Two for One – Traffic Jams & Play Dates 7/14/2010

I’ve been inside most of today.  Ted went to Cheboygan this morning for the Walmart grocery run, and my only plan was to bike downtown and get the mail.  Buz and Patty were leaving this morning for Cheboygan also, and they were planning to take Bailey to Bark, Bath & Beyond for a bath he really didn’t need. They just didn’t want to leave him here alone.  We were all standing outside talking when Bear rescued Bailey with an invitation to a “Play Date!”

Before I get to that though, I wanted to share some photos from last Saturday’s trip back to the condo after returning from taking Blake to the airport.  From the time we came around the breakwater into the marina until we got home, the trip was a traffic jam – the good kind that means tourists are flocking to Mackinac Island and business is booming!

We paralleled Shepler's as we came around the breakwater and slowed to enter the marina.

The marina is full of boats - a beautiful sight. On Sunday evening (July 18), the marina will begin filling with sailboats finishing the Pure Michigan Bayview Mackinac Race. The race, with 220 entries this year and 2,500 sailors, begins in Port Huron on Saturday, July 17, and is one of the longest fresh water races in the world. This will be the 86th consecutive race.

We came into the harbor and slipped past the Arnold Ferry from St. Ignace into . . .

. . . a dock full of visitors!

As soon as we turned up Cadotte off Market Street, we began to encounter slow traffic. Now I know you are laughing at that - bet you thought ALL traffic was slow on our little island. But you'd be surprised. There is a difference between slow, free-flowing traffic and "we're hardly moving" slow. Then, up ahead, we spotted what was causing the slow-down - a wedding carriage . . .


. . . and as we drew nearer, there was the beautiful bride, fresh from her fairytale wedding at Little Stone Church.

Everyone ALWAYS slows down for a wedding! By the time we were approaching Four Corners, we were surrounded by private carriages, taxis, and livery stable horse riders. It is so exciting to see vacationers out in droves - beautiful weather, beautiful island!

Play Date! (as told by Maddie)

So, I’m sound asleep in my private sanctuary when Mom comes bouncing in with the new kid on the block – Bailey, who belongs to Buz and Patty.  I have to admit that I like playing with Bailey, because he is only a little bit bigger than me. I can really wrestle with Bailey instead of running under his belly and nipping him like I have to do with the great hairy one I share the house with – that would be Bear, not my dad.

I asked mom what Bailey was when I first met him, because I had never seen a dog that looked just like him.  Mom said he was a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, which sounds really important to me – especially that “King” part.  But dad told us we had nothing to worry about – Bear would always be King around here, and I would always be Queen.  So I guess all those “kinds” of dogs don’t really matter much as long as you live with who loves you the most.

Anyway – Bailey came in and, as usual, we spent about 15 minutes tearing around like two dogs who had never seen each other before.  We’ve never played inside before – always out on the lawn.  I bet the lady downstairs thought a herd of miniature buffalos had moved in over her head.  Mom just sat down on the couch and laughed at us.  Bear, who Bailey loves to chase around the yard outside, is too big to run around in the condo.  So he figured he just better sit this one out.


When Bailey saw our toy box, his eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning. But wouldn't you just know it - what he liked best were MY favorite toys - a little orange bone and a big blue bone.



Mom said I was nice though (I think I heard her say "for once" under her breath). I went and got my blue bone . . . .

. . . which, of course, made Bailey want the blue bone - which I gladly surrended to him so I could go pick up the orange one, which is the one I really wanted anyway! Boy dogs are soooo gullible!

Well, that little trick worked so well, I thought I'd try another one! I went and got my favorite squeaky toy - a yellow spiny fish (of course "squeaky" doesn't exactly apply anymore because something happened to the squeaker - don't look at me!). I should explain something about that sheet my head is sticking out from under. You know that new couch mom and dad got this spring. Well, if there's no one around except us, mom puts a sheet over that couch so it will stay clean. Then if someone rings the doorbell, she tears that sheet off the couch like it was on fire and throws it in the closet before answering the door. Bear and me think that little act is pretty darn funny!

See - I knew this would happen. Here comes Bailey "sneaking" up on me. As you can see, Bear knows all my tricks and is just watching Bailey act like he used to act before he smartened up.

I finally let Bailey have the silly fish - just to make mom laugh again - and then we posed for this "friends" photo.

I think the only time Bear got up all day - except for potty breaks - was when mom went in the kitchen to make her lunch. Me and Bailey checked it out too, but I know mom - not a crumb was going to drop off that plate.

I hope Bailey can come back soon for another play date.  Me and Bear are real happy he moved into the neighborhood.  I think we are all going to be BFF’s – best friends forever!


9 thoughts on “Two for One – Traffic Jams & Play Dates 7/14/2010

  1. Bailey is very cute. I was happy to read that Maddy shared her toys! I also have done the sheet trick as well. Looks like everyone had a great day. You are having great weather on the island this year.
    Thanks again for sharing your stories.

  2. Great story Maddie! You are so sweet to share your toys with the new kid on the block 😉 It’s good to make new friends and it looks like ya’ll are gonna have lots of fun together.

    The island sure does look busy and the weather is so cooperative. I know when I check the webcam it is usually filled with people. But that is a good thing. 🙂

  3. Oh, I love your Maddie stories the best! As I write this, our little doxie is curled up on her chair, exhausted from protecting our yard from those vicious chipmunks. They sure are fun. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So fun to read your puppy stories. I just laughed and laughed to read their silliness. It’s great that all three get along so well.
    I love the sheet trick too. We’ve covered my husbands new chair with one because he loves to eat peanuts in the shell and he denies dropping the shells into his chair. But some how he still does. He’s worse than our dog! I’ve told him he has to eat them on the patio now. Bad dog! I mean –man. 🙂

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