Bear’s Walk 9/27/2010

Note to Readers:  If you have already visited this site once today, no – you are not going crazy – the header photo HAS changed.  When I pulled the post up this morning, I thought, “This is Bear’s blog!  His pic needs to be on the header!”  That’s what happens when you’re blogging really, really late at night – your mind goes to sleep even though your fingers are still typing.

Hi – Bear here!

Man, oh man, oh man!  I have been having a blast this weekend!  You know how I feel about hot weather – I am not a fan!  And although it hasn’t really been hot here on Mackinac Island this summer, we’ve had a few days when I’ve thought, “Couldja please turn on that machine that makes the inside of the house cool?  You know like the one we have at home in Georgia?”  But when nothing ever happened with that (and knowing how much mom hates hot weather), I finally figured out we don’t have a machine like that here.  Bummer!

So . . . when the wind kicked up a few days ago and the air started turning cooler – then cooler – then colder – I thought, “Yeah!  God turned on His cool air machine!”   Even better!

Anyway, this weekend me and mom have been doing a lot of walking.  She wanted to take pictures of trees, and I wanted to just be outside enjoying myself.  It worked out great for both of us!

Here's me standing still in the wind so mom could take a picture of my hair blowing . . .

. . . and here's when it was either sit down or get blown over!

Mom told me when we started out the trees hadn’t turned all the colors they were going to yet.  I didn’t have a clue what she meant – to me, a tree is a tree is a tree, and they are useful for only one thing . . .

. . . but mom's not going to show you that on this blog. I mean, I don't care, but mom said it just wasn't a visual her readers would be interested in. I guess mom knows best on stuff like that.


I love these big ole horses who hang out close to where we live. Every day, after they've put in a hard day at work pulling a gazillion carriages up the hills and around the island, they get a good bath and then they run into that big corral. Some nice person dumps a big load of hay in there with them, and they chow down. I tried hay once, and I was not impressed. Try to imagine taking mowed grass and baking it until every last drop of the good stuff is dried up. Then bake it some more until it turns brown. That's what horses like to eat. Course I don't guess horses would like my dogfood either - but I guarantee you it's better than baked grass.

The wind was really messing up that brown horse's hairdo (I think the black horse was about to tell him to roll around some in the mud so it wouldn't be so flyaway). I do that all the time - works too!


Off we went to find trees that had turned a different color than green. There were quite a few of those, so mom was really happy. She told me in another week, they would REALLY be pretty - all yellow and orange and red. That mom - it certainly doesn't take much to make her happy.

These trees were on the road leading up to Cupid's Pathway, one of mom's favorite walks, where the trees grow right up to the road and sometime hang over it. When the leaves get really old and fall off, mom loves to walk through them and listen to the crunch sound they make. Like I said - doesn't take much for mom.

I told mom she needed to stop concentrating on the leaves and look at the WOODS more. You can see all kinds of things in the woods if you look real hard. The other day when I was out with dad, I spotted a rabbit and 'bout had a heart attack trying to run it down. I would have caught it too, if Maddie hadn't been such a loud mouth and scared it off with all that barking. Mom asked me what I would have done with it if I had caught it. I just looked at her because that is so not the point! You catch it - THEN you figure out what to do with it!

You would just be amazed at what you can find on the side of the road, if you keep your eyes open and your nose to the ground! That's what I was doing here, when right out in the middle of nowhere, I found . . .

. . . this rusty red-looking thing that I had never seen before. Mom told me it was a fire hydrant. But after I smelled it all over, I told her I thought it was just another kind of tree.

Ok - here we are on Cupid's Pathway. You notice how I'm always stopping and waiting? That's because mom is always so slow! We'll be walking along, and mom will be telling me about something really interesting, then suddenly I realize she's stopped talking. I look back, and she's pointing her camera up into the sky, or holding it really, really close to a leaf, or she's scrunched up over a log taking a photo of some moss or a snail. If I didn't watch her all the time, she would get totally lost and never find her way home!

I talked mom into heading back home on this shortcut. It's a really neat trail through the woods with all kinds of mud puddles (I went around them and got extra petting and ear scratching from mom for not getting muddy feet) and lots of those crackling leaves for her to walk on.

"Hey, mom! Come look at THESE leaves!"

Mom told me I had a "good eye". I actually have TWO good eyes. I'm starting to worry a little about mom.

The trail comes out at the Carriage Museum next to our condo, and mom thinks these trees are really beautiful.

We weren't ready to go back in, so we walked down the back hill, and I was so glad we did! I found some goose poop to roll around in, mom got to yell a lot, and we both got to see the water through the trees and the top of the Grand Hotel.

Right after I roll in goose poop, I'm always ready to go home so mom can clean me up. You see, it just the rolling part I like - once I've got it on me, I don't like how it makes people's faces look all funny when they see it on me. She was still fussing when I showed her this big barrel I found in front of one of the maintenance shops on the way back to the condo. She told me it was the water tank off the street cleaner, and that wire thing was the scrubber. Then she threatened to use the scrubber on ME, but I knew she was kidding. Right, mom? You were kidding, right?

I was still trying to get her to lighten up, so I showed her these buggies I found yesterday. These are the ones that the three horses pull around out in the woods with all the people on them. I guess these are some that they're getting ready to store for the winter.

About that time, one of those 3-horse carriages came up the hill and turned under the trees.

After Mom cleaned me up outside the condo, she told me we only have three more weeks left on the island.  She talked about going home to Georgia and the lake house and about the friends and family she was really ready to see.  I think she’s getting excited about that, but I know mom – there was a little catch in her voice while she was talking about leaving.  She sat on the backporch, and I put my head in her lap to let her know I would be right there for her – just like I am here.  She always smiles when I do that, and she smiled today too. 

Then we went inside and told dad all about our walk.



12 thoughts on “Bear’s Walk 9/27/2010

  1. Oh Bear, you do take such good care of your mom. I mean, someone has too, right? She could get into all kinds of trouble otherwise. Your such a good boy Bear. I can’t believe it’s already Fall, summer sure went by fast, don’t ya think? You must be a little excited to go back home to the river? I know you’ll miss the island…I do….

  2. Hi Bear!
    I’m so glad you take such good care of your mom so she won’t get lost in the woods. What a nice walk you took her on. Have a great Monday!

  3. Hi Bear,

    You sure are a handsome boy! Lucky, too! I can’t imagine a funnerer place for a doggie to live. It’s like the bestest dog park ever.

  4. Hey, Bear,

    You had me with the first two sentences. I don’t take hot weather very well either. Then when you mentioned the wind. Wow! Isn’t it great. At least it is when it’s not too cold. Like 0 degrees and the snow is blowing.

    It was nice of you to take your Mom along on your walk. I know moms like things like that. I know my mom did many years ago. And I’ll have to admit that I like walking through the leaves just like your mom does. I think that’s a kid thing we never grow out of.

    By the way, where was that very short rusty red tree? If it was out in the woods someplace, I’m wondering why.

    Well Bear, I hope it’s another nice day for you so you and your mom can take a walk again. You take care of yourself and your mom. I’m sure she appreciates all you do for her.

    • Hey Mr. Lowell, That rusty red tree was right outside Turtle Park. Mom says it has to be there in case there’s ever a problem during a school event up there. Thanks for asking, Bear

  5. Hey Bear, you are one lucky doggy, but I’m sure that you know that. What a beautiful walk that you and your mom went on the other day. I love seeing all those beautiful leaves too. How I would love to be able to walk around your island exploring too. Have a good 3 weeks.

  6. Hi Bear! I sure loved your blog today! You and mom sure had a lovely walk! Lots of beautiful colors to see. I hope you and maddie are having a great day!

  7. Hey Bear,

    I so love you. You are one gorgeous dog with a great personality and glowing heart!

    I once had the gift of a Bleu Merril Collie Dog – brought to me by my brother – he said “Remember, Sue, when you and I were little kids and we always wanted a collie dog? Well, I have him and you have the place to keep him so I am bringing him down to you today!”

    Well, Bleu was officially on his certificate named St. Thomas Bleu, after the island our parents lived on and he became my very BFF… You would have liked him.

    Have a safe trip back to Georgia and I’ll watch those bulldogs for you and Ted.

    I have a note to leave for Mom, and I’ll write it on one of her blogs.

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