The Day After 9/22/2010

Jason and Blair left Monday afternoon, calling around 9 p.m. to let us know they were safely back at their home in Atlanta.  Blake hadn’t burned the place down or thrown any wild parties while they were gone, and both dogs and the cat were still alive and well.  The house was even clean.  All is good.

For me – it’s the day after. 

The day after family and friends leave the island is always a sad one.  I miss the voices, the laughter, the sound of Bear and Maddie going crazy when the guest bedroom door opens each morning and someone walks out that they had forgotten was here.  Bear “talks” to newcomers, and a newcomer to Bear is anyone he hasn’t seen for the last five minutes.  His eyes get all squished up, he grins like a maniac, and he wraps his mouth around your forearm – not to bite, but to lead you to a place in the den so you can be comfortable while you pet him profusely and gush about how beautiful he is.  If you don’t like dog hair, dog talking, and dog slobber on your arm – no need to ever come visit us.  I’m just being honest.

Jill always knows that I’m down on “days after”.  When I got back on the island Monday afternoon and stopped in at the bookstore to say hi, she handed me a bag and made me promise not to open it until I got home.  When I did, I found photos of Jason, Blair, Ted and I that she had taken when they arrived on Thursday afternoon and a dozen chocolate/chocolate chip cookies – my passion for overcoming the blues.  Jill knows me so well.

It occurred to me today that I never got around to revealing what famous celebrity was at the Grand this weekend.  And actually, it was two famous people!  Jane Seymour and Joe Lando, as well as some of their family and friends, made a last-minute trip to the island on Sunday.  Jane and Joe (of Dr. Quinn – Medicine Woman fame) are nearby filming a Hallmark Channel movie (can’t wait to see THAT one!), and Jane’s daughter had never visited the island.  A few phone calls later, and they were flying in.  They were picked up at the airport, took a carriage ride to the Grand Hotel, rode bikes downtown, shopped for fudge at Ryba’s, and signed autographs for an hour at the Grand.  A whirlwind trip, but a wonderful afternoon for those lucky enough to spot them.  Sunday was the day Jason, Blair, Ted and I were all over the island – but mostly NOT downtown – so we missed the big event.  BUT – thanks to my friend Mary at the Grand, here is a special photo of the two stars (and Mary – our star!).

Now how lucky can Mary get! Not only is she a huge fan of Jane Seymour and got her photo taken with Jane and Joe, but she also got to go on a trail ride this weekend with friends on Friesians. Mary, you are definitely living right!

Here’s something else I was going to show you last night, but after posting 50 photos, I decided that was enough for one night.  Take a look at the photo below and see if you can guess where it is – and what is is. 

Give up?  This wonderfully comfortable spot is the Pellston Airport.  When Ted and I first flew into Pellston 11 years ago, the airport was a tiny little building barely large enough to hold a suitcase.  Now there is this gorgeous, rustic lodge airport like something out of North Woods Today. 

Where else can you see a luggage claim with accompanying bears and a cougar?

Would you believe there is this huge room with a huge stone fireplace and a huge flatscreen TV - all just so you can relax while you wait for your plane? And leather couches and chairs?

And if you HAVE to conduct business while you're there - this is the business center. Wow!

The last time Blake flew out at Pellston, the security x-ray thingy picked up something suspicious in his carry-on.  I was sitting in the waiting area in one of the rocking chairs (because I never pass up a rocking chair), and I saw Blake being pulled aside and asked to empty his carry-on.  In a moment, he turned and pointed me out to the security guard.  I was thinking, “Oh my gosh, what in the world did he put in there?”  The guard walked out of the security area, over to me sitting in my chair, handed me a plastic bag and said, “Mrs. Horton, your son can’t fly with this jar of Mackinac Island Cherry Barbeque Sauce in his carry-on.  It’s against our ‘liquids’ regulations.”  It seems Blake didn’t want to put it in his checked baggage because it might break, causing a minor catastrophe with his clothes.  He was carrying it home for Jason to use on the next grilled BBQ chicken.  Jason and Blair didn’t want to risk it in their checked bags either on Monday, so the BBQ sauce is still in our pantry.  Guess I’ll take it home in the car!

When I returned from the airport Monday, I had 45 minutes to kill before the next ferry.  I drove over to Mackinaw Crossings, a little shopping village across from Shepler’s Ferry Dock.  I wandered into what I thought was a new store, but the owner – Amy Peterson – told me this was her second summer.  Her store, Down Home Up North, was packed full of home goods, resort items, accessories (I bought two fantastic scarves – on sale), and lake finds that would work in the condo here AND in our lake house in Georgia.  I’m definitely going back when I have more time to really look the store over.  I loved it! 




Here’s something I’ve been forgetting to do, but I took care of it finally!  A reader asked several weeks ago for a photo of the General Store in the Village.  We rode by there this weekend, and I stopped to take the photos below.

The store sign says it all!

Harrisonville (the official name of "The Village") General is only two blocks from our condo - going north. It is stocked with all the essentials - bread, milk, cheese, drinks, etc. Candy, who owns the store, is a friend who also works for the city and volunteers at the Stuart House.

One more thing!  Met two more blogging buddies today – and didn’t have my camera with me!  I met Jill and Diane over at the Carriage Museum this morning for coffee and donuts, and while we were sitting outside at the picnic tables this couple came walking up with “that smile” on their face that I’ve learned to recognize.  They tentatively asked, “Bree?”  I grinned and said “Yes!”  They were Rose and George from Austin, Minnesota (golly, I hope I remembered the names correctly).  They were staying at The Grand and come to the island once in the spring and once in the fall every year.  They told me they had never commented, but read regularly and urged me to keep writing!  Well, ok!

That’s it for tonight.  After a day off last week, I’ll be back at my post at the Stuart House on Wednesday.  Stop by to see me if you’re in town!

Hmmm, I think there are two more chocolate cookies . . . .  hate to see them go to waste!

Note:  Header photo from our visit to Fort Mackinac on Sunday afternoon. 


13 thoughts on “The Day After 9/22/2010

  1. That was so sweet of Jill to give you that bag of pictures and cookies to help you! I’m so glad you had a wonderful visit with Jason and Blair too!
    That airport looks like a vacation home in the mountains – I could just stay there for the weekend and relax 🙂 Thanks Mary for that awesome picture of Jane Seymour and Joe Lando! You were so lucky to meet them and get your picture taken Wow! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Jason and Blair’s visit was way to short for everyone , including us, because we got to see some amazing pictures while they were there. Glad that they made the trip back home safe and all was well there 🙂
    I have to agree with Diane, that airport looks like a mountain lodge or resort, but definitely not like any airport I have ever been too.
    Mary, you lucky duck…love the picture! 🙂

  3. Hey Bree – I also got to meet Jane and Joe!!! They are both very nice people and it just made my day.

    The weather was just beautiful over the weekend.

    Sorry that your visitors had to go home, but if you ever want more, I come to the Island as often as I possibly can. I’d be more than happy to stop by next time.

  4. Nice job perk, Mary. Sure beats shoveling goose poop off the golf course.

    Bree, would it be possible for you to get some photos of the art exhibit inside the Indian Dormitory?

  5. Loved the pictures of inside the Pellston Airport. I’ve often wondered what it was like. Thanks to Mary for the pictures of ‘the 2 famous people”. How neat to get her picture taken with them. Glad to know Jason and Blair arrived back in GA and that everything was fine there.

  6. Thanks Bree! I was the one who asked for the photo of the general store in the village. Thanks for remembering!! That was soooo nice of Jill to have the cookies for you and the pictures. Shes a really great friend. How great to see famous people on the Island also! And the pellston airport looks really beautiful! Have a great evening!

    • Glad to do it, Michelle! I think the store had to have been a home at one time – that’s what it looks like, anyway – with the little enclosed porch.

  7. “If you don’t like dog hair, dog talking, and dog slobber on your arm – no need to ever come visit us. I’m just being honest.”

    I love that, it’s too cute, and made me smile.

    The airport is amazing. I have driven by and never thought it would look like that on the inside. Good thing that you were there to bring home to goods to take back to Georgia when you leave next month.

  8. I love the pictures you post in your blog. I am so grateful to you for taking the pictures of the General Store. As I have mentioned I grew up in that house. I watched my parents clear the lots and build this house . My Aunts and Uncles cleared their lots right beside us. Please give my best to my friend Candy when you speak with her. She was my dear school friend growing up on the Island. Thank you for the photo. Hugs, Dottiemaye

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