Petoskey Teaser 7/17/2010

Can’t wait to share with you our trip to Petoskey!  Here’s a little teaser photo – see you Monday!

Little Traverse Bay


7 thoughts on “Petoskey Teaser 7/17/2010

  1. I went to church this morning and prayed for patience. NOW!

    God said, “Forget it kid. You ain’t gettin’ it from me.”

    Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait to hear about Petoskey, but not very patiently.

    By the way, did you get to Harbor Springs while you were in Petoskey? It’s a beautiful place too.

    • No, we didn’t get to Harbor Springs, and didn’t even get to spend very much time in Petoskey – BUT we’ll be back for another visit. Still got some pretty pictures though. Patience, Lowell, Patience.

  2. I didn’t even check Saturday so my patience doesn’t have to last as long as Lowell’s. Can’t wait to see the pictures and here the stories.

  3. I loved the pictures of Round Island. We were on the Island in June and my son asked if anyone could go to the lighthouse. I knew the Scouts did but didn’t know about the annual tour. I started coming to the Island at age 5, 60 years ago. Being in Kansas City we don’t got there often often so you blog is a connection I really appreciate. You do a great job of combining family, fun and facts.

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