More Monday Teasers 7/25/2010

You are not going to believe the photos I’ll have to show you on Monday – in fact, it will probably take two days just to get through the Festival of the Horse activities.  And then . . . a vintage baseball game!  What a great weekend!

Our island veterinarian, Doc Al, and his Standard Bred horse "Skip".

Four Haflinger Ponies

Mackinac Island Historic State Parks Director Phil Porter in the uniform of a Fort Mackinac officer (circa 1812).

Lisa Brock on "Ringo", her beautiful cross of a Friesian and a Paint

Vintage baseball game between the Mackinac Island "Never Sweats" and the Rochester "Grangers".

See you Monday morning with all the details!


6 thoughts on “More Monday Teasers 7/25/2010

  1. Love the picutes, Brenda! Can’t wait to read tomorrows blog. Did you have as much fun as I did? I’m totally hooked on the Friesians and can’t wait to take those riding lessons! You should come up and just hang out up there…I could bring my camera and take a picture of you, for a change!!

  2. I would to see the vintage baseball game, that looks like so much fun. Mackinac Island must have the most beautiful horses in the world because everyone I have seen is absolutely gorgeous! Looking forward to tomorrow! Have a great Sunday. 🙂

  3. I have definitely decided that I will be on the island next year for the Festival of the Horse. Can’t wait to immerse myself in everything “horse.” I love it all! Thank you for taking me there this year!

  4. All the horses are so beautiful. I know that the Friesians are my favorite — then I look at a different breed and fall in love with them. Love the pics and can’t wait for tomorrow.

  5. Greenfield Village at the Henry Ford has those vintage baseball games all the time. They’re pretty cool and it’s quite different from baseball today.

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