Jason and Blair – Their Mackinac Island Album 9/21/2010

First of all – Thank you, thank you, dear readers for staying with me the last few days, even though you knew I was totally preoccupied with Jason and Blair and their visit.  You still came back each day just to check if something had been posted (I know these things-really, I do!), and a couple of days you actually got a few pics! 

Second of all – if I tried to write a “post” tonight, it would take you an hour to read it (it’s almost going to take that long anyway), because I have soooo many photos to show you it is ridiculous! 

So – it’s pics and captions – kind of like Random Photo Day – only better!

Jason and Blair arrived at the Pellston airport on Thursday afternoon. Jason’s “little” brother, Blake, who is staying with them in Atlanta while he job hunts, was house and two dogs/one cat sitting for them.


We arrived on the island to Ted and the “always ready” camera of Jill.  We grilled steaks at home Thursday night and stayed up talking.  So good to have these two with us!


Friday dawned a little cloudy and chilly, but on our walk downtown Jason managed to catch the sun’s rays coming through the clouds on Market Street. Great pic with his new Droid (whatever that is).


Blair and I spent Friday morning hitting the sales at Somewear on Mackinac, Nephew’s, Decked Out, and Nadia’s. We met the guys on the Chippewa Back Patio for lunch, and Blair showed off her finds.


If you don’t bring something to read to Mackinac Island, you HAVE to stop by the Island Bookstore. Jill was working and helped Blair pick out some winners.


Then we spent some more time crusing the book racks. How do you like my new hat? I spotted it at Nadia’s, and Blair talked me into buying it. Great for bad hair days!


Friday night was Grand Hotel night. Jason and Blair had never been there for dinner. We went up to the Cupola for a glass of wine before dinner and the best view of the Straits of Mackinac anywhere.


I love this photo – just before walking downstairs to the main dining room at the Grand.


The Mackinac Bridge at dusk – from the Cupola.


A beautiful night-time view of the Gatehouse Restaurant, the school, and the lighthouses.


Jason and Blair have a Bernese Mountain Dog named Beyla, who Blair was missing Friday night. Bear decided to give her a little lovin' at bedtime.

On Saturday morning, as we were walking to town, we stopped to watch an outdoor Renaissance wedding at the Metivier Inn. The bridge, groom, and their attendants were all dressed in period costumes. Just before the wedding, the bride realized she had forgotten the vows she had written. She ran down the street (literally) to her hotel, grabbed them, and ran back to the Metivier. Only on Mackinac!

Game day at the Pink Pony on Saturday. Boooo - Georgia lost. That's two losses in a row for the Bulldogs - that's not good.

After the game, we walked back home, detouring behind the West Bluff to say hello to McGyver. Saturday night was homemade baked spaghetti, salad, and grilled French bread at the condo. Another great day.

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful, crisp, cool fall day. We started it off with a walk.

It was up at St. Anne's Cemetery that we began to really see the difference in the color of the trees. That "fast change" I predicted has begun.

The first of what will be many, many fall photos to come.

At Lookout Point we met three bikers who had ridden across the Mackinac Bridge that morning. They brought their bikes over to the island on the ferry for a little more peddling before going back home.

An already golden tree.

Beautiful Blair.

Jason, taking a photo of Sugar Loaf . . .

. . . which rises above trees being quickly painted by God's paintbrush.

We continued our walk through the woods up to Fort Holmes. This walk from the cemeteries to Lookout Point to Fort Holmes is probably my favorite walk on the whole island.

Bear - running around the raised embankment of dirt at Fort Holmes.

In another week, this tree will be a solid yellow. Can't wait to walk back up to see it.

Jason, Blair, Ted, and Maddie walked down a really rugged trail from Fort Holmes. I chose to take the safer stairs and made Bear come with me. He wasn't happy about being left with the slow poke of the group, but he survived. We met up with them a few minutes later and then walked down Rifle Range Road . . .

. . . coming out at the road that runs behind the Scout Barracks.

These trees are almost to "flame red" - my favorite fall color.

We had walked about two hours, so we headed home for lunch. Then it was back out again - on bikes this time.

We had totally forgotten that Jason and Blair had never been inside the fort, so that was our first stop of the afternoon. This had to be a choice spot to be stationed in the 1800's - except for the winters!

I love taking photos through the gun holes of the fort . . . this one looks out across the Grand Hotel's Jewel Golfcourse to the Straits.

From this one you can see the Iroquois Hotel.

From the height of the fort, we seemed to be very close to the migrating geese . . .

. . . VERY close!

The rooftops of downtown. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this place!

Inside the Kid's Quarters of the fort, Blair had fun trying to become a soldier. She was standing in front of a blue screen, following the instructions of a soldier on a TV monitor in front of her . . .

. . . where she could watch herself try to "do the drill" perfectly.

Inside the fort's museum.

We rode from the fort up to the East Bluff . . .

. . . then on to Robinson's Folly. By this time Jason and Blair were getting pretty tired and pretty silly - I forget what song they were belting out, but it sounded great!

Blair on the woods trail leading up to Robinson's Folly.

From Robinson's Folly to the airport - another 3 miles on the bikes - but just in time to watch an amphibian plane taking off.

For their final dinner on the island, Jason and Blair chose The Woods - they love the 20-minute taxi ride out there, and coming home that's 20 minutes through the pitch black of Mackinac Island woods. Pretty spooky.

The Woods is decorated like a Bavarian hunting lodge, and on the other side of the bar is a bowling alley with one lane where you set up your own pins. The children - of all ages - love it!

Jason - showing off his bowling moves.

. . . and Blair showing off her artistic talents on the paper tablecloth, using the crayons left for the "children".

The four of us in front of the fireplace at The Woods.

How could five days have gone by so fast? Blair, on the ferry going to the airport on Monday afternoon - pouting.

What a wonderful time we had with these two, who love the island more each time they visit.  I love showing off this rock on Bree’s Blog, but it is so much more fun to do it in person.  And when family and friends come and go back home with a promise to “come back again soon”, it makes Ted and I very, very happy we are here. 

Thanks for coming, you two.  We love you, and we’ll see you soon back in Georgia!



23 thoughts on “Jason and Blair – Their Mackinac Island Album 9/21/2010

  1. It looks from these photos that you had a lovely time with Jason and Blair! . What beautiful Fall colors – I love the red tree! Happy Tuesday!!

  2. What a wonderful, busy, fun filled 5 days you had with Jason and Blair. I know the pout of leaving the island. I have it every time I leave.

  3. Brenda,

    I’m sorry Blair and Jason had to leave The Island so soon. At least one more week would have been appropriate. I’m also glad they had warm clothes. I’m sure they needed them. Thanks for taking us along on your walks and bicycle ride. It sure was nice – and none of the work – so relaxing.

    I love the color in Fall. Our burning bushes are just beginning to change, but so nice to see those on The Island are flaming red.

  4. What a wonderful time! Thanks for bringing us along on your adventures with Blair and Jason! Ahhh, to spend 5 days with my son and family on Mackinac — soon, I hope!

  5. Love all the pictures, and you can certainly tell how much fun everyone was having! I was on that walk from the cemeteries, to Lookout Point, to Fort Holmes not that long ago and I have to agree, it was a fantastic walk! In fact, we took a father and his 2 kids that were lost trying to find Fort Holmes, with us. 🙂 Awesome view to see Sugar Loaf from. Time just goes by to fast……

  6. I followed your walk on my island map. Your wonderful pictures and descriptions make it like we’re there. Perhaps sometime we will be.

    Nice to see everybody had a good time! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love, love, love the pictures! Can’t wait to get there next week-end. I hope the leaves are still around when we arrive. I am interested in the walk from the cemeteries to the fort. We have never done that. Something new to investigate. I love having a “mission” when we are there! Isn’t it great to enjoy family?!?!?

  8. You have a sweet and beautiful family! Each day that I read your blog, I think of Mackinac as a fairytale place. It’s hard for me to envision such a paradise truly existing. Thank you for sharing your family and this lovely island with us. It’s definitely on my “to visit” list. Also, I’m a bit envious that you actually have “Fall” when it’s suppose to be “Fall”!

  9. Jason and Blair are going to have to rest up after their vacation. It sure looks like you had a ball. I love all the pictures, especially the “Droid” that Jason took. That was one of my favorite viewpoints and he caught it with something extra. What a beautiful couple. Tell Ted I like his headgear in the fireplace photo.

  10. Let me be the first to attest to the fact that Blair is lovely in person as well as photogenic! And that your Ted is wonderful! It was delightful to run into you in the Cupola on Thursday night, but how silly of me not to take a photo of you four! Glad you could meet Karen because you two remind me of each other. Lovely Southern ladies! Glad you had such a wonderful time with your family.

    I’ll keep the surprise of who was on the island – and who got ice cream at Ryba’s while we were there! Can’t wait to see if you got pictures. . . .

  11. Beautiful pictures Bree! Looked like everyone had a lovely time. Thanks for always taking “us” along on your days on the Island! It is so fun!

  12. You’ve really spoiled us today, Bree! Thanks for all the great pics. It was fun to tag along. I’m going to have to make it up to the Cupola some day. It has always intrigued me.

  13. Long time follower, first time responder. I love your early fall photos. Though I have been there at times ranging from May – October my favorite time to be there has to be October. I have been coming to the island all but two years since 1995, three of the years have made it up there twice during the year. Seeing each photo puts me back on the island, especially with the ones that I know almost to the inch where you must have been standing to take the photo. I was just there with my wife and 5 year old to run the 8 mile. We will be returning 09-Oct to stay again, minus our little one. We are 7 hours south of the bridge (Anderson, IN) or I am sure we would be there much more. Maybe we will run into you somewhere, since the island will be less busy will be more likely a chance. Would also love to send you a couple of links to share some of my island photos with you.

  14. Just got home from the Mackinaw City/Mackinac Island area of our beautiful state…Fred and I did another wandering event and it was so fun!! We were on the Island yesterday..Monday the 20th..coolish day but beautiful..took the carriage tour ‘again’ and enjoyed it even more than the many other times..Had late lunch with Alyssa at the Seabiscuit Cafe before heading back on the ferry. (we sure miss her!!)
    Your pictures are gorgeous Brenda..loved your whole post!! Ahh what memories this beautiful Island gives us!!
    So glad you had such a terrific visit with Blair and Jason!! Blessings!!

  15. I so enjoy your pictures and your family togetherness. It was such a treat to introduce our children to the Island and now the grandchildren. You have that part yet to look forward to. Being in Kansas we don’t get there as often as we wish, but when we do go, we go with the whole clan – 2 sons, two daughter-in-laws and two grandchildren. The 3rd grandchild isn’t old enough yet.
    I have been forwarding your blog to some family members. We are planning a mini family reunion for next June which may include a cousin’s wedding. Some are long time Island visitors and others have never been there. Your pictures make it real.

  16. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of your time with Jason & Blair. I enjoyed looking at each of them. I was one of those that came back a couple time during the weekend to see if there was an update.

  17. Glad you had the visit from them. It looked like beautiful weather. I like that they saw and did a lot of my favorite things to do on island, Coupola, grand, fort and The Woods is always the best!!
    Thanks for sharing again Bree. I’m recovering from cervical surgery but you sure do send some great therapy to me through this blog! God Bless you for your time, wit, photography and journaling.

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