Tweeting with the Forrester’s! 6/23/2010

Like me, Mike Forrester is one of those people who is constantly surfing the web for any mention of Mackinac Island, and when I began my Mackinac Island blog last year, I think Mike was one of the first persons to “comment” on my posts.  Mike and his family live in Atlanta, GA, and he explained that he had the same passion for the island as I.  Mike writes a blog about the island also  (, and he proposed to wife Jeanine on the porch of the Grand Hotel.  In the slightly over a year we’ve been communicating – through blog posts, and on Facebook and Twitter – Mike and his family and Ted and I have become good friends. 

We met Mike in person for the first time last summer while he was here doing some video for one of the hotels.  Ted, friends we had visiting at the time, Bear, Maddie, Mike and I sat outside at the Jockey Club for over an hour, just talking about our favorite subject – the island.  Later in the summer, we had dinner with Mike, Jeanine and Siena when they were here on vacation. We stayed in touch over the winter, and Dawn, Jill and I hitched a ride from Flint, MI to Mackinac Island with Mike for Winter Festival this year in February.  When the Forrester’s rented the Geary House for the month of June, we were so excited they were going to get a real taste of what being on the island for an extended amount of time was like. 

A family picnic on the island. The big furball is Finn.

Siena - getting her "boot scootin" on during the Lilac Festival. She earned the coveted cowboy hat and beads with her dancing abilities, and the announcer said, "if she was any cuter, it would hurt!" True that!

Mike had bid on and won a trip to the top of the Mackinac Bridge. Here's Jeanine popping up at the top of the bridge, after an elevator ride and several ladder climbs.

Mike and Jeanine at the top of the bridge. They said the only thing that would have made it more perfect was having Siena with them.

While Mike and Jeanine were seeing what the world looked like from the bridge, Siena, Jill and I were hanging out in the playground at Marquette Park.

After a cinnamon bun at Martha's Sweet Shop, checking out the shops on Main Street, and playing in the park, we returned to the backyard of the Geary House for a little R & R. What a fantastic place to rent! Right in the heart of downtown, from the backyard you can watch traffic on Market Street, then turn around and look the other way to see the Governor's Summer Residence and the Grand Hotel. Totally awesome!

My favorite photo of Siena that afternoon.

Last summer, while Mike and his family were here, he hosted a “Tweet-Up” at the Pink Pony and invited anyone who loved the island and communicated through blogs, Twitter, and Facebook to attend.  This year (last Friday), the event was held on the porch of the Grand Hotel, and about 20 social media friends got together to chat about Mackinac Island.  I was late getting there (attended Blessing of the Animals first), missing some of the folks who left early to attend a memorial service for Dr. David Armour.  But of those still there, I got to meet some folks I communicate with a lot online and can now put faces to names.

From left to right: Kellie Lawrence from the Grand Hotel, Joyce Pacheco and Chris Ann Nelson (Joyce is a faithful follower of this blog from Illinois, and Chris Ann is a good friend who I also met online last year), Jeanine and Mike Forrester. Over Jeanine's shoulder is Patrick Newcomb, who networks at and To Patrick's left is Mark Rensel, who with wife Jenifer produced the wonderful movie Ice Bridge: Mackinac Island's Hidden Season. Trailer for that movie here:

While the Forrester’s have been on the island, we’ve had dinner together, I’ve watched Siena, we’ve seen each other on the street practically every day, we’ve shared our post office box with them, and this weekend we’re invited to Siena’s birthday party.  What a wonderful, sweet, sharing, and loving family these three are!  We will be so sad to see them go at the end of the month, and we hope they are already planning a a return visit next summer – if one month was wonderful, two months will be fantastic!

The Forrester family in Mackinac City - at the base of the Mackinac Bridge. Jeanine's father, who was visiting from Florida, took this great photo.


14 thoughts on “Tweeting with the Forrester’s! 6/23/2010

  1. How wonderful to learn more about Mike and his family. Seina is a little cutie. I have my little cutie-not so little anymore-spending the week with us. Enjoy the rest of the time Mike, Jeanine and Seina are on the island.

  2. Mike, Jeanine and Siena look like a fun family and I would of loved to be on that front porch with all of you. Loved all the pictures. You always make me feel like I am taking part in whatever is happening. Have an awesome day!!

  3. To the top of the bridge, WOW!! What a view! Thanks for the pics. Siena is a doll! It is so nice they can stay longer this year. Have fun!

  4. Another generation learning the magic of Mackinac Island. What a wonderful gift to give to your child and yourself!

  5. What fun with the Forrester’s. Seina is such a joy and the whole family is a delight to be around. The “Tweet-off” is a fantastic idea. I met Chris Ann as I left the island. She is such fun and I hope to get to know her better next year. I’m sorry the Forresters will be leaving. They love the Island and the Island loves them back. I’m sure they will be missed.

  6. Brenda, thanks for all your kind words. We can’t express our appreciation for all you and Ted have done to help make this stay memorable. I cherish our friendship.

    Believe me, 30 days on Mackinac hasn’t been nearly enough. My ‘to-do’ list is still twice as long as my ‘have done’ list.

  7. We had so much fun meeting everyone! Thank you to all who organized this and brought us together! Thanks for posting, Bree!!!!! Back to “Mackinizing” (for now!) 🙂

  8. Dear Brenda,

    I caught up on your blog as my husband and I were camping for a few days.
    We love the UP and plan to camp there in August, great articles!
    The article was adorable regarding the Blessing of the Animals. I love how Bear talked about the unpredictable Maddie.
    We arrive on the island this Sunday and can hardly wait, as soon as the boat docks its like coming home!

  9. I love your blog soooo much! Mikes family looks just beautiful! So glad they were able to spend a month on the island also! Great pictures! Michelle

  10. Isn’t it amazing how people can be brought together. I am thankful for my connection to both of your families and to be able to read, view, and personaly share in this love for the Straits that we all share. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I am also very excited that you are joining in hepling at the historic house. Mexican lunch bar soon my friend.

  11. Wow – how awesome to get to go to the top of the Bridge!! And their little girl is just too adorable isn’t she?

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