Weekend Happenings 9/13/2010

On Friday, I didn’t have a thing planned to do – which is a very rare day indeed.  I could have biked, hiked, shopped, read, worked crossword puzzles (I’m about two weeks behind – I do the ones in The Detroit Free Press), or gotten a pedicure.  All those options were open.  I cleaned out closets instead.

My rationale was to be ahead of the game when our last week on the island rolled around (only five more weeks).  If I already had things organized – what was staying, what was going – that last week wouldn’t be so panicky and hectic.  My plan was to separate things into four categories:  1)  Summer clothes that were staying here; 2) Summer clothes that were going south (I’ll still need those in October in Georgia); 3) Winter clothes that were staying here (heavy coats, snow pants); 4) Winter clothes that were going south (light jackets and blue jeans). 

All this organization is because I got in trouble last year when we packed to go home.  I left a lot of summer and winter clothes in Michigan, but I forgot what I left.  When I packed to come up this year, I kept thinking, “Geez, I have nothing to pack!  I have to buy new summer clothes!”  Then, when we arrived and I opened my closet, it was already full of what?  Summer clothes!    So on Friday I got everything out of “my” closets and dresser drawers and put each item into a category.  The summer things going home are now in a drawer upstairs where they can be taken out and packed without even thinking about it.  Same with the winter things going home.  Summer and winter clothes staying here have now been photographed.  Next May, when I’m packing, all I have to do is call up these pics on the computer, and I will know what’s up here . . . . if I remember I took the photos!  If all of this sounds a little too much like something Ted would do, what can I say?  I’ve been living with the guy for 21 years now – his “ways” have to rub off on me every now and then!

Categories #1 and #2.

Categories #3 and #4.

I can’t tell you what a feeling of accomplishment I enjoyed at the end of the day – silly, I know.

Saturday dawned chilly.  Ted was registered to walk in the 40th Annual Mackinac Island 8 Mile Run and Walk – the “walk” part.  He’d been fighting a cold and sore throat for two days, and Saturday I woke up with what?  A cold and sore throat.  I tried to talk him out of going, but oh no!  He was registered, he had his official t-shirt and number tag, and he was walking!  Which meant I was walking too – down to Mission Point to be there, camera clicking, when he crossed both the starting and finish lines!

We walked over to pick up Ted's registration materials on Friday afternoon and passed the part of Mission Point that used to be Mackinac College. This building was used as the Men's Residence and for faculty housing. Two of my readers, Irene and Barbara, attended college here, and next week there is a reunion. Irene can't come from California, and I am bummed out about that - wanted so badly to meet her in person.

Waiting outside a conference room at Mission Point, as Ted picked up his materials for the race.

Saturday morning was beautiful! This is the starting line of the race - runners lined up first.

Ted, as he crosses the starting line . . .

. . . and pushing into that wide stride that I have never, never been able to keep up with.

Crossing the finish line and checking his time . . .

. . . he was pretty happy. He placed 5th in his age group and 91st overall among the walkers.

Quite a crowd! Over 2,000 participants either walked or ran the race.

Ted and I after the race.

We both felt bad Sunday morning, but decided to go to church anyway. After church we biked into town and ate a fast lunch at the Chippewa on the top deck. The day was perfect on the water.

After we got home, Ted went upstairs to watch TV, and I crashed on the couch and slept for three hours.  I woke up with a temp of 101.5.  Yikes!  I have loaded up on fever meds and am going to close this blog  and go to bed.  Jill sent four pics to me a few minutes ago, and I have to share them.  Bless my blogging friends’ hearts – they always come through for me!

Jill snapped this photo of our friend Leanne this afternoon as she rode through town on Prancer, one of the 4-H horses. Leanne is in charge of the island's parks and recreation department. With the summer over, she now has a little more time to relax and do some things she enjoys - like dressing up on a Sunday afternoon in formal riding attire and riding through town. Sorry I missed you, Leanne!

LOL! Jill sent this one and said my readers would NEVER get this picture from MY camera! She took it just after sunrise this morning. I don't know, Jill. I might surprise you one day!

Sunset Sunday afternoon - just before a big storm hit. Dazzling.

And after the storm - a rainbow . . .

 I’m off to bed.  Please pray that whatever this mess is that I have is over fast.  Jason and Blair arrive Thursday – so excited!!

39 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings 9/13/2010

    • Hi Bree! You don’t know me but I really need to contact you RIGHT AWAY about using some pictures off your blog for a magazine I write for… possibly even a cover shot! We’ll give you photo-credit of course but I need to talk to you right away. Please contact me when you get this… thanks!!


  1. Okay, well …. first things first. TED: If you’re reading this I have a few short words for you mister: YOU ARE THE MAN! Seriously, congratulations on finishing 5th in your category …. ill and feeling poorly. Just wonderful.

    Bree, I was very ill in May (over a BIG milestone birthday, no less) with a nasty sinus infection and a temp of 101.3. Please rest, hydrate ….. well you know what to do. Please take care of yourself. Oh … and allow Bear to take care of you too as only he can do! (Please forgive me for forgetting your other dog’s name)

    Feel Better Soon!

    • I think that’s what this is, Susan. I haven’t had a “cold” in years – usually allergies that migrate into a sinus infection. Of course, it WOULD hit THIS week with the kids coming. Thanks for the concern, and I’ll let Ted know your sweet words to him – he IS the man! Oh, the little dog’s name is Maddie.

      • Sweet kisses for sweet Maddie ….. with forbearance on her part for my unintended oversight.

        Neti (sp?) Pots are helpful. Hot tea w/ lemon. Homemade Chicken soup, too.

        Not good when these pesky illnesses arrive on special occasions. I hope it’s fleeting. Please take care.

        Blessings ….

  2. I hope you are feeling better now Bree. We cancelled our 2nd trip to the Island this Fall due to scheduling conflict, so I’d miss running the 8 miles run. Thank you for sharing the photos. Ted looks great….Green Tea with Lemon & Honey might help you with your “cold”. Take Care.

  3. Muriel has been sick for a couple days now also. I tried convincing her to use a neti pot, but she doesn’t like the idea of water up her nose. Do try it Brenda if you can get a hold of one on the island. I swear by them since last winter when I got sick and my ears even got plugged. It cleared it all up. They do work and they aren’t bad at all to use. I started using mine today to hopefully ward off whatever Muriel has so I don’t end up with it for next weekend when Al and I will be back on the island. If I can use a net pot, anyone can. 🙂 Hope you feel better real quick!
    WTG Ted!
    Beautiful pictures Jill! I keep saying that I am going to get up at sunrise on the island to go out and take pictures but being that I am not a morning person myself, I’m not so sure it will happen.

  4. I hope you and Ted feel better soon. I also had a cold and sore throat. Its probably from the temperature change. Congrats to Ted for placing 5th in his age group!! I love the pictures and also Jill’s pictures! Great job on getting organized with the prepacking also!

  5. Hi Bree,

    I hope you and Ted feel better soon. When will you be leaving for Georgia? I will be back on the island October 10th and would love to have a picture taken with you.

    Take Care

  6. Bree, Hope you and Ted are both feeling better this morning. I’m impressed at Ted’s walking 8 miles after walking the bridge on Monday. I know I couldn’t do that. My body was still rebeling from the bridge on Sat. I wish I could be as organized as you are with the clothes.
    Jill, I love the before and after storm pictures.

  7. Ted your awesome! Not feeling well and still completing the walk AND placing 5th!! WTG!! Hope your feeling better by now. Brenda, sorry to hear that you are not feeling well either 😦 Hopefully this is something that will go away soon and by the time the kids come you will be back to your normal self. (theres that word again lol) Seriously, I hope you feel better real soon!
    Jill’s pictures of the “before” and “after” the storm are amazing. Love the double rainbow.

  8. Sorry to hear you are feeling bad Brenda. Feel better soon!. Congratulations to “the man”! Placing 5th in his age group! That’s great!
    I must say it was good to meet you and Jill last week! And on the day of excitement for the island as well. (the grounding of the sailboats, the ambulance, fire truck, etc.)
    I was also pleasantly surprised to find my husband and me on your blog.
    After visiting the beautiful island of Mackanaw, we went on to visit other places of Michigan including the UP and lower UP, as well as Amish country in Ohio, but I must tell you that the Island was the highlight of our trip.
    Thanks for your blog and pics that helped me plan this part of our trip. I understand your passion for that beautiful and wonderful place.

  9. It’s on my bucket list to do the run around the island one year. Our children are still young (2nd & 3rd grade), so it is hard to get up there that weekend. Maybe another 5 or 6 years.

    Hope you’re feeling better! Keep up the blog – my wife and I love it.

  10. Put those clothes back in the drawers & closet. It’s nowhere near the time for you to even THINK about heading to Georgia!
    Jill, Bear & Maddie

    (Hope you’re both feeling better this morning. I can deliver Chicken Noodle soup…at the back door today)

    • LOL Jill and Mary! I would not let anyone near this condo today even if you BEGGED. Not because we’re sick, but because we’re both so CRABBY! Thanks for the sweet offers though!

  11. Congrats to Ted…5th is great, especially when not feeling “tip-top”! Hop you are both feeling a lot
    better today.

    I love your “pre-packing idea”. I remember how you felt last year. It reminded of how I hated to pack up when we were moving years ago. I put it off for as long as I could and my daughter (whom had moved several times) said do it one room at a time mom! I did, and it helped me stay focused. I was not so overwhelmed. I had been in that home for 20 years!

    Prize pictures of the sunset and the rainbow! My thanks go to Jill.

  12. Um, Bree? You have two viewers who went to Mackinac College. . . .me, too! The picture you show was used for Men’s Residence and faculty housing.
    I sent you an email about the reunion, but haven’t heard back from you (thought you were busy getting ready for your family). We’re coming up Wednesday afternoon and I’d love to see you – IF you have any time or IF we happen to see you. Family first!
    Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your weekend. Looks like we’ll need some of those warmer clothes this week, too!

    • Barbara, I’m so sorry I left you out. Will go back and add you AND what the building was used for. I thought I had sent a comment back to you, but maybe I forgot. I remember you saying you’ll be here Wed. afternoon. And I have your cell.

  13. I had no idea there used to be a college on the island. That is why I just love your blog because I can learn so many different things about a place that we all love so much.

  14. No need to apologize! I’m sorry if I missed your reply, but we are sooo anxious to get up to the island, I can hardly stand it. So much to do!

    BTW, may I borrow the picture of the rainbow? It’s gorgeous, and would be great on our website.

  15. I know what caused you to get sick…all that organization about separating clothes and stuff. Also, did you know you took a picture of Ted smiling? It was too much for you and you needed to rest. I also recommend the Neti pot. Get well soon and enjoy Jason and Blair. I’m so glad they are getting to see you this fall. Prayers for all, especially Blake on his job hunt.

  16. Congrats to Ted on his recent athletic endeavors. Tell him I’m sorry about the Bulldogs this past weekend. And congrats to you for being so organized. It was nice of you to leave a gratuity for the staff on the dresser. I know you are going to enjoy the visit with Jason and Blair. Tell him hello.

  17. Sorry to hear that you and Ted are sick. Also sorry to hear that there are only 5 more weeks of your Mackinac Blog. Can’t you stay a little longer, like about 5 more months?

  18. Brenda, I hope that both you and Ted feel better soon. Still very much enjoying your blog, I so wish that I could be up on the island enjoying it’s beauty. I was wondering last night when I was watching Mackinac Live.net and seeing the lightening. How do the horses react to the lightening, does that spook them or not? Again feel better soon.


    • Hi Mary, We are both trying to convince ourselves we feel better – maybe by tomorrow we will believe it! No, storms don’t bother the horses at all. They’re out in every possible weather environment – it’s all in a day’s work for them.

  19. One more Brenda.

    Congratulations Ted. I’m envious.

    I’m hoping you are both feeling better by now. So many people are having the same thing. My Faye was just knocked down for three days, but is feeling a little better today.

    Thank you for sharing, Jill. Those pictures were dazzling, just like Brenda said.

      • Thanks Brenda for the info. about Silver Birches.
        Bob and I have wondered about this sight for years when biking around the island. Please take good care of yourselves and get well soon.

        So happy for Ted!! He IS the Man!!

        Bob and Sue Pavlich

  20. Sue, Jim and I rented the small cottage in 1989 for a week. It was for our 25th anniversary. It was great being able to stay on the island for that long. One morning the gal managing the place came over and asked Jim if he was afraid of bats. Seems they’d left the doors at each end of the 2nd floor of the big place open over night. Needless to say the bats had found a new home in the morning. Jim went over a got them out. Just one of our great memories of time spent at Silver Birches.

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