A Feast for Your Eyes 8/4/2010

Ted and I walked down to the Iroquois Hotel a little after noon today to have lunch.  It was a warm day here, and there was enough moisture in the air to bring in a strange mid-day fog which hung over the island all afternoon.  We decided to sit outside on the patio so we could catch the breeze off the water, and while we were waiting for our lunch, I walked around with my camera.  The Iroquois is known not only for its delicious food, but also for its beautiful gardens – and this year the flowers have have been beyond gorgeous. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon photographing a side street down in the Mission District for a future blog.  In the process of doing that, I passed so many beautiful gardens at various homes and B & B’s that I decided tonight to give your eyes a feast of color. 

The Carriage House Restaurant patio - behind the Iroquois Hotel - where Ted and I had lunch this afternoon. To the right you can see a couple of beach chairs - two of several which sit facing the two lighthouses just beyond the Iroquois.

The Iroquois sits on the shoreline of Lake Huron, and the back of the patio is protected from the waves by large rocks and stunning flowerbeds.

A little secluded corner of the patio.

The front porch of the Bay View at Mackinac Bed & Breakfast . . . .

. . . and the gardens in front of the Bay View's porch.

A Cottage Inn hanging basket. I don't know what they have added to the horse poop compost this year, but we've never seen such baskets in the 11 years we've been coming to the island.

Another example from the Cottage Inn.

A flower garden on Main Street - near the Mission District . . .

. . . same garden - different view.

One more of that same garden. I loved being able to photograph the flowers against the water and the anchored boats.

This was a house on the same side of the street. The hollyhocks are in full bloom everywhere you look.

Even against an old red barn behind one of the homes on Main Street, folks plants flowers fit for a king's garden.


Another stunning hanging basket.

No water for the birds in this birdbath, but they sure could find plenty of room for a nest.

I was thinking that this week would be a little less hectic than the last two, but that isn’t proving to be true.  I’m busy working on several blogs at once, and the stories just keep coming.  That’s a good thing, but it sure is keeping me busy.  I hope you’re liking what you’re reading this summer, and that the photos are different enough from last year that you aren’t getting bored.  I worry about such things.  Please know how much I enjoy reading your comments everyday, and although I don’t reply back often, I read each and every one – and love them all.  Thank you!

39 thoughts on “A Feast for Your Eyes 8/4/2010

  1. There is nothing boring about beauty. We always love the Iroquois gardens and of course the blueberry muffins and hot fudge cream puffs. :)There used to be an especially beautiful garden at the first house east of the fort on the east bluff. It was filled with monsterous size tuberous begonias. It was one of the first ones I sought out and so sorry when the old lady there passed on and the house changed hands. Keep the great pictures coming.

  2. What awesome pictures! The flowers, and all their array of colors, are amazing.
    I wish I had a green thumb for flowers. Instead, I just seem to kill them. I can grow everything else just fine, but flowers don’t like me. haha.

  3. Gorgeous gardens! And yes, it does remind me of the Sawyers’ begonias, although today’s gardens seem to have so much more variety! It also reminds me of Walter Zentner who used to run the green house for Cedar Point (Mission Point now). He could grow anything. He would be so happy with the hanging baskets today!

  4. I know what they added to that horse poop this year Brenda…it’s called “magic”. As I sit here listening to the thunder and lightening in the dark, those beautiful flowers are definitely a feast for these eyes! 🙂

  5. Brenda,
    You can’t imagine the memories brought back by the photo of hollyhocks. Mama always had them by the front door when I was little and we lived down the street from you in the Banks Apartments. They’re one of my very favorite old timey flowers. Thanks for the lovely pictures!

  6. Brenda, you made my day. This flower gardener and her hubby are staying at the island next week. The island is where we stayed for our honeymoon over 40 yrs. ago and it keeps calling us back.
    We’ve stayed at the Iroquois, loved their garden but this year I can see tops all other years. I too am a photographer especially of flowers. Maybe I’ll see you around.

  7. The pictures are out of this world. Wish we could get bags of your compost in Ohio. Thanks for the beauty you bring each and every morning.

  8. No words really necessary. Natures adonrments with a helping hand of course. Lovely..be there in Sept. Thank you for this blog. On my Iphone now.

  9. Thank you for the beautiful pictures, and all that you write, we are coming to the Island next week, can’t wait!!! I will look for you!!

  10. I have a picture of the flowers and fence in front of the Metivier Inn on the wall of my cube from my trip to the island two years ago and the following quote at the top of my trip planning sheet: (from Bree’s Blog) “When company comes, we try to pack the island into a neat suitcase and open it each day to bring out an experience that will turn into a lasting, happy memory.” Next week I’ll be opening my ‘suitcase’ on your island and seeing the wonderful flowers again. I can hardly wait.

    • You’ll be arriving at the height of the flower season! Hope to see you on the streets, or if you’re on the island on most any Wednesday, you can always find me at the Stuart House Museum from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Safe travels!

  11. Great pictures Brenda. No your blog nevers gets boring, even if you post places that you had on your blog from last summer. Our family was on the island a couple of weeks ago and we were at the butterfly garden at the carriage museum and I saw you walking your dog Bear. I thought oh that is Brenda the “blogger.” Keep up your great blogs.

  12. Hi Brenda..we were right around the corner from where you and Ted had lunch..we spent a wonderful day on the island..catching up with Alyssa who had the day off from her job at Doud’s…and getting to know her puppy Cleo!! We reluctantly got the 8:00 pm boat back to St. Ignace and are relaxing at the cabin on Big Manistique lake by Curtis for the rest of the week. Oh yes and we had a nice visit with Jill and introduced her to more of Alyssa’s family and to Cleo of course..Cleo will want to visit often as she got a treat from Jill!! Love your photos I even have some from yesterday that are similar!! God Bless!! Keep on with the great job you are doing on this blog! 🙂

  13. Brenda, I visited the Island in mid-July with my family, and I remember commenting to my husband that all of the flowers seemed to be extremely vibrant and profuse this year compared to last year when we visited. I do not have a green thumb, so anytime I can enjoy someone else’s I do! I wanted to thank you for the time you put into your blog, I thoroughly enjoy each post. I hope that someday I, too, can spend several months each year on Mackinac Island.

  14. Hi Bree.

    Iam new to your blog and want to compliment you on the pictures of the beautiful flowers.

    I can see that you are very busy!

    Thanks so much for your pictures. I too just LOVE Mackinac.

  15. Hi Brenda, today was the first day I found your blog because of my love for the island. I’m still sitting here at my laptop since this morning because I can’t stop reading your blog cause it’s so darn good.

    I started from your first entry and can’t believe how much we have in common. Living in GA, Martha Berry College, both have children in Atlanta, etc, etc.

    Not to bore other readers, would there a way to e-mail you directly?

  16. Bree! I would NEVER EVER get tired or bored with your blog or pictures! I look forward to them each evening!! I can’t believe how beautiful the flower baskets are! I already had to throw two of mine out because they weren’t looking so good. Have a great day my friend! Michelle

  17. Brenda,
    Thank you for your blog. I have gotten way behind, so am trying to catch up.
    My mom passed away on July 26, after a seven year journey of pain and illness.
    I so wish we could come to the Island. If we can’t, I can try to enjoy it and find peace through reading your lovely posts and seeing your wonderful photos.
    Once again, I thank you.

    • Laura, I am so, so sorry for your loss. As you know from following this blog, I lost my mom in 2007 and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss her. I talk to her a lot, especially in the quietness of the wooded trails of Mackinac. Sometimes I just sit in in a secluded spot – Anne’s tablet is one of the favorites – and remember all the precious moments we shared. If anything I write or photograph helps you with your grieving process, I am so thankful. Time, as everyone says, heals many things. One day you will begin to remember more of the good days than the bad ones, and that is when you will know that you’ve begun to heal. You will be in my prayers, Laura. Love in Christ, Brenda

  18. I just wanted you to know that I grew up on Mackinac Island and your photos brought back so many wonderful Memories. My Father William George Cowell used to work as the only Plumber up there and I was in so many of those beautiful homes as a child. Thank you for the beautiful memories and the beautiful pictures you have shard on your blog. I love all of it. Hugs , Florence

  19. One more thing I should have mentioned. My Grandpa was the owner of a big Dray Line up there. His name was Fuller Cowell. I miss the Island so very much and my childhood back there. I hope to go back for a visit one day before I go to meet my maker. I am 64 yrs young now. Hugs and keep those photo’s and memories coming. God bless you.

    • Thanks so much for writing, Florence. You should make it a top priority to come back for a visit soon. The island is so beautiful, and I find peace for my soul here every day. What wonderful memories you have!

  20. This is the first time I have gotten onto your site. Thank you so much for sharing. Your pictures are beautiful. You have really captured the beauty of the island. We go there often and always enjoy ourselves. I have never taken such nice pictures tho. Awesome photography.

  21. Bree,Thank you once again for such beautiful writings and pictures. My family and I haven’t been able to get to th U.P as of yet this year , but through your writings I’ve been able to see alot I’ve missed. Your site touches many people.

  22. Is everyone on Mackinac Island a Master Gardener? I’m so needy in that area. But I do enjoy, appreciate, and celebrate all those who create it — including this master photographer who has the eye and the gusto to let her camera lens express it.

    • Bree – when I get “a round tuit” – and set up my blog, I believe you are going to be in it, because I know my first blog is about Beginnings — and each blog will have a characteristic or quality I admire and a person that stands out as an inspiration to me or I see as an “angel visit” — and I can only see what happens when I get to the computer — but I think you’re going to be there.

      Also, I am taking your advise on setup and thank you.

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