Flower Smiles 6/17/2010

Have you ever noticed how let down you are when company you have enjoyed leaves? 

Cathie and Charlie took the taxi to the ferry this morning, and Ted rode his bike down to help them get all their luggage situated.  I didn’t go with them.   All right, I confess – I’m terrible at goodbyes.

When I walked back inside the condo, closing the door on the sound of the taxi horses’ clip-clops, it was just too darn quiet.  For days the condo has rocked with wonderful conversation, laughter, a friendly spat or two (hey, nothing’s perfect!), and fellowship with family who we love.  Now – the stillness.

So, I needed a little cheering up tonight.  And for me, nothing says “cheeriness” like flowers.  I’m posting some pics I’ve taken over the last few weeks at different locations around the island.  No captions – just flowers, cause “flowers don’t need no words”.







 “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful: they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.”…Luther Burbank


5 thoughts on “Flower Smiles 6/17/2010

  1. Your words about flowers brought a chuckle….so true; the flowers are dessert for the eyes, heart and soul, indeed!

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