Watch Out! There’s a Cave in the Woods and a Crack in the Island! 9/29/2010

Bet some of my readers didn’t know about those two features – the Cave in the Woods and the Crack in the Island.  Ted swears I’ve been with him to both, and I do remember seeing the “crack”, but the cave was a first-time thing for me – unless, of course, I just don’t remember it – which is entirely possible.

Nevertheless, at 3:30 this afternoon, we headed off on a bike ride which brought us back home at 6 p.m.  As usual, a bike ride with Ted never goes exactly as planned (I had simply suggested that we ride out to British Landing).  How we ended up in the middle of the woods by the airport is beyond me, but I did get to see lots of gorgeous trees in the process and that cave. 

The plan was to ride to British Landing, come back into town by Mission Point, then go home. Somehow we got a little off-track. This road took us on the far side of the Mackinac Island airport.

Claire, one of the fort interpreters who Ted is friends with on Facebook, had posted some pics this weekend of the Crack in the Island. Since we hadn't been out there in years, Ted thought a second look was a great idea. We rode up through the Village on Cadotte until we reached Annex Road, took a right on Annex, then a left on British Landing Road. Just as we passed the airport, we took a left on State. This is by far the prettiest road we've been on as far as fall colors are concerned - even prettier than the Fort Holmes Road - I guess because there are so many more hardwood trees.

A short ride up State Road brought us to a sign on the left directing us off the road and onto a trail. My Biria bike is NOT a trailbike, so after a very short riding attempt, we parked the bikes against some trees and started hiking.

The longer we walked, the narrower the path became. Thoughts of another similar hike into the woods, when Cathie and Charlie were visiting, floated across my mind. That trip was to find "Little Arch Rock", which I never saw even though Ted kept telling me I was staring straight at it.

And then - oh my gosh - there was a CAVE! I mean seriously - a real cave! (I just noticed that that huge tree looks like it's suspended in the air above Ted's head, but it's actually laying across the top of the cave.

My own personal Cave Man!


I'm hoping you can see the illustration part of this sign, because it's really interesting. In prehistoric times, the body of water we now call Lake Huron was called Lake Algonquin. The shoreline of Lake Algonquin was at the edge of this cave (meaning all the land between the cave and Lake Huron was once under water, as was a large portion of the island). The cave was formed by the wave action of the ancient lake. Pretty darn neat!

Wow! The top of this thing is really heavy!

This sign directed us to a path up and over the cave, and a very short walk brought us to . . .

. . . the Crack in the Island. Ted climbed down into it to try and give some kind of depth perception.

If you look over Ted's head in that last picture, the fissure runs another 15 or so feet. From that point, you can see the airport.

As we walked back out to State Road, I started snapping photos of the trees overhead. I discovered the higher up I looked, the more brilliant the leaves became . . .



I loved the contrast here - the brilliant orange of the hardwood versus the deep green of the pine - and all of that against that remarkable blue sky. The Master Planner sure has a way with paintbrush, doesn't He?

Back on State Road, we continued our journey.

On Thursday we’ll continue our journey, and I’ll share a secret little piece of Wawashkamo Golf Course that we found totally by accident, British Landing from a different point of view, and an inn of many colors downtown.  See you then!

Lunch today with Mary at the Gatehouse - one of many new friends I will miss over the winter.

A special note of thanks to Steve Fridley from Indiana for the header photo.  Steve sent me several of the gorgeous pics he’s taken in the last two years during island visits, and I will be sharing more of them in the future.


Sunrise over the marina.


14 thoughts on “Watch Out! There’s a Cave in the Woods and a Crack in the Island! 9/29/2010

  1. Loved all the photos today Brenda!! You must have been close to where Alyssa lives as she says she’s very close to the airport!! I liked to hear about the cave and the crack in the island..have to tell hubby about this..and have him look at the pictures!! Keep us updated about Blake and will be praying!! Blessings!!

  2. Thanks for sharing about the cave and the crack with pictures. We have never been to either…yet so that’s something hubby and I have on our to-do list for next time. More gorgeous Fall them! Happy Wednesday!

  3. The trees are so pretty…love all the pictures. It seems like most of the time as we explored the island we found things quite by accident. lol When we found Crack in the Island and walked along it, we found a letterbox that was hidden there. First time I had ever seen one and didn’t even know what it was at that time. We had to look it up online when we got back to the hotel later that day. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow!

  4. Brenda,

    Gorgeous pictures (as usual). Special thanks for the information and pictures about the cave and the Crack In The Island. As much as I explored The Island, I have no memory of ever running across either of them.

  5. Oh, Bree!! Thank you so very much for posting and the great pictures! Wish we were there of course, but this is so wonderful when I come home from work every day to enjoy the Island. Thanks sooo much!

  6. I have never seen the cave or the crack in the woods. Thanks so much for getting pictures of them! You and Ted really take advantage of seeing so much on the Island! Thats great! Have a great day!

  7. Just arrived home from Mackinac Island. How sad! Do you remember Molly Green, Tour Driver, waving at you on Monday morning. We were with her and as we passed she said that was her friend Ted. We talked about your dogs. Lovely condo. What four beautiful days, and you are right the colors are terrific. Everyone is so friendly.

  8. Bree,

    Thanks for bringing a little bit of the island to me everyday! It is a great way to end the day, with happy thoughts of the island. You are so lucky to live there. My dream is to live there someday too. A girl needs to dream….


  9. Bree: My sister and I spent HOURS looking for the crack when we were kids and our family was on a day trip to the island. After all these years, I still haven’t seen it in person. It’s back on my to-do list for the next time I visit the island (unless it’s the middle of winter).

    Hilde: Did you perhaps find a box that someone hid as part of a geocache?

    Steve: I really like your harbor photo. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the water so flat and reflective. The clouds along the horizon remind me of the song “Smoke on the Water.” It looks like you captured 2-3 planets in the early-morning sky too.

  10. Hi Bree,
    Thoughts of you from me are going your way as I’ve assumed you and Ted will be leaving the island, and your beloved second home soon.

    More than one famous philosopher, spiritual guide, and “knower” has written or shared the point that if you want to know God better, just spend time outside in nature.

    If anyone were to ask me if I knew anyone who knew God, I would simply reply, “Bree.” (and Bear).

    What you share visually in your photography, your choices of subject, your walks and your WORDS give us all a precious experience of our God, the One and Only Over All.

    Safe and continued blessed travels and good health. Next year we come in late June to celebrate Tom’s sister’s wedding on the Island.

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