Welcome to the Neighborhood! 7/3/2010

Last August I wrote a story about Buz and Patty – how I’d met them on the ferry, how Ted and I spent two days talking to them about Mackinac Island, and how a couple of weeks later they bought a condo in our complex.  Buz and Patty are from Oklahoma, and today they finally returned back to the island they had fallen in love with last August.  They will be spending about six weeks here in their condo, and we are so excited to see them and reconnect.  Sometimes you’re just lucky that way – you meet someone, everything just clicks, and you know from the very beginning you will be good friends for a long, long time.  That’s what  happened when we met these two.

We all went out to eat dinner tonight to celebrate them being on the island.  Mackinac is gearing up for a BIG Fourth of July weekend, and we will be very busy for the next two days trying to get to all the activities.  More to come on all of that on Monday.  Have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July!  God bless.

Buz (and Bailey), Patty, Blake and me - Oklahoma comes to Michigan!

The Chippewa Hotel staff hung this huge American Flag from the roof, in anticipation of the Fourth of July celebration on the island.


First taxi ride as Mackinac Island condo owners. I'm thinking they couldn't look much happier!

Walking home after dinner tonight, we stopped for a moment at the Jockey Club. I turned around to look down Cadotte and saw, for the first time, that Round Island Lighthouse can be seen through the trees from that spot.

If you’d like to read the “back story” about how we met Buz and Patty, you can click here:  https://bree1972.wordpress.com/2009/08/15/no-chance-meetings/

Thanks, Jill – as always – for being there to take photos when I want to be in front of the camera (header)! 

See you back here on Monday morning!  P.S.  Blake is about over his jet lag.  We are enjoying him so much!


11 thoughts on “Welcome to the Neighborhood! 7/3/2010

  1. Your photos brought a smile to my face early in the morning. I’m so glad you are all having such a wonderful time! Friends and family make for fun!

  2. My family spent a 4th of July on the island 4 years ago. We fell in love with the charm and my daughters now 9 and 11 still ask to go back to the island. We plan to return some day…. Enjoy the weekend!!

  3. Hi again,

    We just left Mackinac last week and had a great time.
    We decided to rent a house for a week next year for our 40th Anniversary. I had been looking for accomodations for our family and it was difficult but finally found the Jacob Wendall house which is perfect! A dream to be on Mackinac that long doing “nothing” for a week (I have stayed that long but working with the scouts in the Fort).

    Have fun Brenda,
    Pat Steele

  4. H! My parents can’t say enough wonderful things about you and Ted! They absolutely FELL IN LOVE with Mackinac Island and especially the caring and sweet people who live there! Thanks for posting these “oh so happy” pictures of them! I know they are excited to be back!

    Alicia Armstrong
    (Buz and Patty’s daughter)

    • Hi Alicia!

      We are so excited to have Buz and Patty back on the island – and we can’t wait to meet you and the rest of the family. Your mom and dad are very special people (as I’m sure you know), and we just felt an immediate connection to them. Hurry and come see what they fell in love with – I think the island “magic” will work for you too!

  5. Welcome Buz & Patty! And their sweet looking dog Bailey! How nice to have some more friends and neighbors to spend time with.
    Happy Monday!!

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