Friends and Falling Leaves 10/5/2010

Patty and Buz (our condo neighbors from Oklahoma) flew in last week and were on the island until Sunday.  We had dinner with them a couple of nights at the Chippewa and saw them as they came and went during their week-long stay.  On Saturday, the four of us headed out for a bike ride that took Ted and I back along the same paths we had traveled last week (we wanted to show Patty and Buz some of those trails filled with fall leaves).  After showing them the Cave in the Woods and the Crack in the Island, we crossed over to the east side of the island to catch Fort Holmes.  Along the way, we sidetracked to Friendship Altar (another place they had not seen).  I’m not going to caption these photos a lot because I just talked about some of the same material last week – the colors HAVE changed though! 

 The weather was wonderful Saturday afternoon – bright sun, cool enough for 2-3 layers (even when peddling), blue skies, and autumn all around us.  Spectacular day!

Buz - trying to prove he could fit into a smaller part of the Crack in the Island than Ted could - and he did. Still no sign of that wooden bicycle though.

Lots of little planes taking off and landing while we were in the woods on the far side of the airport.

Patty and I back out on State Road.

Patty was trying out her "new" used bike. They did what we did at the end of the season last year - bought bike #3 - used. One more year, and we should have 8 bikes between us - THAT should take care of all the visitors - with no one having to rent bikes!

From the top of the tower at Friendship Altar.

From the tower, we could look out on woods filled with spectacular fall foliage.


Buz - hanging out under a tree and unaware he's about to be photographed.

From Friendship Altar, we took Scott's Road to Leslie Avenue, took a right there and rode back to British Landing Road. A left there at the airport, then straight onto Garrison Road, which brought us out at the Mackinac Island Cemetery.

Treeline at Lookout Point - accompanied by one huge cotton-ball cloud.

The path from Lookout Point up to Fort Holmes. There's just something about a path edged by a wooden fence.

There were several visitors at Lookout Point ahead of us, and we all took turns taking photos for each other. This one is a little washed out in the background, but that's the top of Sugar Loaf between Patti and I.

Two guys and a very tiny lady.

On the way to Fort Holmes. We had left our bikes down at the corner of the cemetery.

Off the path to Fort Holmes is a little shed with this beautiful tree growing beside it.

We were just up here what? Four days ago? Unbelievable how much the trees have changed in that short time.

As you reach the top of Fort Holmes, there are these three trees. One has been bent at almost a 45 degree angle by wind or snow, and I like the way the trunks have made way for each other.

Just past "peak" for this one . . .

. . . and not quite peak for the one beside it.

Looking through the trees from Fort Holmes.

Red Sumac against the fence boards.


Looking straight down Rifle Range Road from Fort Holmes to Fort Mackinac - and the lighthouses on the Straits.

Back in the day, nearly all island children owned horses. They'd ride them up to Fort Holmes on summer days, lead them inside the embankments of Fort Holmes to graze, and the kids would have an all-day picnic . . .

. . . like these young people were doing on top of the old fort entrance.

 After we all attended church together Sunday morning, Patty and Buz left on the 2 p.m ferry going back to Oklahoma.  I got an email from Patty a little after midnight saying they were safely back home. 

This afternoon I walked outside with Maddie and Bear a little after lunch.  Before I got to the corner and crossed over to the big lawn, a couple riding down on bikes through the Village called out “Are you Bree?”  I yelled, “Yes!”.  They pulled over, and we stood out in the yard and talked for over 30 minutes before I ran inside to get Ted to come take a photo.

Karen and Gene Seeley from Flint, Michigan. I think they told me that it was actually their son Eric, a huge Mackinac Island fan, who discovered Bree's Blog, but Karen and Gene are fans also. Hello, Eric! Wish you had been along!

 And a little TV surprise!


Yep! Mike Rowe. Dirty Jobs. Again. Right here on Mackinac Island. Last Week. At the Grand . . .


And I missed him. But not these two twin sisters, who are THE BIGGEST MIKE ROWE FANS IN THE WHOLE, ENTIRE WORLD!

Note:  Photos of Mike Rowe shared on The Grand Hotel Facebook page. 


13 thoughts on “Friends and Falling Leaves 10/5/2010

  1. I see the tree faeries have been busy, working feverishly throughout the night… weaving their magic… dressing the trees in their splendid Fall attire.

    Oh, to be on the path from Lookout Point to Fort Holmes …. Bliss.

  2. Hi Bree,
    The Island trees are gorgeous. Ours here in the lower corner of the state (Niles) are just beginning to turn. It’s been a dry summer so they may not do much but fall off. But I still love fall. This summer was just too hot to enjoy. So glad I found your blog, and I will follow you home to Georgia as well. Maybe I’ll see you next summer at the island book store. Such a cute picture of Mike and the twins. I’ll bet he has fallen in love with the island just as we have.

  3. Brenda,

    What an outing that must have been! When the leaves have changed, I always imagine it must be like being on another planet where the leaves are gold, red, orange or whatever instead of green. Just glad you can get back in time to make the blog so you can share your “out of this world” experiences with all your readers. My favorite picture is the sumac against the fence, and the picture of the trail from Lookout Point to Fort Holms is a close second.

    Be sure to lock all the Mackinac Island adventures in your memory bank so you can take them out to enjoy during your time in Georgia.

  4. Beautiful, that’s the only word that comes to mind when I see those pictures. Love the changes in the colors and they sure are happening fast! Mackinac and upper Michigan …the best places to see the fall colors for sure.

  5. Beautiful pictures, the air is so clear and the feel of the cool breeze is wonderful. During our stay at the Chippawa last week, I was up at 2:45 a.m. and found the found the guys outside our window cleaning the streets with fire hoses. Most interesting. Everything is so clean and beautiful.

  6. What a difference a ….week….makes!

    Love seeing the difference in the trees you photographed last week. They were even more beautiful this week.

    You’ll be glad to know that cooler weather is invading GA too! It should be just right by the time you return to the Lake.

  7. Wow Mike Rowe again!! He is always so funny and entertaining on his show. And more beautiful Fall pictures. I’m glad you had great weather while your friends were on the island. Happy Tuesday!!

  8. I know I’ve said it before, but I love looking at your photos, they are just so beautiful. I’m amaze at the change in color in the past couple days.

    Today at work I helped a couple from NJ who is coming to the Island for a 3 days staying at a B&B. We got their ferry tickets online saving them some $$. They should be there now. Made me feel good, wish I was coming with them. Which I just might have to make a trip up north on Sunday.

    Thanks for telling me about the Haunts of Mackinac, that makes perfect sense now. With no audio on Mackinac Live you kind of wonder what is going on the street.

  9. Beautiful fall photos Bree! I think thats is so cool that Mike Rowe is on the Island again! I love his show! Thanks so much Bree!

  10. The colors are beautiful! We are still waiting here in Kansas City. What is with Dirty Jobs and Mackinac Island? I love it!

  11. Well, I passed you during that bike ride with your friends last week. I thought about stopping to say hello and thank you, but decided not to interupt. I’ll be back next year, with my family this time, and I’ll be sure to say “hi” then.

    I loved the 2-3 layer chill last weekend. Just a wonderfully relaxing time. Thanks for bringing me back to it a few days later. Missing “my” island already!

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