Rainy Day 9/24/2010

Since the last two days have basically been “Random Photo Days”, I’m going to leave you this weekend with something a little different.

Today, it rained.  It had already started when we awoke this morning and progessively got worse.  I had nowhere to go, so I just hunkered down with a good book, a warm throw, the fireplace crackling and putting out a little heat, Bear at my feet, and Maddie in my lap.  Ted left for his volunteer job at noon (in the rain), and I just snuggled down further into my chair.  I took a nap, went outside only long enough for Bear and Maddie to “do their business”, then came back in and napped and read some more.  It was wonderful!

This is how it's looked all day long from our deck. And all day long, people continued to go up and down the hill. Most were covered in slickers or other rain gear. Once you are on the island for any length of time and realize that there is no car to jump in to get you somewhere important in bad weather, you order the appropriate protection attire - and you wear it!

Bear spent the day in front of the fireplace . . . Maddie spent the day in her blue sweater, snuggled down into her round, fleece-covered bed.

The City Council met at 5 p.m. this afternoon, and Ted and I went to hear what was happening on an issue we are interested in.  Ted got home early from work, and we both put on rainpants and raincoats over our jeans and sweaters.  It was pouring rain, and the wind was beginning to get stronger.  I’m so glad I had ordered a taxi. 

After the meeting, we dashed over to the Pink Pony for a sandwich, and by the time we had eaten, the weather had gotten even worse.  We boarded a taxi to go home, and realized the rain was blowing into the taxi.  It was a pretty miserable ride.

I walked outside the Pony to get a photo of the rain.

This whole family had obviously bought the raingear available at just about every store on Mackinac Island. Good in a pinch - and very colorful!

The world outside the taxi as we started home.

I felt so sorry for the taxi driver, who sits up higher than his passengers, and with his feet and legs out from under the overhang of the taxi roof. He did have on rainpants and waterproof boots - thank goodness!

Turning up Cadotte, we could barely see the horses pulling the taxi. Even with the rainflaps down, we were taking on quite a bit of water. The saving grace was that the temperature wasn't that cold - only in the 50's.

When we stopped at the Jockey Club to let off two passengers, they had to step right into this fast-flowing river of water cascading down the shoulder of the road.

Home really looked good by the time we got there, and we were just happy we didn’t have to travel as far as the other passenger, who was going all the way out to Stonecliffe – another 2 miles.

I just looked at the radar, and more rain is on the way.  And, as the night progresses, we are supposed to have gale force winds into Friday.  Looks like another “hunker down” day for tomorrow!

But, what can I expect?  It’s Fall on Mackinac Island!

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here Monday morning, good Lord willing.


12 thoughts on “Rainy Day 9/24/2010

  1. Love the pictures Brenda even if it wasn’t ideal to be out in that rain! I am so glad we made it up there on Monday and didn’t wait until later in the week!! Our temperature just 320 miles south of you was 92 and sunny today!! Very unusual but I loved it!! It won’t last but it was sure nice!!
    Keep warm and dry!!

  2. I love rain, listening to it as you sleep, walking in it if it’s not to cold, or just watching it out the window. In fact it is raining here right now, has been most of the morning. Makes it still a little dark out and I’m thinking I should still be asleep. ;). Love the rain pictures! Especially of the first one in town…it’s of the Murray and it wasn’t too long ago that I was there! (Sigh). Have a great weekend and stay dry.

  3. I would have done just what you did–curl up with a good book and read, read, read. Never enough time to read all the books on my list. Enjoy the your weekend and hope the sun is out.

  4. I love to just curl up and read on a rainy day! Right now it is really windy hear with gusts up to 45mph! Thanks so much for the pictures Bree!

  5. Love the rain photos-all those reflections create such a different perspective. Hilde, I was at the Murray a couple of weeks ago myself and I’m sighing along with you.
    I’m down in Ann Arbor and I hear we’re supposed to be getting some of your weather later today along with some very strong winds. Hope I get home from in time to enjoy it from my couch and not while being stuck in pre-football game traffic.

    PS-hope the Dawgs fare better this weekend.

  6. we have a photo book at trinity church and i would love to get a print of the trash dray by the church. any chance, brenda, you would be willing to send it to me digitally and i would have a print made. it was pouring when we were there yesterday and our pictures is not nearly as nice as yours. thanks . marsha

  7. Brenda,

    I loved the pictures today. I remember how I used to walk in the rain on The Island, the harder it rained the better I liked it. I don’t feel the same way now. However, I’ve not had time to lie down on the couch and read my good mystery. Today has been “making Green Tomato Mincemeat” day. So much better than what can be purchased in the store. It’s cooking on the stove now. Oh, that stuff is good and it makes the best cookies, as well as pies.

    You have a great weekend. I think the sun is moving in.

  8. Bree, thank you so much for this blog. I found it just the other day and have been reading through as many entries as I can… so many memories coming back from the pictures and descriptions you’ve shared. Planning to return to the island in October this year to see some of the changing leaves. I’m just hoping it won’t be too cold! Also, I hope you mind me asking, but what type of camera do you use? I’m looking for a new one and your pictures are always so clear.

    • Hi Rheanna, and welcome! I’ve been using a Canon PowerShot A530 for the last three years, but I’m about ready to buy something new. I LOVE this Canon, but I need a more powerful zoom lens. The main problem I’m having is finding a new camera with a viewfinder, which I much prefer to the LCD screen. Still looking.

  9. Great pictures today! They really make me feel like I’m right there with you, having the rain blow in from the sides of the taxi on the way up the hill. You are truly living out a dream of many!

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