Where Horses Are King 7/22/2010

Just a quick post tonight.  Ted, Patty, Buz and I walked downtown Wednesday evening in time to catch the opening parade of the 2nd Annual Festival of the Horse.  We watched from the Marquette Park wall as all the island saddle horses ambled down Main Street, led by Chief Don “Duck” Andress.  I’m volunteering for the Festival – which will continue on through Saturday night – so I should be able to get lots of news and some good photos.  More to come . . . .

Chief Duck leads the riding horse parade down Main Street.


All the children on the island in the 4-H program were up on their horses.

Jack's and Cindy's livery stable horses were represented.

And the Friesian Force was out in . . . . . force!

It's so much fun being friends with the Chief and living right across the street from him. After dinner, we all road back home on the same taxi. Whenever the driver would stop to rest the horses, people on the streets would be doing double-takes, trying to figure out who was in the taxi in full Indian costume.

I wish everyone could be up here for the next few days as we celebrate the island where the Horse is King!  There will be kids’ activities, carriage parades, horse lectures, horse stable tours on the West Bluff, a breed show, carriage driving demonstrations, a Barn Raising Party, and much, much more!  I’ll be there with my camera!  See you Friday morning!


8 thoughts on “Where Horses Are King 7/22/2010

  1. I wish I could be there too! It sounds like so much fun and I LOVE horses! Take lots of pictures, I want to see it all. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Thanks for the great pictures! Jill had called me to watch the parade via the “Main Street” web cam – – which I did. As much as I enjoy the live webcams, they are not as satisfactory as seeing your pictures from the street level. Looking forward to the Carriage Parade on Friday.

  3. I’m volunteering too, Brenda!! I’m sure I’ll see you somewhere along the way. Can’t wait to see your pictures!

    • “Chief” Duck is a direct descendant of Chief Mikenoc of the Northern Peoples Nation. Both of his parents are Native Americans.

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