie … All.

  4. Thank you Barbara and Greg for sharing the photos. I so enjoyed them Little Emile looks like an angel! The pine “tunnel” is gorgeous. I would so love to be up there for a while this time of year!

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