One day away . . . from gone 10/16/2010

I should have never, never, never, never said I would post a blog for Saturday morning.

After a day of cleaning, Ted and I were ready to get out of the condo late this afternoon and go do something a little more exciting than vacuum cobwebs out of corners.  Therefore, this little post is going to be somewhat (actually, a lot) shorter than I planned.  Thank goodness I already had some photos picked out and ready to go.

Jill snapped this pic of the "four of us" a few days ago in front of the Jockey Club. Notice that, as usual, Maddie has her mind on everything BUT having her picture made.

The J.L. Beanery window - ready for the ghosts and goblins!

The Mission end of Main Street - quiet on this late afternoon a few days ago.

Across the Jewel Golfcourse late this afternoon, as Ted and I walked downtown. It would be so much easier to leave if the weather was not so perfect.


One of the Grand Hotel ivy topiary horses (don't know if this is Peat or Moss - seriously, that is their names) - taken very early this morning by Mary. The horses and carriage were being loaded on a ferry for a trip downstate, to winter in a large greenhouse.

Thanks, Jill, for this cute pic of happy pumpkins in front of a home in the Mission District.


Ted, Maddie, and Bear coming down Cadotte to meet me one day this week.

The steeples of St. Annes - against a beautiful sky.

Ted on the way to the post office this morning with the three boxes I had to ship home - even after all that organized packing.

I snapped this late this afternoon as we walked into the Chippewa Hotel for dinner. It might be one of my top three favorites photos for the whole season.

See you back here on Sunday morning for my final glimpse of Mackinac Magic for the season.

Personal Note:  Thanks to all of you who lifted Blake up last week during his third Skype interview with the church in Nashville, TN.  Today he was invited to come to Nashville next week, Oct. 20, for a person-to-person interview with the pastor and staff director.  He is so excited, but trying not to get his hopes too high.  Please continue to remember him in your prayers as he goes through this next step.  God bless.

10 thoughts on “One day away . . . from gone 10/16/2010

  1. LOVE that last picture Brenda…absolutely one of my favorites..(Could even see the Doud’s sign) we are sure missing Alyssa..if you see her before you leave tell her Grammy misses her!! 🙂 Would love to make one more trip but not this fall..have to be in the glad you are having such nice weather for your last few days..enjoy them!! God Bless!!

  2. The last photo is quintessential Mackinac Island.

    Is it possible to catch the intoxicating scent of Fall through the computer?!

  3. Hi Bree – I’ve been reading your blog from close to the beginning and look forward to your posts. I love your beautiful pictures and the way you capture your life on the island. I read your post about taking a break for the winter and I think it would be a great idea. You have a gift for telling a story and it would be shame if it became more of a chore than a delight.

    I’ve kept my eye out for you the last two summers – maybe next year! Have a safe journey home!

  4. I too love the last picture! I remember my first experience on Mackinac was in the fall and it turned out to be the most beautiful place ever. I can just imagine how pretty it must be right now. Enjoy the last days there Brenda, it sounds like the weather is just perfect.
    Ted looks like he’s training for one of those dock porter positions. 😉

    WTG Blake, I know you’ll do great! Keeping you in my thoughts.

  5. Bree~
    Thank you so much for all the Mackinac magic!

    Also, thank-you to your magical helpers-Ted, Jill, Bear, Maddie and all the wonderful Islanders who so graciously shared that remarkable rock!

    Hoping the beautiful autumn trees keep you smiling on the way home! Sending up prayers for Blake and a safe ride home to Georgia.

  6. Thank you for a beautiful summer and fall in pictures! I love your writing and will continue to read your blog from Georgia whenever you write. Thank you, thank you, look forward to next year on Mackinac Island!!!

  7. I can’t believe you leave tomorrow. I’m going to miss seeing Mackinac Island through your eyes. Thank-you so much for sharing your summer with us, I for one truly appreciate it very much. Safe driving home tomorrow and good luck to your son.

  8. I just loved that last picture also!! You sure do an excellent job on your blog. Prayers are sent for Blake. Have a safe trip home!!!!!

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