C & C are in the House! 6/10/2010

Cathie and Charlie (C & C) brought the sunshine with them today, arriving on the 12:30 ferry after a morning of showers on the island.  Ted rode over to meet them in Mackinac City, they rode the ferry back together, then Ted rode his bike home while C & C packed all their things into a taxi and took the easy way up.

All loaded up and about to head up the hill. (Thank you, Jill, for being at the dock when their ferry arrived and getting this pic for me.)

Almost to the condo.

What's next? Unloading!

After some lunch, Cathie and I walked downtown and spent an hour or two browsing, ending up at the bookstore.  As soon as we walked in, Jill said, “We just looked at the weather radar, and there’s a bad storm coming in.  You might want to get a taxi and get home fast.”  I called for a taxi, and it came in five minutes.  We hadn’t even gotten to Cadotte when the downpour started, with thunder and lightning so sharp I just knew the horses were going to spook.  They didn’t though, and we got home a little damp from the rain blowing into the taxi, but not nearly as wet as we would have been walking home.

After dinner Cathie and I walked down to the horse corral just as the sun was going down.  Bear needed to play ball and run off some energy, and the sky looked like it was going to put on quite a show.  It didn’t disappoint.

The sky, as we walked down to the horse corral.

These two horses are always interested in Bear. As soon as he shows up, they will follow him around the corral fence. The pink in the sky behind the horses was beautiful tonight.

Wish we could pet these big boys, but an electric fence keeps them from coming all the way up to us, and keeps us from leaning in to pet them. I'm sure that's just as much for their safety as for ours.

Everyone has gone to bed now, as I sit down to write this.  It’s always such fun to have company, and we have lots of plans for the week – including a trip off island to somewhere up on Lake Superior.  Stay tuned for new adventures!


Jill sent me these pics today from my birthday, when she, Jeanine and Siena walked up the hill and surprised me.  They came in the backdoor and walked up the stairs singing “Happy Birthday to You”.  Such fun!


Surprise appearance from Jeanine, Siena and Jill!


We all just piled out into the yard and sat and talked. Siena had fun with Maddie and Bear - beautiful day!

Siena and I having fun with Maddie. Siena has a birthday this month too and will still be on the island to celebrate it.


9 thoughts on “C & C are in the House! 6/10/2010

  1. Glad to know Cathie and Charlie made it to the island. Now the fun can begin. Enjoy the time they are with you.

  2. Even with the storms, it sounds like fun is under way! Enjoy yourselves, have fun and I can’t wait to hear about your adventure off the island. What a nice birthday surprise, I’m glad Jill got pictures. 🙂

  3. Glad your friends made it there safe and sound before that storm hit. The sunset pictures are gorgeous! And Jill took some very nice birthday pictures. Happy Thursday!!

  4. Hey sweetie, Blog is wonderful as usual. Been busy moving south. Hope to be settled by August??This is to be our “new” last move. You’ll love the house – greatroom/fireplace/long bar, the works! More later.

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