Random Pic Day 6/26/2010

Friday was been a rainy day on the island – one of those days when books beckon, the dogs don’t want to go out (even when you know they need to), and you decide to let the laundry stay in the basket one more day.  Here’s a few random pics from this week. 

A group of Girl Scouts and their leaders arriving on the island. I wish I could tell you this was all their luggage - but it wasn't. Behind this dray were two more trailers just as loaded as this one!

Devon - signing her book outside The Island Bookstore.

These yellow wildflowers are blooming profusely all over the island. These were on the side of the road near the top of the next-to-the-last hill to our condo, where . . .

. . . this wedding carriage was on its way to pick up a bride and groom . . .


. . . and this private tour was leaving the stable for an hour of sightseeing.

Me and the Forresters at the door to the Stuart House Museum, where I volunteered for half a day on Wednesday.

Hope your weekend is going great, and I’ll see you Sunday morning with a pic or two!


6 thoughts on “Random Pic Day 6/26/2010

  1. Brenda,

    I typed a response, forgot to post it and then navigated away from this page. Oh well, I guess it must be true what “they” say, “The mind is the first thing to go.”

    I worked in the garden this morning and then sharpened the hoe for next time.

    Then it was into the house to get my daily dose of relaxation. I wasn’t disappointed. The pictures on your blog were very peaceful. By any chance, do you know the name of the beautiful yellow wildflowers, or can you find out?

    I almost forgot. I also helped Faye weed the marigolds.

    I think I would fit in quite well on The Island, don’t you.

    You and Ted have a wonderful weekend.

    • Good morning, Lowell! I learned the name of those beautiful yellow wildflowers on my nature walk with Trish Martin, and promptly forgot it – so I guess it IS “true what they say”. But I went back to my notes and found the name, and then remembered why I FORGOT it – it’s a horrible name for such a beautiful plant – the golden lungwort. It seems I remember Trish saying it is so named because in “olden days”, people thought making a tea from this plant helped your breathing. Seems like they could have been a little more imaginative and named them “golden breaths of spring” or “yellow sighs of summer” – but what do I know :).

      • Thank you Brenda and I think you know plenty, and it’s enough to coin a new and better name for such pretty flowers. The original name reminds me of some beautiful three petaled dark blue-purple flowers that we have called spiderwort. I guess the names made sense when they were coined.

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