A Saturday Walk to Town 5/30/2010

Heading to town on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend was probably not the smartest move I’ve ever made.  The sidewalks were teeming with people, the streets were full of carriages and horseback riders, and the shops were full of customers.  That’s usually the kind of day I stay tucked up in our little nest at the top of the hill.  

But, I’d been lazy all day, and around 3 o’clock I set off to town with a stop at Little Luxuries of Mackinac Island as my destination (looking for something for the mantle).  

All morning we watched carriage after carriage come up the hill to the Carriage Museum. Our deck is a great place to watch the action.

Today was cooler than the last two days, but the horses were working hard with all the crowds. Anna stopped her regular job of cleaning streets to offer buckets of water to a couple of Grand Hotel horses.

A Grand Hotel gardener deadheading the tulips. She told me by next week the tulips would all be pulled up, the ground readied, and the annuals planted.

An artist trying to capture a scene up the hill. My guess is, from the angle he is using, the Grand Hotel is his subject.

Busy, busy sidewalks - and I haven't even reached town!

I met Al and Judy from Jacksonville, FL before I ever reached Market Street. We struck up a conversation when I was coming out the gate of the Little Stone Church parsonage (dropping off a book), and I almost ran into them on the sidewalk. They were only on the island for the day, before continuing on up into the U.P., where they had never traveled. I hope I helped them with a few insider "tips" for the rest of their day on the island. Safe travels home, you two!

I timed myself – and it took one-and-one-half hours to go from our condo to the bottom of Cadotte, a trip that usually takes 15 minutes. Stopping to talk with folks along the way takes up time, but is one of the charms of living here.  By the way, I did make it to Little Luxuries.  Didn’t find anything for the mantle, but found a great clock I’m thinking about for our bedroom dresser. 

The Memorial Day blog on Monday will truly make you wish you were on the island right now.  It’s going to be nothing but lilacs, lilacs, lilacs – every color, every variety I can find.  So beautiful they will take your breath.  Then on Tuesday you will get a taste of the Memorial Day celebrations here on the island (from the day before).  After that – I’m thinking about doing maybe a two-day series on “The Side Streets of Mackinac Island”, which will take us to Friday.  Hmmmm . . .  whatever happened to that blogging schedule – gotta get back to that one day!  See you on Monday with lovely lilacs! 

The fact is, that to do anything in the world worth doing, we must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in and scramble through as well as we can.” . . . Robert Cushing


7 thoughts on “A Saturday Walk to Town 5/30/2010

  1. I can imagine how busy it is on the island..I see the streets are very busy on the webcam. I think that was one of the reasons we pick the times we do to come to the island, when it’s not quite so crowed.
    Can’t wait to see the lilacs and hear about the weekend. Looking forward to hearing about the sidestreets. The heart of Mackinac.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

  2. Looking at how busy it is we may be rescheduling our trip to the island this year till the September.
    I can’t wait to see the pictures of the lilacs. Those are my favorites!

    • I think the busyness this weekend is because of the Memorial Day weekend AND the great weather. Whatever the reason, I’m sure the business owners on the island are happy to see it!

  3. They have said downstate well here in Mid-Michigan this has been the best weather we’ve had for Memorial Weekend. So probably a big factor on why the Island is so busy. That’s a great thing like you said for the shop owners.

    Looking forward to seeing all those lovely lilac pictures.

  4. I have been out of commission for a week after carpal tunnel surgery & caught up on a week of postings last night. There have been DOZENS of Michigan Tourism commercials on here in KC & that teamed up with catching up on your blog, I am so Michigan-sick (can’t really quite call it home-sick since I’ve only visited there). I’m looking forward to your summer adventures!!

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