All Around the Island. Now – and Then. 8/20/2010

A crazy night of storms here on Wednesday.  Lightning so close and thunder so loud I’m convinced the weather system that caused it lingered over “our hill” for most of the wee small hours of the morning.  A good friend in Mackinac City, who lives with her husband on the shore of Lake Michigan, awoke surrounded by water in their yard and ankle-deep water in their home.  Mother Nature has sure tossed us some surprises this summer.  Makes me wonder if she’s preparing us for what might be a fall and winter for the record books.  Only time will tell.

Today has been beautiful though.  High only reached 69, the sky was a brillant blue, there were no clouds, and a wonderful breeze was blowing off the water.  I cleaned house this morning, which always includes brushing Bear on a sheet in the middle of the living room floor (so I can vacuum immediately after).  In the process of doing that, I discovered one of his ears was horribly inflamed and filled with gunk.  I was guilt-ridden.  I hardly ever check his ears because he’s never had an ear problem in his life.  In fact, our vet in Georgia always says he has the cleanest ears of any dog in her practice.  I immediately called Doc Al, and he told me he was heading up the hill anyway and would stop at the condo after he checked on a horse on the East Bluff. 

He arrived about an hour later, and Bear and I met him on the back steps.  Doc carries all his “vet stuff” with him on his bike, and he was soon on his knees on our boardwalk looking deep into Bear’s ears with that ear light they use.  Diagnosis:  No ear mites, no infection – just really dirty ears.  Prognosis:  Excellent, if I will start being a little more diligent about checking and cleaning his ears whenever I brush him.  No meds needed.  Judy brought down her new puppy, Buddy, for Doc to take a look at, and we all sat and chatted for almost an hour about puppy training, puppy diets, and the joys of dog ownership in general.  Then Doc got a call about a horse with a hoof problem, and off he went to the next patient.  And so goes a vet visit on Mackinac Island.

It’s been another busy week here, and I’m ready to wrap up the blog for the weekend.  Thursday seems to be turning into my “random photo” day, and  that’s what I’ll do tonight.  BUT . . . after the pics, be sure to settle back and watch an absolutely amazing video that Joyce Kozlowski posted to Facebook yesterday.  Joyce is one of my most loyal readers, and she loves the Island almost as much as I do (Joyce, I can just hear you saying, “Almost!  Ha!”).  This video was shot in 1944 and is an old newsreel like you would see in a movie theatre then.  It is totally awesome to be able to see what the island was like then, and how much – and how little – it has changed.  Enjoy!

A patch of petunias on French Lane . . .

. . . and a pumpkin patch outside the horse barn on Cadotte.

The beautiful Iroquois Hotel, as seen from the water on a trip to St. Ignace.


A really odd tree in the woods. Ted says if he had found it when he was a boy, it would have been turned into an awesome treehouse.

Sunflowers in front of a home on Mission Street.

The American flag - flying high and proud over the stern of a Shepler's Ferry.

A friend's son completes a riding lesson through the Mission District.


Two Belgians about to be hitched to a dray on the freight dock . . .


. . . and a boxer hitching a ride down Main Street, on the back of his owners' carriage.

A quiet little hidden pathway that runs parallel to Main Street in the Mission District.

Evergreens against that blue, blue "almost-Autumn" sky.

Judy's new puppy - a little white fluffball named "Buddy".

On Tuesday of this week, I met Mary for a tour of the Grand Hotel gardens.  On Monday, you’ll get to come with me for a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into designing, ordering, and planting the thousands of flowers visitors see every summer when they stay at – or walk by – the Grand.  See you all back here Monday morning, good Lord willing.  God bless.

1944 video:


18 thoughts on “All Around the Island. Now – and Then. 8/20/2010

  1. Bree – Just a few hours ago….I discovered your blog a few hours ago! I am hooked!!! You have a gift of writing. Each description of yours created an instant picture in my mind!!

    What an unexpected gift I discovered in you today. Thank you for transporting me to my favorite place in the whole wide world 🙂

  2. Great pictures (as usual)!! Really liked the one of our American flag..I watched the video earlier, seen it on FB…awesome and so glad she shared it with all of us!! Hope to get in touch Monday..Blessings!!

  3. ROFL! Well I didn’t say “Ha!” but I did say “almost?”. 🙂
    The video really is amazing to watch. There have been many old pictures that I have seen of the island but never a video such as this. I’m so glad it’s getting passed along to share with everyone else.
    That old tree in the woods is so cool. I’m already thinking that is on the list of “finds” for our next visit.
    Judy’s little puppy, Buddy, is adorable! Is Buddy a maltese? I have a maltese and btw, that is where my email name came from. 😉

  4. Loved the video of early days on Mackinac. The time is getting closer for our trip north and most importantly for our time on the Island. Thanks for sharing the video with us.

  5. Wonderful pictures. And amazing video! I’m glad Bear didn’t have any infection. Judy’s puppy looks adorable! Happy Friday to you!!!

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  7. I love the video also…saw it earlier on FB. Thanks for posting it Joyce and thanks for putting it here Brenda for everyone else to enjoy. It is quite amazing. I also love that tree! How unique is that. Enjoy your weekend, will be looking forward to next week and then….well…you know! 🙂

  8. What a wonderful surprise this morning watching the video of Mackinac Island. My first trip to the island was in the 40’s aboard the “North American” cruise ship. Lots of memories came flooding back. Loved your pictures, especially the boxer on the back of the carriage. Looks like our “Charlie”. Thank you so much, love ya!

  9. You photograph so many of the ordinary, everyday things that make Mackinac Island so wonderful and memorable, and that tourists wouldn’t dream of capturing. Thank you for that, because it’s those things that I miss the most.

    By the way, Buddy’s picture could be in the dictionary illustrating the word ‘adorable’! And that boxer ont he back of the carriage – so sweet. See? Everyday life on Mackinac is so special! Loved the video, too. No sidewalks or many paved roads! Bet that was a mess in the spring. . . .

  10. Brenda,

    “Random photos?” I suspect that you think that a blog with “Random Photos” is not as good as one with “Themed Photos.” If so, cast that idea right out of your mind. This blog was wonderful. For me that was especially true for the Petunias on French Lane, Old Glory on the Stern of Shepler’s Ferry and WOW and The Boxer on The Back of The Buggy. That one sure brought a smile to my face.

    And Joyce, thank you for the 1944 video. My memories of The Island don’t go back quite that far, but I didn’t see any difference between then and the middle 50s. I especially enjoyed seeing the South American.

    By the way, does anyone know what happened to the “North American” and “South American” cruise ships?

    • You’re welcome Lowell. The North American sank in the Atlantic Ocean in 1967 and remains there today. The South American was scrapped in 1992. If you go to this web site you can click on on “passenger ships of the Great Lakes” and then click on the North American and South American and it gives the history about them there.

      • Thank you for the link. The information was very interesting to me, but very sad too.

  11. Hi Bree! I loved the pictures! And the doggie is so adorable! I really appreciate your blog and all the time you put into it each day! Thanks so much!

  12. I was just on the island this week for my very first time! I read this entry and felt like I was living my week all over again. However…I did not seen Vince or Ron or any of the others you mentioned that “might” have been there. Drat. I, too, saw the dog on the back of the carriage. I saw the pumpkin patch. So many great memories! Keep writing…I’ll be back again as soon as I can!

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