Coming soon . . .

Hilde Update (7:30 p.m. Friday evening):  Just received email from Bud.  Hilde is home and doing much better, although in a lot of pain.  Please keep her in your prayers as the doctor has said she is at a high risk for complications due to the severity of the inflammation.  Bud said, “I’ve got my best friend back with me.”  They are such a sweet, sweet couple.

Prayer Request:  I’m writing this at 7:26 Friday morning.  Just received word that one of my biggest Mackinac Island fans, Hilde DaVanon, is in the hospital with a terrible gall bladder infection and had surgery during the night.  Her husband, Bud, contacted me through the Somewhere in Time blog I wrote last year, and I’m asking that you all join me in prayers for her swift and complete recovery.  Hilde comments on the blog every day, so I know you all probably know her almost as well as I do.  I did have the pleasure of meeting them both on the island this summer, and there are no greaters lovers of the island than these two.  Please lift Hilde and Bud up today.  I will post updates as I receive them.  Thank you so much

Update:  On the Lake Blackshear Blog for Friday, I wrote about our trip home from the island.  You can click here, if you’d like to read about that:

Hello Mackinac Island fans!

For the winter, I’ll be posting a weekly Mackinac Island update at this site – beginning Monday, Nov. 1.  I hope you’ll tune in from November through the middle of May, 2011 to see photos from the island and news about what’s happening during the quiet season.  The island in winter is an amazing place, and I’m excited to be able to showcase, through people who are there all winter, the beauty and serenity of my heart’s home.

For those who need a little “dose of Bree” more often, please come on down to Georgia with Ted, Maddie, Bear and me.  You can visit us two or three days a week at  We’d love to have you!

Love and God bless.

Mary took this amazing photo of the full moon over the Grand Hotel at sunrise one morning recently, as she walked up Cadotte to work.


9 thoughts on “Coming soon . . .

  1. The moon the last few nights has been beautiful and thank you for sharing this picture of the Grand with us. Brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for the update on the Blog – will be looking forward to it and will now travel to Georgia with you.

  2. Can not wait to have you do the winter updates!!!!
    It was great meeting you this summer and seeing you and Ted walking Maddie and Bear by Surrey Hill. Hope to see you next summer.

  3. I see Hilde’s comments often. I feel I know her. She will be in my prayers.

    My elem./jr. hi music teacher’s name is Hilda, and I think of her every time I see Hilde’s name. My Hilda is 80+ and she and some of us gals who graduated in 1957 (high school) meet for lunch once a month in Monroe, MI, where we went to school. Some of us gals grew up together. What fun we have! It is so nice to have one of our teachers able to join us.

    Another fabulous picture from Mary’s collection!

  4. Thoughts and prayers to Hilde for her speedy and full recovery and to her husband, Bud, for supporting her through her recovery.

    Geez, if I understand this correctly, she had surgery Thursday night and was home Friday night? That’s ridiculous. Next, they’ll be doing drive-though surgery in your car.

    Anyway, Hilde, speedy recovery to you!

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