Mission Accomplished 5/20/2010

I did so good today!  I behaved myself and stayed home.  I unpacked e- v-e-r-y single bag and put everything in e-v-e-r-y single bag in a place out of sight from prying eyes (whether it fit or not – if you drop by for a visit, please do not open closets).  Then – I ironed!  Well, I pressed.  You know how your clothes look like you slept in them when they come out of the suitcases?  Ok, maybe ya’ll know how to pack better than I do, but mine look like I roll them into a bundle, then shrink-wrap them.  So, after putting everything away, I got out the iron and one of those little travel ironing boards that came with the condo and pressed everything I had brought with me. 

There’s nothing like doing a little chore like ironing to make you think you’re still at home.  But, would you believe even ironing is more enjoyable on this island!  I set up the toy ironing board on the kitchen countertop (the only space at the right height), opened the kitchen window so a cool breeze was blowing directly on me, tuned the radio to a classical music station (always iron to classical music – it makes you think you are doing something cultural instead of drudge work), and ironed away the afternoon.  My only interruptions were a couple of Maddie and Bear potty breaks and a walk down to Judy’s (a condo neighbor) for a 30-minute chat sitting on her back porch.  Occasionally I would hear talking outside the window and look over to see people riding by on rental horses or a taxi heading up or down the hill, with folks heading for the ferries or the airport.  Yep, there’s just something different about ironing on Mackinac Island. 

Because I didn’t get out today, there wasn’t a chance to take any photos, but for just this kind of emergency situation . . . I saved some from yesterday!  Here are a few of the leftovers from Tuesday’s walk.  I’ll try to do better tomorrow. 

Beer, like everything else on the island, arrives by ferry. It is unloaded onto a horse-drawn dray, then delivered to wherever it belongs. This particular dray was stocking Doud's Market - they must have heard Fred and Dick were on the way to the island (inside joke from south Georgia). By the way, that's Eddie doing the unloading. Eddie is everywhere!

Cloghaun's Bed & Breakfast on Market Street. Even this early in the season, the flowers are already beautiful.

The stern of a freighter slips through the Straits of Mackinac. I snapped this standing near the top of Turkey Hill, looking over the Jewel Golf Course.

A special photo for Mike Forrester and his family, who arrive at the end of May for a month on the island. They're going to be staying in the Matthew Geary House (white house on right). Built in 1846, the house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. It is now owned by Mackinac State Historic Parks and available for rental on a monthly basis during the summer.

Chippwa Hotel General Manager Brian Bailey (middle) talks with two employees about preparations for the opening of the Pink Pony patio on Thursday afternoon. The Chip opens its doors to guests on Friday, May 21.

A Grand Hotel omnibus passes beds of tulips as it leaves to transport hotel guests to the ferry docks.

The Grand Hotel, tulips, and me - compliments of Jill, my grossly underpaid photography buddy.

On Thursday we are expecting some new furniture for our condo.  We ordered it last fall before we left the island, and tomorrow is the “scheduled” delivery date.  There are all kinds of logistics involved in getting furniture across the Straits on a ferry, then up our hill on a horse-drawn dray.  There should be lots of interesting things to write about Thursday night for Friday’s blog!

Enough, Mom! I wanna play ball!

“The sun was just sinking beneath the horizon, casting long streams of light athwart the ruffled waves, when the Captain called me forward to the first look at Mackinac” . . . Dr. Gilman, Life on the Lakes, 1835.


11 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished 5/20/2010

  1. I think Jill could probably start charging for autographs at this point since she’s practically a celebrity. The nice thing about Jill, though, is that after meeting her, you like her even better…unlike most Hollywood types!

  2. I’m so glad someone in my family has organized jeans or should I say genes. The outside deck of the Chip will be open–yay. I’m getting antsy. Car has been serviced and Charlie is getting the trip-tic from AAA. Plants have been killed and dogs have plans to go to Darling Daughter. Hair has appt. to be de-skunk-striped and cut, scripts are all filled and school will be out so no more tutoring. We’re just 19:48 minutes from the ferry……

  3. I’m glad you got everything unpacked and put away and you get new furniture today – how exciting!
    Jill takes beautiful photographs too!
    Happy Thursday!!

  4. The Grand Hotel always has such gorgeous flowers and the tulips are just beautiful. Even when we were there in October, there were still such lovely flowers everywhere. I was quite surprised at how many flowers were still blooming on the island that late in the fall. But what do you expect from magic! 🙂

  5. If the weather was as beautiful there as it was down state, you sure showed some dedication with the ironing. Love the tulips in front of the Grand.

  6. THANKS for all the compliments…Bree has to keep up with her ironing to look good for the BEAUTIFUL photos she’s in!!! I am rather proud of the one in front of the GRAND…

    Cathie, Charlie, Mike & family, have a SAFE trip to Mackinac.
    SEE you SOON.

  7. Yeah for getting everything unpacked and put away. Now more timuet for exploring the Island again and taking those beautiful pictures we all love to see.

    Side note: Did you see Wikipedia had Mackinac Island on it’s home page today. I think they did for your arrival back to your summer home.

    Enjoy Brenda & Ted, Bear & Maddie.

  8. Welcome “HOME”….I’m in St. Ignace for a couple of days..headed home to California in the morning but will be back at the end of July and really want to meet you. Came home to bury my Mama…it has been a long six months. Will be in touch in a couple of months….love the blog.
    Carol Ann

    • Carol Ann, I am so sorry about your mom. I know exactly what you are going through right now. Time is a healer, but not a day goes by that my mom is not in my thoughts. Let me know when you will be on the island. God bless.

  9. Sounds like a great relaxing day! I am so glad you are unpacked and ready to enjoy the Island! I love the pictures! Thanks!

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