C & C Take a Tour 6/11/2010

What a beautiful day it’s been on the island!   Temps in the upper 6o’s and no rain!

After a lazy morning, with breakfast at 10 a.m., Cathie and I headed off to the fort for a little shopping for their grandchildren.  Ted was working today from 12-4, and Charlie stayed home to read.  We went straight to Sutter’s Store because Cathie wanted to have a flag flown over the fort for her grandson (like we did for Matthew last year).  The fort will do that even if the child is not here and will give the flag and a certificate stating the flag was flown in the child’s honor on whatever date.  They plan to fly the flag on Monday and then call us to come pick it up.

Cathie ended up buying a “few” more things for the grandbabies, and then we headed home, taking a few shortcuts through the woods because Cathie is a confirmed woodaholic – anything that has “trees and plants and ground cover and birds and rocks and . . . .” – well, you get the picture – she loves the woods!

What is Cathie trying to get a close-up picture of? A pileated woodpecker? The bark of a white birch? A clump of Lady Slippers? No . . . .


. . . this moss-covered rock! I told you she loves the woods!

This rental buggy was taking a couple on their own private tour of the Mackinac woods.

Charlie joined us at the Carriage Museum at Surrey Ridge for lunch, and we had an opportunity to take the back-half of a carriage tour.  Neither Cathie nor Charlie had made it to Arch Rock last summer, and that landmark is on this tour.

Our three-horse hitch carriage carried around 40 passengers through the woods, past the cemeteries, past Skull Cave and Arch Rock, by the fort, then back to the Museum. Tom, our driver, kept an informative, interesting and entertaining narrative going the entire trip. Each of the Belgians pulling our carriage weighs 2,000 lbs., and each can pull three times that amount. That means our three horses could easily pull 18,000 lbs. - a lot more than the carriage and 40 people weighs.


The view of Lake Huron through Arch Rock. You can see the bicyles parked on the highway below. There are stairs from that road up to the rock, if you want to throw some climbing into your day. Our way was a lot easier!

Standing at the top of the lookout at Arch Rock, we had a great view of the Mackinac Breeze coming in from a sailing trip in the Straits. The Breeze is owned and operated by Captain Bruce, and I've been invited to do a blog from her when the weather warms a little more.

As we were leaving the "rock", we got a chance to see those two new Grand Hotel hackneys, once again out on a training drive.

Cathie and Charlie in front of Arch Rock.

After our tour and after Ted got home, we had dinner and spent another evening simply talking to each other.  No radio, no TV programs – just four adults having conversation about dozens of topics.  Such a wonderful evening on the island. 

It’s been a great week, and I’ll see you back here Saturday and Sunday mornings with a few pics, then on Monday morning for the next full-length blog.  Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend – stay safe, stay well, and God bless.

And thank you for a house full of people I love.” . . . Terri Guillemets

9 thoughts on “C & C Take a Tour 6/11/2010

  1. Same to all of you guys, have a wonderful weekend and keep enjoying each others company. Love the pictures as usual and looking forward to more this weekend. 🙂

  2. Tell Cathy thanks for the pic of the beautiful moss covered rock. How gorgeous, the moss looks like it is glowing, what a great shot! I’ve never seen that much moss on a ROCK!! Loved your shot of Cathy on the ground to get her perfect picture! Have a great week end, everyone!

    • Thanks, Judy, for recognizing that it is MOSS, not algae! When Cathie read the blog, she said, “That’s moss, Brenda, not algae!” A botanist I’m not – LOL!

  3. Wonderful pictures, as usual. So nice that you are enjoying you time with your good friends. Have a wonderful weekend!
    My son also has a flag that was flown over the fort the very day that he officially became an Eagle Scout. I called ahead of time and requested one for that date and they shipped it to me. He has it in a frame in his house (he recently bought his first house before he even turned 21!).

    • Our grandson, Matthew, loves his and keeps it in a special flag frame on his dresser. We just discovered today that Monday (the day they are flying Cathie and Charlie’s grandson’s flag) is also Flag Day. So his certificate will have that designation on it also.

  4. Hello … great pictures. My sister just moved to Grand Rapids, MI. I now plan to visit the island when I am in MI visiting her. May I use the “. . . this moss-covered rock! I told you she loves the woods!” photo for my Facebook cover pic? Thanks.

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