A Fun Week! 6/12/2010

The Lilac Festival started on Mackinac Island today, and for the next ten days there is so much planned that it would take two of me to see it all.  I’m going to try and get to a lot of the activities and report back to you, so next week should be full of fun and photographs!

Tonight I’m just posting some random shots from this past week’s adventures.  Enjoy!

Our condo - framed by a lilac tree in full bloom (photo by Jill).

Bikes in the Grand Hotel "parking lot" - no valet parking here!

Caught downtown in the rain, I'm donning a very chic, clear plastic cover-up from the Island Bookstore (photo by Jill).

After a long day of pulling carriages, there's nothing like a shower to freshen you up before dinner and a romp in the corral.

Walking Maddie and Bear up past the island cemeteries (photo by Jill).

Bear - taking a little break. Maddie, in the background, is in full "investigate" mode.

A couple of Hackneys pull a group of island teenagers and dogs out past the library.

The flowers are blooming at the Grand Hotel just like it's the middle of summer. This beautiful peony is from a bed by the fence around the Grand's pool.

The Grand Hotel against a blue sky filled with wispy clouds.

After dinner tonight, Ted, Cathie, Charlie and I played a 2-hour game of Scattergories that was hilarious.  I somehow remember being much smarter at that game 10 years ago!  As I write this at 11:20 p.m., the wind is blowing very hard, and giant sheets of water are blowing sideways across the yard in front of the condo.  I think I’ll turn the computer off, grab a book, and read myself to sleep listening to the rain outside the partially open door to our deck.  Hope you’re all having a great weekend.

“Why wait for the weekend to have fun.” . . . Loesje.org


8 thoughts on “A Fun Week! 6/12/2010

  1. The picture of the lilacs and your condo is great. I love lilacs and here in N. Indiana ours have been gone for a month. Enjoy the weekend. We have storms predicted for the weekend and high 80’s. Oh, to be on the Island.

  2. Bree—I’ve been reading your blog since my friend Edye was killed earlier this year on the island. That was such a terrible shock. Your blog is great-you do an awesome job! I love the pictures and inside scoop of the island. I love, love, love the island. I hope we’ll get up there this summer to spend a night at the Chip.

  3. More wonderful pictures! I love the one of the horse getting his shower – bet that felt good after long day!! Enjoy your time with your friends!!

  4. Bree you look wonderful in the pictures. I love the beautiful shots you share for all of us to see. You not only write so well you take great pictures. Thank you for doing this for all of us “want to be’s”. Hugs and sunshine to you and your island!

  5. You get to see things that Ihaven’t seen in years, and then you take really great photos of them and share them with us all. I can’t believe my good fortune at having found this blog. Thank you so much! It’s the next best thing to being there. . . . .

  6. I love the photo of the condo and lilac tree! Lilacs are my favorite! Enjoy the lilac festival! Great pictures!

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