No More Schedules! 6/2/2010

Repeat after me.  There will be no rhyme or reason for the way Bree blogs from this point forward.

Everytime I say how I’m going to blog – with a neat little schedule supplied so you know what to look for – I turn around and do the exact opposite.  Well, it can’t be helped – living on this island does not, cannot, and will not involve scheduling – it’s just impossible.

So – forget all that I said a few days ago about when you would see a “full-length” blog and when you would see “one” picture.  I’m  just going to hope you log in every day to see if something is here – and nine times out of ten there will be. 

Trish Martin’s Nature Walk was today, and it was fantastic.  I even took notes!  It’s going to take me a few days to sort all that out though, so tonight I just want to share with you some paths I took today. 

After the nature walk, I ran (you know I didn’t really run – I use that word very loosely) down to Small Point Inn to take some pictures for a friend in California.  On the way back, I started snapping photos as I was walking through Mission Point Resort and kept on clicking most of the way home.  Hope you enjoy this little walk in pictures, with captions:

This Mission Point Resort couple has the right idea about a perfect vacation - beautiful scenery, two good books, cool breeze, sunny day.


Tulips growing up into the white lilac bushes at Mission Point Resort.

A side path in the Mission District.

I climbed Mission Hill and walked along the East Bluff to see the Mission District spread out below.

The blues of the sky and the water today almost exactly matched. An Arnold ferry cuts through the water coming in to dock.

Round Island light peeks out from behind the steeple of St. Anne's.

A freighter slips by the island, dwarfing the lighthouses and the ferry.

The Mackinac Island Marina and ferry docks - the most photographed spot in Michigan, according to National Geographic. This photo also shows the breakwater located off the shoreline of the Iroquois Hotel. The breakwater protects the harbor from the action of Lake Huron waves.

At the west end of the East Bluff, I chose to follow the path to the fort. Crow's Nest Trail would have taken me down the stairs to the back of Marquette Park.

I bypassed Anne's Tablet today, but could have simply veered off this path and been there in under a minute. After a two-hour nature tour and the walk down to Small Point Inn, my feet were saying "Save it for another day, please!" You can see the wedding gazebo at the top of the trail.

The gazebo from the movie, "Somewhere in Time", and scene of many island weddings.

The Steward's Quarters, which stands next to the State Park Office, which stands next to Fort Mackinac. The Steward's Quarters can be rented on a monthly basis during the season. The view is incredible!

The Avenue of Flags at the back entrance to Fort Mackinac.

I followed this three-horse hitch the rest of the way home.

I left the condo at 10:15 this morning and walked in the backdoor at 3:00 this afternoon.  Except for a brief visit with Frankie and her lab, Hershey on their front porch, I had been in constant movement for all that time – which explains why my clothes are beginning to be a little looser around my middle!  And that’s a good thing!


21 thoughts on “No More Schedules! 6/2/2010

  1. Bet I know what you took a picture of at Small Point. The Lilacs! They are beautiful there when I have seen them. Won’t see them until Sept. and there won’t be any blossoms on them. I love going to Ann’s Tablet. It is so quite and peaceful there. No schedule needed. I check nearly every day.

  2. We don’t need a schedule. It is always a treat when I log on and find you have left us a treasure to discover. Alot like an Easter Egg hunt. Looking forward to tapping all that good insider knowledge you are picking up and I wouldn’t hate it if my clothes were a little less formfitting.

  3. Yes, it was for the lilacs! I haven’t been back in June for 40 years. But what a beautiful bonus walk back up! This is a path I take often in my dreams or whenever the doctor says ‘go to your happy place’ and it’s wonderful to have it refreshed!
    Brenda, I’m terribly impressed by so much activity from someone who just had gizzard surgery! You’ve acclimated quickly!

  4. I love just checking in and seeing new photos!
    No schedules needed. I get my cup of coffee and am all set to look at the beautiful scenery you so kindly share with all of us.
    Happy Wednesday!!

  5. No schedules needed! i think we would all agree we enjoy anytime you decide to blog. Especially with such great photos. When my husband and I were there last year we went geocaching on the trails up on the hill and had a great time finding parts of the island only the locals know. If we come up this summer we will be geocaching again. It is so much fun. Your photos are always so beautiful thank you again for sharing with all of us.
    Have a great day!

  6. I agree with everyone else, no schedule needed. In fact, I don’t think it would be as much fun if you stuck to a schedule. We love you just the way you are. 🙂 Beautiful flowers everywhere and peaceful paths. I can’t wait!

  7. Brenda,

    I was happy with your schedule, but who needs a schedule! Any way you do it is just fine with me because any way you do it seems to be the right way.

    Your pictures were great, as usual. However, I think I liked the one with the white tulips and the white lilacs the best.

    When I walked to work at the Arch Rock Curio shop (Oh, so many years ago), I often used the trail from Marquette Park, but I had been unable to remember the name of it. Your picture and description made me realize it was the Crow’s Nest Trail. Thank you much. That’s another mystery solved because of you.

    Now, I don’t want you to get the “big head” (and I don’t think you will), but there are not enough adjectives to describe and compliment your wonderful blog.

  8. No schedule needed! I enjoy every post. Your picture of the Avenue of Flags brings back memories of standing (rain or shine) and waiting for the scouts (my son being one of them) to march through to raise or lower the flags. One of my favorite memories…

  9. I’ve been a ‘lookie-loo’ on your blog for a while now, but never posted. But when you said a friend in California who wanted you to take a picture of Small Point, I knew it was Rene and that I had to post!

    I had my time in college on the island along with Irene, but don’t know the island the way she does. I can’t tell you how marvelous it is to see pictures of places on the island that no one else ever seems to photograph. It’s pure joy for me. Thank you so very much!

    Hope to see you when we’re there in the middle of September – one of the best times on the island.

    Can you (would you?) post one of the Small Point with lilacs pictures, please?

    • Hi Barbara! You are right – they were for Irene and her sister Margaret! And yes – I will put one of Small Point Inn on tonight!

  10. I love your blog! Even though I live and work here on the island and see the same things you do day in and day out, I look forward to reading about this wonderful little paradise we call home. I look forward to the next time we may run into each other in front of the Big Triangle flower bed at the Grand!

  11. I love the beginning of this blog!!! You are IN THE MOMENT, kiddo, and you do a MARVELOUS JOB WITH THE MOMENT.

    No rhyme or reason! Yahoo!

    Your photos are breathtaking, but you already knew that, right?

  12. Hi Bree! Awesome pictures! I so enjoy your blog. I will be on the Island at the end of June! I can’t wait. Its our 11th wedding anniversary! Have a great day!

    • I think maybe you are asking about the ferries – the Arnold Ferry is a three-decker and kind of looks like a yacht.

  13. Brenda, don’t forget to do a photo of the Scout Barracks, you walked right by it!
    I loved sitting on the front porch of the Barracks in the early morning before breakfast, no movement, very quiet enjoying coffee before the long day of KP, Fort guide duty etc.
    Sitting on that porch at night is special also, quiet again, hearing our scouts play taps then hearing taps from the Fort. Bats doing a fly-by your head. I do miss it but not the heat, sun or climbing Fort hill multiple times a day!

    Pat Steele

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