Aimless Aiming 9/10/2010

I love Thursdays.  That’s the day I get to look through my camera memory card and pick and choose from hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of photos I’ve taken over the last week that don’t fit into any particular category.  These are pictures that happened because I saw something interesting and had my camera handy to capture it – totally spur of the moment photography.  If I kept my camera in its case – deep inside my purse, I would never get these shots.  Too much trouble!  But I have taken to either squeezing my caseless camera into my pants pocket (making sure the pocket is deep enough – my camera hit the pavement last week at 25 mph as I biked down Cadotte, simply because my jean capris have very shallow pockets) or the pocket of my jacket or sweater. In one simple motion, I can take the camera out of my pocket, turn it on, aim, shoot, turn it off, and slip it back into my pocket – 15 seconds tops!  Well, unless what originally drew my eye continues to be interesting from another angle.

Below are photos shot this week – mostly downtown and up Cadotte around the Grand Hotel.  Enjoy!

The world of Mackinac Island - over the shoulder of the carriage driver.


The Visitors Center, where Ted was working today, is getting a new coat of paint. After Labor Day, when crowds are smaller, maintenance begins on buildings all over the island. There is a small window of opportunity to get the work done before the weather is too cold, and the snow drifts are too high.


A private carriage tour horse gets a mid-afternoon treat from his driver.

This flower planter runs the entire width of Doud's market. No one has told it yet that fall is here, and summer is over.

A Grand Hotel omnibus driver chats with his passengers in the street beside the Arnold dock.

Nancy, an island friend and hostess at the Seabiscuit Cafe, stands at the entrance to the restaurant.

Things are slowing down on the streets. Moms and dads have returned home to put children in school. Next to come will be parents with pre-school children and retirees eager to see beautiful Michigan in the Fall.

The roofline of a lovely home across the street from the boardwalk.

Windemere Point on the west end of town. Visitors can sit at picnic tables and watch the ferries and freighters come and go.

Fall has a way of making the most simple scene into something astonishing. The light is just different - turning clouds into skyscapes.

The color of this tree is different than it was last week. Summer is slipping out of its green dress and preparing to slip on the carnival colors of Fall.

Will I ever tire of photographing Round Island Light? No.

A flower garden spotted through a white picket fence.

Monarch butterflies were everywhere today. I've never seen so many anywhere that I've ever lived. Are they migrating through Michigan right now?

A Shepler's Ferry races to the island to pick up daytrippers and carry them back to the mainland . . .

. . . a moment later its route took it parallel to a freighter, giving another perspective of the enormity of those ships.

A single, perfect hollyhock . . .

. . . stands guard over the Straits of Mackinac.

A tiny hint of color in the Grand Hotel shade garden.

A view of Cadotte from under the trees in front of the Grand.

The setting sun kisses the tops of the trees at Surrey Hill.

My favorite photo of the week. This sweet little senior couple was sitting on the boardwalk bench, watching the sun's play on the water. In the lady's lap were several types of fudge, spread out on a napkin, and they were taking turns feeding each other the samples. So dear I almost cried.

As I was about to publish the blog Thursday evening, I received three photographs from Mary of The Grand Hotel.  She photographed these Monarch butterflies in the Burroughs lot (between the Grand and the Island school) yesterday afternoon.  Totally awesome!



Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!  I hope that some of our cooler weather is reaching down into the southern part of the U.S. by now.  If so, I know you’ll all be out enjoying it!  Stay safe, and I’ll see you back right here on Monday morning, good Lord willing.  God bless.

33 thoughts on “Aimless Aiming 9/10/2010

  1. Hi Bree, Jim and I arrived back in IN about 10:30 pm. We had all the rain while camping and decided it was time to head home and hope for better weather. Guess what they call for tomorrow night and Sat? Yes, rain.

    So happy that we got to meet and talk to you yesterday. Was it really only yesterday. Brought the new bike home. Can’t wait to ride it. We had to take the front wheel off to get it in the van. The bike rake was already filled with the 2 we’d taken with us.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I forgot the note I wanted to add to Sue and Bob Pavlich. Great meeting you both yesterday. Don’t be afraid to jump right in anytime with a comment or just a hello.

    Also to Jill. Great meeting you also.

  3. I love the picture of the freighter and the ferry – what serendipity! And Mary’s butterflies!! That’s how they look in Mexico where they spend the winter! I’ve never seen them cluster like that up north!
    I haven’t commented much recently – didn’t fully realize how much it would hurt not to come this time – and also how much I love September on the Island! I hope the weather doesn’t get too dicey during the next few weeks, both for your family and for the reunion.

    • So wish you were coming, Irene, so we could finally meet in person. Barbara has been in touch, and I will try and work something out to get down to Mission Point while they are here.

  4. Wow I have never seen so many butterflies at one time – how beatiful!! Thank you Mary for sending those along! Fall is my favorite time of year on the island. Have a great weekend!!

  5. Bree…those pictures of the monarchs are unbelievable and yes, they are migrating right now. I just discovered your blog a short time ago and love reading about your life on the island. I’ve been coming to the island since I was a child growing up in Sault, Canada. My roots on Mackinac go back to the late 1700’s. My ancestor was Ezekiel Solomon, a merchant/trader, his wife Elizabeth Dubois Solomon is recorded as a godmother to many children baptized in the St. Ann register. I wasn’t aware of this information until as an adult I got into genealogy, but I’ve always loved Mackinac Island and vist a couple times a year. We were down there for our 30th anniversary in August and we’ll be at the Grand in two weeks…can’t wait. For now I’ll just keep enjoying your blog. Great job!

  6. Love the pictures as always! Thanks for sharing Mary’s pictures of the butterflies. We took a couple of pictures of them around the Grand gardens but I can’t say that I have ever seen that many at one time either. Quite amazing to see.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Another great collection of photos, Bree. I always feel like I’m right there with you.

    Mary, thanks for sharing the butterfly photos. I had no idea they were so numerous on the island.

  8. Brenda,

    You said , “Enjoy!”

    I sure did! The flower garden, the hollyhock, the Monarchs, the dray with the hay, just everything.

    Every day I think, “She can’t top this” and every day you do. I honestly do think you have the best blog on the internet.

  9. What beautiful pictures. Now if they could just invent something that would impart the wonderful scents that go along with the pics……….

  10. I’ve never seen so many Monarchs in one place before – amazing! I thought we had a lot down here last week when we had six. It must be a good year for them.
    You know that I love your ‘no category’ photo blogs – they’re the best!

  11. Hey Brenda!
    I finally took the time to check out your blog and it is wonderful…can’t stop reading it. You really have captured the spirit of the island for people like me that have never been there. It looks like your doing really great and enjoying life. I think I am about to start doing some of that myself. I am no longer with te state department and retired again. I’ll miss the money but not the problems! I talked to Ted the other day and now that I have your blog locked in on my computer, I will read it everyday. Got to go.

    • OMGosh, Larry – Welcome aboard my little fantasy land blog. So wish ya’ll would come up – well, at this point, you might want wait until next summer. Weather gets really dicey up here Sept. and Oct. Of course, if you like chilly weather, come on up now! Glad you are retired and beginning to enjoy it. See ya’ll back on the ri’vah mid-October. B.

  12. Bree – I just love how you make comments on every picture. Although the photos themselves are beautiful, charming, and interesting – having your comments along just makes them so much better!!!!

  13. Gorgeous. I love fall on that island. And oh how sweet it is to see Nancy’s smiling face. We worked together when I was up there summers ago. These “almost fall” pictures capture the most beautiful time of year. Love it. Thank you Brenda!

  14. As much as I am NOT ready for fall..(because then winter comes too soon) it is beginning to look like our summer is about done..hopefully we may get one more trip in to the Island…but wanted to tell you how beautiful your photos were..again a great job!! I agree with ‘Tina’ that I love the comments on each picture..makes them even better!
    Wanted to tell you I have thought back a lot about our ‘meeting in person’ last month..was great to finally talk to you one on one!! So glad it worked out!
    Keep those pictures coming Brenda!! Great post!! Blessings to you and Ted!!

  15. Oh, oh, oh, oh … OH!

    Oh, Bree … This has to be my favorite Blog … overlooking the fact I am rather new to your Blog! ; )

    Love the “over the shoulder” shot; the horse receiving a treat from his driver shot; the breathtaking Monarch butterfly shots. And yes, the couple on the bench sharing fudge. I know I’d have tears in my eyes witnessing this touching scene.

    Would love talking w/ Nancy to learn the background of her SEABISCUIT CAFE! Great name!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you …. your photographs and prose have taken me to a place of beauty and repose. A lovely break from a busy day.

    Blessings …

  16. Your photos and blog make me long for the island in the best possible way. We were up there this summer for three days…not long enough. We will return again next summer and it can’t come soon enough. Thank you so much for bringing a piece of Mackinac into our daily lives.

  17. Seriously you have a fantastic blog. I have it on my top sites and see it every day when I log on to my computer-I have been a somewhat silent follower. I love the island, and your magical musings allow everyone a taste of the wonder from a distance. Today’s blog made me feel like I was there strolling the island sights, all sweater wrapped and serene.
    Thank you.

  18. I’m late cking in today….I just love your “random” photos. I so enjoyed Mary’s photos of of the Monarch butterflies. What a wonder! I don’t see many anymore here in Ann Arbor. Perhaps they will stop by on their way to Mexico. I really enjoyed the butterfly museum near your condo when I visited Judy several years ago. What a lovely place to see!

  19. Wonderful! I will have to remember to get to your blog for the Thursday pictures more often! My favorites? The sun kissed trees and of course the older couple.

    I think I will choose to believe they were my parents, gone now 6 years, who loved the island and would have sat and done exactly the same thing with the fudge. Thanks for bringing them back to me.

  20. Hi to Charlotte and Jim. Great to meet you also. Glad you made it home safely. Also, forgot to say we were happy to meet Mary from the Grand Hotel during our visit. Loved those photos, Mary of the butterflies in the trees. Bob commented that he had never seen so many butterflies on the island as we saw on this visit. I was kidding him and said they must have escaped from the butterfly house. A wonderful weekend to all of you bloggers.

    Sue and Bob Pavlich

  21. I love the pictures Bree! I have never seen so many butterflies!! Beautiful!! I liked the picture of the senior couple also!! Have a nice weekend!!

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