Friends, Food and Fun 9/15/2010

Hi Friends!

Thanks so much for all the well wishes for the last two days – for Ted’s cold/foot blister and for my cold/sinus infection/sore throat/laryngitis/stopped-up nose/cough/general crankiness.  It has been a long, long time since the two of us have been sick at the same time, and I hope it will be a long, long time before it happens again – if ever!

We are both a lot better today.  Ted’s “whatever” started about two days before mine, so he is two days ahead in the “getting over it” stage – but I definitely turned the corner today and feel much better. 

So much better, in fact, that I went to a ladies-only pot luck dinner tonight at a friend’s home with about 25 other women.  What a good time!  Everyone brought a dish, and the table, counters, stove, and anything else that had a flat surface was filled with appetizers, salads, main dishes, breads, and desserts.  I lost my sense of taste two days ago, but thank goodness tonight it was at least partially back.  Oh my gosh, I am stuffed!

I can remember attending this same get-together last year and only knowing a few of the ladies there.  I think Jill had fanagled me that invitation.  I remember sticking very close to her that night because I didn’t have a clue who most of the women were or what to talk to them about.  Tonight was so different.  Through Jill, the blog, and just time, I’ve become acquainted with a group of truly awesome women.  Some are islanders who live here year-round, and some are summer residents.  Each and every one of them is smart and funny and interesting and involved.  I look forward to continuing these friendships – and others – next summer and in the years to come.

I left early tonight because I didn’t want to push my luck and wake up tomorrow morning with a relapse.  Tomorrow is cleaning day, and on Thursday afternoon I’ll drive to Pellston to pick Jason and Blair up at the airport.  We haven’t seen them since May, and they haven’t been to the Island in two summers – we can’t wait for them to get here!   The condo has changed a lot since they’ve seen it, and they’ve never experienced fall in Michigan.  I’m praying the weather is good – but September is such a “you never know” month up here, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Short and sweet.  I’m going to leave Maddie and Bear’s post from yesterday up another night and call it a day.  Everyone sure seems to love it when those four-legged buddies of ours decide to sit down at the laptop and put paw to keypad.  I’ll post Wednesday night, and then we’ll see after that for the rest of the week.  See you back here on Thursday morning!


Hi.  Bear here.

Boy, it’s been a bad couple of days around the old Horton house.  I mean it’s bad enough when Dad is sick, but when Mom is sick too, the whole world just falls apart.

I mean, there’s been no playing ball, no long walks, no running around in the yard, no NOTHING!  All we’ve gotten are quick trips outside and orders to “Hurry up and GO!”  Geez!

Mom has spent the last two days walking around making funny noises into a tissue she holds up to her nose, and Dad has been a real C R A B (according to Mom), ’cause he’s got a cold too.  When Dad holds his handkerchief up to his nose, the sound he makes almost blows the roof off the condo – seriously, I’m sure they hear him in St. Ignace!

Oh, and besides being sick, Dad has this other little problem.  When he did the big race (walk) the other day, he got a blister on his foot at mile marker #1.  That left him seven more miles to walk with the blister – really, I did the math.  When he got home and took off his shoe and sock, me and Maddie ’bout barfed – and so did Mom.  The whole bottom of his foot below his toes was gross, gross, gross.  I didn’t want to be anywhere close to it, and I usually love being close to gross stuff.  Maddie was so grossed out she had to leave the room!  This morning, between Mom and Dad, they finally figured out a way to pad the blister so he could put his weight on it.  But let me just tell you, there were some really tense moments and some tones of voice we seldom hear coming from Mom and Dad – unless I’ve rolled in horse poop right after I’ve been to the groomers, or Maddie has tried to eat the pit bulldog down the street for lunch.

About four o’clock this afternoon, Dad says, “Let’s get out of this condo before we go stir crazy!”  Now Maddie and me didn’t know what “stir crazy” was, but if it’s any worse than what it’s been like around here for the last two days, we didn’t want any part of it!

So – when they said “Let’s go outside!”, we were ready!

"Outside, outside, outside, outside! Yippee!"

"Running, running, running, running! Yippee!"

Hi.  Maddie here.

For once I agree with the blonde monster – it’s been bad, bad, bad at our place.  Even though I always have to stay connected to Dad when we go out, it was still great to be in the fresh air and able to run out to the end of my long leash.  I even got a kick out of watching the big-headed boy run around like a maniac. 

We stopped by the corral and watched these two horses munching on a new pile of hay. Doesn't seem like much of a supper to me - kinda like eating dry sticks - but to each his own.

We walked down one of the wood trails and came out close to the summer residence of the Governor of Michigan. Mom and Dad wondered what it must be like now for Gov. Granholm (she's a lady Governor). They said she has been in office for almost eight years, and she and her family come to this house during the summer. They won't be able to do that when her term is over. I bet they will miss it a lot. And we will miss seeing them sometimes sitting on the porch swing in the evening, as the sun goes down.

Mom started walking toward Fort Hill, and I just knew she was going to have to walk down there and take one more photo of that red building with the light in the top, but she started having a sneezing fit and decided not to go. Enough already with the red building, Mom!

Bear and Maddie:  What we are about to tell you is absolutely the most wonderful, exciting, exhilarating, fun, stupendous, marvelous, and over-the-top thing that has ever happened to us – the two of us together – the blonde and red duo – the Mutt and Jeff of Mackinac Island – the little weiner dog and the big blonde goofball.  You will not believe it – that’s why Mom took pictures!

We turned the corner at the Governor’s house and started toward the back of the fort.  As soon as we saw the huge lawn across from the fort, we saw a gazillion geese eating the grass there.  Now I know when Mom uses that word – gazillion – she is always exaggerating.  But really, there were a gazillion geese on that lawn. 

BearI have become the official Mackinac Island goose chaser lately.  I’ve been doing it for two years at the condo, but now that Mr. Phil Porter, the Director of the State Parks, has seen me in action, he wants me to clear the geese everywhere I go.  And there are ALWAYS a lot of geese in back of the fort!  I’ve cleared them away several times over the last two weeks – and done a pretty darn good job of it too!

Maddie:  Of course, all I ever get to do is watch, knowing the whole time that I could run rings around the blonde airhead.  All I needed was a CHANCE!

Bear:  And today, Maddie got her chance!  When Dad sent me after the geese, I took off to one side, planning on rounding ’em up so I wouldn’t miss any of them.  


Bear: "I was going long and outside, bringing the outermost goose into the flock, so I could scare the heck out of all of them at once."

Maddie:  And I’m sitting there like always, just watching – and suddenly Dad says, “Go get ’em, Maddie!”  AND HE UNHOOKS THE LEASH FROM MY COLLAR, AND I AM FREE! 

I took off into the middle of those geese - just as Goofy rounded them all up in the center of the field.

Here's a closeup of me in action! Am I awesome or what!

Bear:  Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I see this little blur of fur coming in fast.  Oh My Gosh!  It’s Maddie, and she’s off-leash!  What fun!  What fun! 


Maddie: "Quick, Bozo, don't let those two get away! Never mind, I'll come get them myself!"


"Here I come to save the day! It's Mighty Maddie on the way!"

"We did it! Geese: 0 Maddie & Bear: A Gazillion!

Bear and Maddie:  That was the most fun thing we have ever done together, and I hope Dad lets us do it again. 

Maddie:  I must have run a million miles across that lawn.  It was so worth it, that I actually came back to Dad and let him put the leash back on me.  Well, I was pretty tired too. 

Bear:  Yep, I was tired too.  But not tired enough not to roll around in all the fresh goose poop and come up a lovely shade of green.  I thought it looked beautiful against my blonde hair, but Mom didn’t agree.  She marched over, snapped on my leash and marched me to a park maintenance building, where they had a hose with enough pressure to put out a fire!  I wasn’t green long!  Geez!  I’ll be glad when she gets well!

Note:  Title quote attributed to Dolly Parton.

25 thoughts on “Friends, Food and Fun 9/15/2010

  1. Yay, Maddie!!! I knew you had it in you, girl!

    I hope your humans get all better soon. A stuffy nose and sore throat are not fun at all, at all! So you’ll just have to give them a little extra loving!

  2. To Funny Brenda, you have a good sence of humor while being so sick. You all must have run yourselfs down with all the walking last week and the weather and all, feel better soon, God Bless to you both. It was to see that the kids could get a run in and talk in too (funny stuff). Debbie

  3. Great stuff, Brenda. We fans of your eclectic genre remain fascinated, indeed awed.

    As a recovering cross-country runner (for some 43 years), I will add some salt to the wound by reminding Ted that once a blister starts, and as soon as it starts, stop doing whatever caused it.

    Jack Daniels, of sippin’ whiskey fame, kicked his office safe, developed a blood blister, and shuffled off this mortal coil some weeks later as an infection spread from his big toe.

  4. I loved it. So good to start the day reading about such a great adventure. Maddie & Bear, you’re awesome!

    Brenda & Ted, I hope you continue to feel better each day. And Ted, keep an eye on that foot. If it shows any sign of infection, get to the doctor immediately. That’s not anything to fool around with.

  5. What a fun blog today! Bear and Maddie, I’m so glad you were able to go out and enjoy yourselves and then share it all with us! You two are terrific, sure put a smile on this face this morning
    Brenda and Ted, hope today finds you both feeling better? I know I hate being sick, and I’m sure you feel the same way, so I’m still sending get well vibes your way 🙂

    P.S. Ted take care of that foot!

  6. What a darling blog. Can’t you imagine how wonderful it must be for Maddie to get loose and just run. You two did an awesome job. Hope Mom and Dad get better soon. Take good care of them.

  7. I am so happy that Maddie got to run around 🙂 And you know I love posts written by Bear and Maddie!

    Also, we are coming to the Island this weekend. I think we will be getting there Sunday and leaving Tuesday although I am not positive those are the dates. I hope to see you while I am up there! You can give me some tips on perfecting my Georgia accent 🙂

  8. Maddie and Bear, I sure wish I could have seen you chasing the geese OFF the LEASH, what a sight!
    I feel for ya being cooped up with TWO SICK ADULTS, that’s why you HAVEN’t seen me around. I sure hope they are feeling better SOON. This is no fun, especially with Jason & Blair arriving Miss you ALL.

  9. Funny, funny!

    Hope you are both feeling a lot better today. I’m sure Bear and Maddie will want to look for more geese today.

  10. Love those pictures of the running geese chasers! Great work you two.

    Bree and Ted, I hope you feel better soon. Do keep a close eye on that foot. Infection is no fun.

  11. Glad to hear that you’re healing enough to want to get out of the house, and that nothing can destroy your delightful sense of fun & humor! I’m tickled that Maddie got to run off leash. The looks of joy coming from those two are beautiful!
    If it’s ‘3 days coming, 3 days with you and 3 days leaving’ for a cold, then you should be feeling better very soon. And please, Ted, take care of your foot!

  12. All I can say is that it made my day reading this great blog by the twosome!! I was here by myself and was laughing and chuckling out loud!! So funny except for Mom and Dad feeling yucky..hurry and get well!! Wonderful blog!! Praying for both of you for a quick recovery!!

  13. I love it too! Bear & Maddie, you look like you were having so much fun. Take care of those two humans you have so they can be back up to speed on Thursday.

  14. This blog was absolutly wonderful and so funny!!! You could seriously write childrens books bree!! You have such a way with words!!! I loved all of the pictures also! Michelle

  15. I’m glad you and Ted are feeling better! I love reading Maddie and Bear’s blog this morning (I’m a day late on here this week!)
    Happy Wednesday!!

  16. Brenda,

    I love potlucks too, especially since I love to eat. It’s a good thing I was blessed with “skinny genes.”

    I’m glad you and Ted are feeling better and able to look forward to a family visit.

    By the way, Nellie asked me to tell Bear and Maddie that she wishes she could have been there to help in the chase. She loves to chase any animal or bird.

  17. Bree, just did a count of 40 women (that we can remember) at the Pot Luck! That was alot of good food & fun friends gathered together. Glad you were able to make it.
    Just read your Blog, from Bear & Maddie, over coffee to a group. They have tears in their eyes from laughing so hard!

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