The Rest of the Story 9/30/2010

I’m sitting down to write at 10:15 Wednesday night.  Just got back home from a girls’ “movie night” at a friend’s house – 14 women watching “Mamma Mia” – so, so much fun!  I promised to share the rest of our ride with you tonight, so here goes . . .

After we visited the Cave in the Woods and the Crack in the Island, we walked our bikes back out to State Road and continued on toward British Landing. About five minutes later, Ted noticed what appeared to be a sinkhole in the woods over on the right side of the road, so we stopped to investigate. We realized then that we were riding along the Wawashkamo Golf Course.

The sinkhole looked like a natural depression, and tree limbs and some tree trunks filled part of the sunken space. We walked through the narrow strip of woods and came out at the third tee of Wawashkamo . . .

. . . where this lovely little "rest shelter" stood. It had been donated to the golf course by the Bankard family in 2007. We are always amazed when we find something like this that we had no clue existed.

The shelter has to be wonderful for golfers who know it is there and get caught in bad weather. The cart path runs right up to the opening of the shelter.

Once again, so many contrasts - fall leaves, the stark white of a dead tree, blue sky, and deep green foliage shaded from the sun.

Back on State Road again . . .

. . . where we passed areas of woods that opened to Lake Huron.

State Road eventually runs into British Landing Road . . .

. . . a few hundred yards north of the Cannonball Drive Inn.

While Ted rode on down to the Cannonball to visit with owner Jack Armstrong, I parked my bike and walked back in the other direction, where two log cabin-type homes were nestled in the woods.

From one of the log cabins, this calico cat wandered down from the porch where she was napping and eyed me like, "Who are you, and why are you invading my space?"

After a few minutes of coaxing, she walked over to weave herself around my legs, purring and enjoying a good ear scratch. Beautiful kitty.

Jack suggested apple cider and fresh, hot donuts as a snack after our long ride - great idea, and yummy!

If you've never visited the Cannonball, this is not just a "snack" shop. Their menu is huge and features everything from hamburgers and hotdogs - to nachos, to chicken tenders, to chili cheese fries, to BBQ sandwiches - and don't EVER leave there without trying their famous deep fried pickles.

As you move all that food over to sit under the trees at the picnic tables - well, you sure can't beat the view!

We walked across the road and parked our bikes on the beach. Looking toward town (a little less than four miles away), we could see the boats of home owners who live nearby. It was on this beach on a June night in 1812 that a small force of British regulars and several hundred voyageurs and Indian allies from St. Joseph Island landed. They marched across the island, occupied what is now called Ft. Holmes - the highest point on the island - and demanded the surrender of Fort Mackinac. Only 57 American soldiers occupied the fort at that time and did not even know that a war had been declared. The fort surrended without a fight.

Brilliant blue, perfectly clear water . . .

. . . gently lapping against the rock-lined shore.

We took the "long way" back into town - a little over 4 miles - so we would come back through Mission Point. I wanted to check out the tree color there. On the way back into town, we passed the Silver Birches Lodge and cabins. The cabins can be rented now, and the lodge is being renovated for future use.

There was very little fall color on that side of the island or at Mission Point. A reader had asked for pictures of The Inn on Mackinac, so I stopped off there to take a few photos, while Ted rode on ahead to Mackinac Wheels to check on a fender we had ordered for my bike (my back fender was damaged when another bike fell against it).

This is definitely the most "colorful" place to stay on the island. The owner has merrily used several pastel shades to make The Inn on Mackinac stand out on Main Street.

The flower gardens around the inn are amazingly still in bloom.

Two of my favorite features - the four story turret on one corner . . .

. . . and the large, painted carousel horse which stands on the patio.

Our three hour trip to British Landing ended with a fast stop at Doud’s, the post office, and the Island Bookstore (where Ted took full advantage of their huge end-of-the-season sale and bought five books). 

This morning was my last day to work at the Stuart House Museum for this season.  I’ve almost come to expect at least one blogging buddy to come in to say hi each Wednesday, and I wasn’t disappointed today. 

Tom and Terri Jozwiak stopped in from Ypsilanti, MI. They visit the island as often as possible, but this was the first time they had actually stayed on the island overnight.

I am going to miss working at the museum and miss the opportunity it gave me to be somewhere downtown once a week where readers could drop in.  I’ve had so much fun meeting several of you over the summer.  Please keep coming by next summer – today I was officially “rehired” for next year!

See you tomorrow for Random Photo Day!

20 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story 9/30/2010

  1. Beautiful trees, special roads, beautiful feline, stunning Lake Huron and a colorful “Painted Lady”! Thank you for the wonderful tree shots, Brenda. Are Petoskey stones as far north as Mackinac Island?

  2. So how do you suppose the British knew to land at British Landing? Tee-hee.

    Also we could never remember the name of the golf course, so we just called it “Wash an Eskimo”. 🙂 That was meant strickly in good humor, no offense to the Indian name.

  3. Love your sparkly header pic of the bridge! Only in September!

    The little rest house on the Wawashkamo reminded me of a time I was up there with a friend whose father was playing a round. We must have been around twelve years old and were playing around on the grass while the grownups played. But while we were up there, there was one of those sudden downpours and we watched the golfers all huddle under one of those little huts! I still have this clear picture in my mind of that summer storm – never played golf on the Island but I remember that day.

  4. So glad you showed the picture of Silver Birches. I have been wondering how it was doing since we didn’t bike that direction this past summer on trip to the island. Loved all the pictures of the trees and leaves. Happy to know where we can find you next year. Everyone should visit the Stuart House, it has lots of interesting things in it.

  5. It has been a total joy reading your blog and enjoying the wonderful pictures you share with us. My son works on the island as one of the historic interpreters in the fort. He has been there for 5 summers and I get jealous every spring when he leaves to go to live on such a beautiful island. We try to get to the island as often as we can, so reading your blog and seeing the pictures makes me feel like we are there on a daily basis. I love the pictures of the dogs enjoying the island. Our black lab “Riley”, would love to run and chase the geese near the fort. Again, thank you for sharing your wonderful time on the most beautiful place in Michigan.

  6. Wow that brings back some nice memories. It was our first time trying the deep fried pickles and I have to say…they sure are good! We also saw a painted turtle inside of the entrance to the golf course. It had the whole layout of the golf course painted on it. Very pretty! Thanks for taking me back down memory lane Brenda!

    LOL @ Mary, that’s a good one. 🙂

  7. Ali and Anthony will be excited to read about your trip to the Cannonball! They love the giant pickles on a stick, but maybe next year I can convince them to give the deep fried ones a try!

    Thanks again for bringing all the things we love about the Island to us in such a beautiful way each day!

  8. I know you have done the horses leaving the island last year but I would love to see it again. It goes with the changing leaves and the wonderful sales at the Bookstore. I can almost smell that cool, crisp air. The thing that is amazing about the Inn is that the Inn is painted in the same colors as the umbrella and the carousel horse. It is quite beautiful and unique although I don’t think I’ll copy the color scheme for our house. Looking forward to random pictures….I never know where it will leave me.

  9. Funny to see what “The Inn on Mackinac” is now. The Mission Point complex was first “The Inns of Mackinac,” and then “The Inn on Mackinac.” I still have my dock porter’s shirt with the name on it.

  10. What a beautiful ride. I love all the photos, that kitty is so precious. I actually was going to ask to ride out to British Landing for some pictures. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Love it all! We did the 8 miles around the island when we were there last week. So cool to see your pictures! We ate at Cannonball for lunch and then continued back into town. Loved meeting you last week and I love this blog…feels like we never left!!!

  12. Brenda, thanks for sharing the pic we took at the Stuart House. It was a great pleasure meeting you and talking with both you and Jill. It was cool to find out that she was originally from Saginaw, like me!

    I biked through the Island while Terri was off shopping Weds afternoon. The sun came out and warmed things up a bunch and it was a beautiful afternoon. I stopped by the Cave in the Woods and Crack in the Island as you advised. I took almost the exact same pic as you of the airport looking at it from the Crack! I also rode through some of the bike trails on the island and found the Soldiers Garden and Soldiers Garden Trail. That was completely out in the middle of nowhere and with the autumn sun coming in, quite a treat.

    I hope you enjoy the last 2 weeks on the island and I hope to see you next year! We’ll definitely be by to see the Stuart House, and hopefully the Cubby Bear book will be in by then!

    PS We did get a glimpse at Ted walking Maddie and Bear when we went up to the carriage museum, but we didn’t want to run him down like stalkers!

    • That is too funny, Tom. Actually Ted is getting quite used to being “hailed” in the street these days. His photo is on the blog more than mine is, so he is recognized a lot. So glad you saw some of those out of the way places not many visitors find. Enjoyed meeting you and Terri so much.

      • One of the coolest things about meeting Brenda is finally hearing your voice! Now I have a voice to fit with the writing. That southern drawl is just great!

  13. I just love your pictures! You could use them for postcards!!! I am so glad you got rehired for next year also!! I know how much you love it!

  14. Thank you for your Inn on Mackinac pictures–for 10 years my father has organized our family trips to the Inn. We always get a few rooms in the turrets! It is a wonderful spot where we can all come together. I am currently visiting my family in Michigan ( I now live near Toronto) and I just checked your blog and had to show my dad the pictures. Thanks so much!

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