Mackinac Island Side Streets – Truscott Street 8/5/2010

After snapping flower pics for an hour yesterday, I finally made it down into the Mission District and turned onto Truscott Avenue.  I love this old street – partially because there are horses associated with it, partially because there is a home there that we almost rented several years ago, and partially because a friend of mine  lives on the corner of Truscott and McGulpin.  Lots of good stuff on this street!

The corner of Truscott and Huron. Huron Street is also called "Main Street", and either is correct. I'll use Main Street in this blog because that's what you're used to hearing most.

If you are looking up Truscott from Main Street, this lovely private residence would be on your right, facing Main.

On your left would be another beautiful private residence - on the corner of Truscott and Main. If you're a "Somewhere in Time" fan, you might recognize this front door. When Christopher Reeve goes on a quest to find the elderly lady who gives him a locket and says "Come back to me", he knocks on this home's front door. The door is answered by a lady who tells him that the lady has passed away, and it is in this home that he opens the music box.

The "Somewhere in Time" house and yard takes up most of the block leading up to McGulpin, a little street that runs parallel to Main. My friend Frankie and her chocolate lab Hershey live here at the corner of McGulpin and Truscott.

The home is owned by Ryba Bike Co., and Frankie shares the house with many island summer workers. She is kind of the "house mother", and keeps everyone going in the right direction. I've spent a couple of hours sitting on that big porch chatting, but not nearly enough times. I'll be back, Frankie - with Bear, so he and Hershey can play!

Back across Truscott is the 4-H barn and corral. This area is in much need of expansion, and the only way to grow is to move. The Festival of the Horse and other events are raising money to build a large stable and corral out near Wawashkamo Golf Course. It will house not only the 4-H horses, but will be available to private horse owners.

In front of the barn is a large water tub, where private tour and taxi horses stop off for a cold drink.

Inside the stable - a 4-H youngster works on some riding gear.

The 4-H corral. Little Ginger Snap was the only horse outside when I took this photo.

Behind the 4-H corral is a gorgeous green lawn and someone's very healthy looking vegetable garden.

Next up, and still on the right-hand side of Truscott is this charming private home, which I have admired for years.

And across the street is the home that we almost rented for a month before we bought our condo - the Robin's Nest.

This swing was a big selling point for renting the Robin's Nest. Wow - I could just see myself out there on a lazy afternoon - napping or reading or trying to get Ted to move over.

Beyond the Robin's Nest are the beautiful Victorian Condos . . .

. . . and their beautifully landscaped yard.

Across from the Victorians is the beginning of Mission Point Resort and beyond that . . .

. . . is Mission Hill, which leads to the East Bluff. Around that curve this hill becomes very steep, and you must WALK your bicycles down it.

Private carriages, which take visitors up to the East Bluff, come down Mission Hill cautiously and slowly - and the drivers ride their brakes.

Looking down Truscott Street toward Main.

There are a few other side streets I still want to cover in the Mission District – Bogan Lane and McGulpin are two.  I’ll get to them soon, and then I’ll start on some streets up in the Annex.  So much to do – so little time.  This summer is flying by too fast!  There are already apples on the trees here on the island – are we going to have an early fall?  Perhaps an early snow?  Shall I start hoping now for that snow?  Oh, why not!

12 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Side Streets – Truscott Street 8/5/2010

  1. I love all the homes on the island. They are just perfect to look at and I’m sure they must be wonderful to live in. I don’t remember seeing the Victorian condos the last time I was there unless I just wasn’t paying much attention. I did spend alot of my time on the west side so I may have missed them all together. Thats not going to happen this time. I just have to see them, they are gorgeous. Thanks for the tour of Truscott, now I have more places on my list 🙂

  2. So many things to see next summer. The Mission district is so quaint and beautiful that I can hardly wait to see it first hand. Until then I’ll live vicariously through your pictures and narrative. Great work as usual. The professor’s recommendation to read your blog for the best history of the island was inspired. I would be very surprised if the natives didn’t find new tidbits from time to time. Maybe snow…………

  3. Thanks so much for taking us on the side streets of the Island. Its so beautiful everywhere. Thanks so much for taking the time to always keep us informed and up to date on the Island!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. I just learned that my family has ties to Mackinac Island through my great great great great Uncle George Truscott, who lived in that house on the corner of McGulpin and Truscott. I was searching Google for an image of the house, since the last time I visited the island, I went right by it without even knowing I had family who lived there long ago. George Truscott bequeathed the house in his will to his daughter Lillian Truscott on the condition that his other daughter, Mrs. Rose Webb, could live there as long as she wished. All this I found out in the last 12 hours. THANK YOU for taking photos of the house and the street. Now I really can’t wait to visit the island again.

      • If you or your friend would like to see photos of Lillian Truscott and Rosa (Truscott) Webb in front of the house, and a couple other photos of the house as it was before the 1940’s, there’s a lady on who shared some photos with me, and I’d be happy to email them to you. Personally, I really get a kick out of seeing “then and now” pictures, so let me know if that interests you.

      • Rachael, my friend Frankie, who lived in that house when I wrote this post, says there is a room at the island library named after Rose Webb with a lot of her history. Another place to visit!


  5. Interesting history, as I know that you have had many Truscott’s on Mackinac Island over the years. I am trying to research the Mackinac Truscott’s to see if they are related to me,our family tree goes back to 1642 and I know that a James Lynn Truscott emigrated to the States in 1870ish, married a Marie Browning of Camden ,New Jersey and had 10 children , there business was Insurance. We are making plans to come over to Mackinac June 2018 . Are there any Truscotts still alive.?If there are, and only if they want to. Please contact me Best Regards Bill Truscott.

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